Inventory of Loft area

By Beth Henderson,2014-08-17 13:57
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Inventory of Loft area

    Inventory of Loft area 6/16/08 Top Shelf

    Second Shelf

    Third Shelf

    Tool kit 1

    Bin 1


Top of Cabinet

     2awg stranded white hookup wire

    dymo label cassette

    9V batteries [7]

    AA batt [18]

    red 2”‘ wide vinyltape 3m 764

    electrical tape 9+ rolls red, blue, orange, green, yellow

Top of Bin Stack

    Pulizzi unit Intelligent Power Controller IPC3402

    Tool Kit

     light meter attacment

     wire stripper/cutter/crimper tool

     soldering iron

     wire strippers [various]

     desoldering braid

     electrical tape

     clip leads


     diagonal cutters


     screw drivers

     hex keys


     Grounding wrist strap

     teflon tape

    Bin 1 Fish tape & Gloves

     Tuff Grip Steel Fish tape 100’ x 1/8”

     Pacific Scientific Stepper Motor (long shaft ADC) water damage?

     Intelligent Motion Systems IM804 module - labeled dead

     Cable ty tool

     bifurcated 2’ extension cord

     Preliminary draft Fiber positioner pinout diagrams

     wire stripper

     electrical tape [3]

     work gloves [1 pr]

Bin 2

     BLDC Motor 160VDC 1HP 7200 RPM Eastern Air Devices w/ cable

     Bundle of cables some with 9 pin D connectors

     Took Kit #2 Cordura fabric

     Static mat

     static straps

     VOM meter [BK : needle scale readout]

     30’ tape measure

     nibbler tool

     molex crimp tool

     screw drivers

     small combination wrench set


     alligator clip leads

     BNC FF & FFM connectors

     desoldering bulb

     AMP crimp tool

     tweezer set


     BNC m banana adaptor

     dental tools

     buck knife



     chip extraction tools


     hex keys

     Right angle light pipe & flashlight (dead batteries?)

     fuse puller

     Nut driver set

     resistor bending form

     retaining ring pliers

     logic probes (one damaged?)

     clamp ampmeter attachment

     power cord for current measurement

     cable ties

     spool of wire with lots of sample points

Bin 3 TG Electrical/Test equipment WFS Test gear LVPS HP, 5v, scope

    meter,wavetek Signal generator, Scsi blout

     Fiber Positioner Test Cables

     XY Bake(2),

     Z Brake,

     XY Lin. Enc Breakout,

     GL to EP

     EP to RSF Breakout

     VME/VXI Processor breakout Board

     Wavetek 2MHz Function Generator Model 20

     Wavetek Power Supply Wall Wart

     HP Dual 0-40V, 0.3A power supply

     60 pin/ribbon and 60 pin SCSI connector breakout boards

     DB9 M/F cable

     Industrial Devices S6002 microstepping drive

     Computer Optical Products Encoder W/DB9 connector

     DB25F breakout box with DB25 M/M 6’ cable

     Acopian DC power supply with power cable and leads

     DB9M to RJ6, DB9F to RJ6 (labeled PC serial port)

     Tektronix Scope Probes (2)

     DB9 F/F 3’ cable labeled Pulizzi #2

     DB9F to 2 wires

     DB9F to circular connector labeled Hall

     DB9F to circular connector labeled LIM

     DB9F to smaller circular connector unlabeled

     DB9F to 3 switches

     Banana to Banana red lead

    Top Shelf Positioner Spares TBD

     Test leads in yellow envelope & ADC test cables

     Joe Z FedEx box

     dental mirror


     metal tape

     Yellow Tape

     T2 fixture

     50’ black encoder cable

     BNC Cables 6’, 20’

     Spare UHF Encoder Cable

     FP X-Y lin to rotary encoder swap cables

     MMTS 5358-3 PX23 to PJx23 Lower Temps Ext. cable

     ST190 Stancor Thermostat (5)

     Box w/ PWB FP GL Encoder conditioning board -> TG 3/08

     Box w/PWB FP GL Encoder conditioning board & RSF Module -> TG 3/08

     Box w/Encoder conditioning Fixture & RSF to DB9 cable


     rd3 Shelf Stepper systems

     Black case with PC BasedDigital Scope ---

    Toshiba Satellite Computer SI #310521 surplussed -> Grace 3/08

    Other components, leads. software & case retained

     Spare Spec Filt Changer Stepper Pacific Scientific BE0200 E22nrft-ldn-M1-00

     Intelligent Motion System Connectors PLG-R 8 position, screw tighten [12]

     6’ High Density D cables [5]

     Motor Control power supply IMS ISP200-7 [5]

     Motor Control Module IMS IM805[6]

     Motor Control Module IMS IM804[1]

     Power One 15V supply HB-15-1.5-A

     Power One 5V supply HB-5-3/OVP-A

     Stepper F/F Rev. 3 Circuit board on Aluminum plate 20” x 20”

     th4 Shelf Megacam, Wave Front Sensor spares

     Mega Key Fix

     bag label:{J153A -3, P163A4, P53A-3, P63A-4}

     Amphenol MS27484E16F35SC 0351 1231616 cable connector

     Amphenol MS27484E16F35SB 0351 1231612 cable connector

     Amphenol MS27474E16F35PB 0352 1231610 bulkhead connector

     Amphenol MS27474E16F35PC 0351 1231614 bulkhead connector

     Glenair 06324-661-003J16D3.5-01 9921(3) cover

     Glenair 380FS103M1616A3C 0402 06324 Cable jacket (3)

     Glenair 380FS001M1812A3C 0402 06324 Cable Jacket (2)

     Glenair 06324 JAN MS27511F16N 9948 (4) cover

     Glenair 06324 JAN MS27511F18N 9934 cover

     Glenair 06324 JAN MS27510F18C 9903 cover

     Amphenol MS27484E18F96PA 0403 1231619 (2) cable connector

     Amphenol MS27474E18F96SA 0407 1235619 Bulkhead connector

     ESC MS27511F18C8825 cover

     Topbox Motors, brakes, Encoders

     ?RBEHE-01812-A00 Motor heated to 400F

     works but performance is questionable

     WFS torroid XFMR Hammond 182S24

     HT 200B Crimp tool for RJ 4,6,8 connectors

     Magnecraft W78ARCSX-11 relays (3)

     LabJack U12 IO unit DB25F, BREAKOUT and USB (2)

     Copley Model 5321 Motor controller

     WFS I/F PWB spare

     WFS IF PWB unpopulated

th Shelf MISC 5

     Pulizzi IPC3402-Net

     Honeywell Lights 101MG7 RKA2007 (4)

     Honeywell Lights 102MG11 RKA2011 (1)

     Connectors & pins from Digi-Key

     A23924 8 pos MTA 100 (10)

     A19276 8 pos Strain Relief Cover (10)

     A2076 D sub housing plug 15 pos (5)

     A31948 D sub housing recept 15 pos (5)

     A31954 D sub pin 22-28 AWG Gold (100)

     A31955 D sub socket 22-28 AWG Gold (100)

     Ferrite cable clamp Fair-Rite # 0443164151 (3)

     Stancor STO 140 disk thermostat

     Stancor STO 175 disk thermostat

     Fluke ScopeMeter 97 w/ interface adapter

     Acopian W12NT2200 Power Supply for light box 12 V halogen lamps

     Frame Grabber Data Translation DT3155 (0) -> John Roll for Snappy upgrade(3)

     Fiber Back Light Spare

     Elpac Power Systems BFS500-48 48.4 V 10A

     OPTIK 83F1146 OPB369T51 opto interrupters (4)

     EDINS backplane connectors (4M, 4Fa, 2Fb)


     Long throw vise

     EDAS Ethernet to Serial

     50 pin SBS breakout box

     Puntino Parts

     OPB360T51 opto interrupter

     304-560 opto interrupter (2)

     260-9407 LED

     Spare Printed Wire Board with MC68HC711E9CFN2

     th6 Shelf Dome light TBD

     CED WebDAQ/100 IO box & power supply

     Photron Hollow Cathode Lamps( 2 Fe-He-Ne-Ar, 1Cu-He-Ar)

     Gilway Lamps L523 (2)

     Dome Light HV Power Supply (2)

     Dome light box Spares & Fuses

     Bag with Power supply and HD15F to 6 BNC’s

     Notes dated 7/5/06 suggest it is for encoder breakout

     Bag labeled SHV with

     Hollow cathode socket

     High Voltage BNC sockets 174-3-9 (6)

     WFC motor current breakout and DMM adapter + 2 Stepper motors (1 bad, 1 ok)

     DigiKey box

     DB9M cable

     FP Brake cable

     Pomona Banana to Clip black & red

     Pomona Clip to Clip black, black, and red

     DB 25 M to DB25F, 6 conductors with indiv connectors +DB25M loopback?

     6 power resistors with connectors to above connectors

     PVN012 IC relay PhotoVo 20V 2.5A 6 Dip (10)

     HAS050YH-AN DC-DC 24V in, 12V out 50W Converter

     DB9 to 6 BNC’s

     Newport box Light box parts, power supplies, fuses

     Devcon 5 min epoxy

     RTV 108

     Trip Lite Isobar DNET1 Network Surge Suppressor (2)

     Islatrol Plus Active Tracking Filter Control Concepte IC +105

     Fuse holders (3)

     Corona dope

     Carling switch AC1-80-34-450-131-D

     Black gloss enamel

     Acopian 12WB250 power supply

     Acopian 5EB100 Power supply

     Hollow cathode sockets (5)

     Blue tinted glass slips

     ENSP1F5 Ethernet Panel Mount Female (2)

     Hollow cathode plug & short wire (3)


     1.0A/250V 3AG Slo Blo F319-ND (30)

     1.2A/250V 3AG Slo Blo F320-ND (20)

     3.0A/250V 3AG Slo Blo F329-ND (10)

     F02A 250V 5A (2)

     F02A 250V 2A (12)

     F02A 250V 1A (13)

     GBA3 (4)

     AGC4 32V (4)

     AGX2 250V (1)

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