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    NUTR 119 - A Selected Bibliography

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    R 613.2 DIET AN Diet and nutrition sourcebook : basic information about nutrition. 1996 R 613.28 PDR/nut PDR for nutritional supplements. 2001

    R 613.2 ENC/gui Encyclopedia of foods : a guide to healthy nutrition. 2001

    R 612.303 ENC/nut Encyclopedia of human nutrition. 1999

    R 613.28 ESSENTI The essential guide to nutrition and the foods we eat : everything you need to know about the

     foods you eat . 1999

    R 641.03 FOODS A Foods nutrition encyclopedia. 1981

    R 641.3 CHALME The great food almanac: a feast of facts from A to Z. 1994

    R 641.1 RAPER Nutrient content of the U.S. food supply, 1909-1988. 1992

    R 613.28 NEWSTRO Nutrients catalog: vitamins, minerals, ... beneficial use... 1994 R 613.2 GARRISO The nutrition desk reference. 1997

    R 613.2 YUDKIN The Penguin encyclopaedia of nutrition. 1985

    R 613.28 SARUBIN Sarubin. The health professional's guide to popular dietary supplements. 2000 R 394.12 BARR-ST You eat what you are : people, culture and food traditions. 1998 R 613.2 MARGEN The wellness encyclopedia of food and nutrition. 1992


    616.85 ANOREXI Anorexia nervosa & bulimia: diagnosis and treatment. 1985 *Ebook Anorexia and bulimia in the family : one parent's practical guide to recovery. 2004 616.852 MACLEOD The art of starvation: a story of anorexia and survival. 1982 616.85 BOSKIND Bulimarexia: the binge purge cycle. 1983

    *DVD 616.85 DYING Dying to be thin. [DVD 60min] 2000 Anorexia nervosa and bulimia, current treatments, and the

     American obsession with thin women

    616.8526 KIRKPAT Eating disorders : anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating and others. 2001 616.852 EXACTIN Exacting beauty : theory, assessment, and treatment of body image disturbance. 1999 VR 616.85 FACES O Faces of recovery. [video 30min] 1988 Health professionals who work with patients /eating disorders

    616.852 MCFARLA Feeding the empty hear: adult children and compulsive eating 1988.

    HEC 119- 2010-5-17 - 2 616.85 HANDBOO Handbook of psychotherapy for anorexia nervosa and bulimia. 1985

    *Ebook Lucas. Demystifying anorexia nervosa : an optimistic guide to understanding and healing. 2004

    616.85 SQUIRE The slender balance: causes and cures for bulimia, anorexia, & the weight-loss/weight-gain

     seesaw. 1983

    616.85 LEVENKR Treating and overcoming anorexia nervosa. 1982

    *VR 616.8 TROUBLE Trouble in mind. Eating disorders. [video 50min] 1999 [v. 8] Eating disorder 616.85 KINOY When will we laugh again? living and dealing with anorexia nervosa and bulimia 1984 NUTRITION

    641.3 GATES Basic foods. 1987

    613.2 WILLIAM Basic nutrition and diet therapy. 1992

    613.25 HELLER The carbohydrate addict's lifespan program : a personalized plan for becoming slim, fit, &

     healthy in your 40s, 50s, 60s & beyond. 1997

    613.2 COMPLET The complete book of vitamins and minerals for health. 1988

    *615.854 COMPLET The complete guide to nutrition in primary care. 2007

    641.563 CRAZE Cooking for long life : the Tao of food. 1999

    616.1 ULENE Count out cholesterol : American Medical Association campaign against cholesterol. 1989 VR 613 COVERT Covert Bailey's fit or fat. [4 video ] 1993 Beyond Covert Bailey’s fit or fat 613.25 KIRBY Dieting for dummies. 2004

    613.2 MANAHAN Eat for health : a do-it-yourself nutrition guide for solving common medical problems. 1988 613.2 SMITH/e Eat well, live well. 1992

    613.2 WEIL/ea Eating well for optimum health : the essential guide to food, diet, and nutrition. 2000 394.10973 SCHLOSS Fast food nation : the dark side of the all-American meal. 2001

    641 SILVERS Fed up : the food forces that make you fat, sick, and poor. 1984

    VR 613.7 FIT OR Fit or fat for the 90's (Covert Bailey). [video 77 min]. 1991

     Presents the latest methods of eating right and exercising to maximize fitness. VR 613.7 FIT OR Fit or fat for the 90's (Covert Bailey). [video 77 min]. 1994

     Presents the latest methods of eating right and exercising to maximize fitness. 363.850973 NESTLE Food politics : how the food industry influences nutrition and health. 2002 615.854 JENSEN Foods that heal: a guide to understanding and using the healing powers of natural foods. 1993 612.3 GLUCOSE The glucose revolution : the authoritative guide to the glycemic index : the groundbreaking

     medical discovery. 1999

    VR 641.5 GRAHAM Graham Kerr Lecture. SVC [video 60 min.] 1996 Graham Kerr presents information on living a

     healthy lifestyle. His topics include: friendship, exercise, relaxation, food, and time management. 613.1 CALABRE Healthy living in an unhealthy world. 1984

    613.2 ESCHLEM Introductory nutrition and diet therapy. 1991

    613.2084 KEEP Keep fit for life : meeting the nutritional needs of older persons. 2002

    VR 613.2 MINERAL Minerals you eat: from calcium to zinc. [video 22min] 1997 Macrominerals and trace elements. VR 612.3 NUTRIEN Nutrients : their interactions. [DVD 24min] 2004 A scientific look at dietary nutrients,

     explaining what they are, why the body needs them, and how they work with each other

    612.3 MITCHEL Nutrition across the life span. 1997

    HEC 119- 2010-5-17 - 3 641.1 KIRSCHM Nutrition almanac. 1996

    613.2 TOWNSEN Nutrition & diet therapy. 2000

    641.1 HAMILTO Nutrition, concepts and controversies. 1982

    613.2 NUTRI/n Nutrition: eating for good health. 1994

    613.2 LEE Nutritional assessment. 1993

    613.2 KLEINER Power eating. 1998

    612.3 N213r Recommended dietary allowances. 1980

    VR 613.71 SMART Smart exercise: Burning fat, getting fit.. [video 80min] 1994

     Covert Bailey presents a lecture on new, more effective methods for burning fat and getting fit. 613.25 POWTER Stop the insanity! 1993

    DVD `1647.95 SUPER Super size me. [DVD 96min] 2004 Does fast food make you fat? Eating only McDonald’s food for

     3 meals a day for 30 days and interviewing experts, film investigates many aspects of the obesity


    * 613.209 GRATZER Terrors of the table : the curious history of nutrition. 2005

    641.1 KLAPER Vegan nutrition : pure and simple. 1998

    394.1 WHY WE Why we eat what we eat : the psychology of eating. 1996


    616.3 EATING Eating habits : food physiology, and learned behaviour. 1987

    613.2WINICK Growing up healthy: a parent's guide to good nutrition. 1982

    338.7 INFANT Infant feeding: anatomy of a controversy, 1973-1984. 1988

    VR 641.5 KIDS & Kids & food [video 24min] 1997

    VR 613.2 HEALTHY Healthy eating: nutrition for infants & children under 6. [video 30min] 1994 Focuses on

     nutritional needs: birth to 12 months; toddlers, 1-3 years; and pre- schoolers, 3-6 years.

    641.5638 WATSON Sugar-free toddlers: over 100 recipes plus sugar ratings for store-bought foods. 1991 KIT 613.2 TICKLE Tickle your appetite [video, audiotape] 1997 nutrition education of preschoolers ages 3 to 5

    613.2083 JACOBSO What are feeding our kids? 1994


    394.12 BUGS FO Bugs for breakfast: food & culture. [video 19min] 2001 Multicultural look at how we eat.

     No universal food customs or dietary restrictions. What one refuses to eat is a symbol of social identity.

    613.2 GRAVES Celebrating diversity : approaching families through their food. 1998 VR 641.59 FOODS F Foods from other lands. [video 15min] 1991 International nature of U.S. cuisine 394.12 MENNELL Mennell. The sociology of food : eating, diet, and culture. 1992 394.16 SIMOONS Simoons. Eat not this flesh : food avoidances from prehistory to the present. 1994 OBESITY

    Ebook Gilman. Fat boys : a slim book. 2004

    *DVD 613.2 HONEY No.2 Honey, we're killing the kids. Boiling point. [dvd 43min] 2006 *DVD 613.2 HONEY No.5 Honey we're killing the kids. Battle of the bulge. [dvd 43min] 2006

     Examines the obesity epidemic in America and predicts children's future health.


    * 613.7 SHILSTO The fat-burning bible : 28 days of foods, supplements, and workouts that help you

     lose weight. 2005

    HEC 119- 2010-5-17 - 4 616.8526 HIRSCHM When women stop hating their bodies : freeing yourself from food and weight obsession. 1995 ALTERNATIVE / POPULAR MEDICINE

    R 615.321 COMPLET The complete German Commission E monographs, Therapeutic guide to herbal medicines. 1998

    *Ebook The encyclopedia of complementary and alternative medicine. 2004 R 615.321 CHEVALL Encyclopedia of herbal medicine. 2000

    R 615.882 LYON Encyclopedia of Native American shamanism: sacred ceremonies of North America 1998 R 615.535 MURRAY Encyclopedia of natural medicine. 1991

    VR 615.5 ALTERNA Alternative medicine. [video 30min] 1997

     The growing demand by the public & the gradual acceptance by the medical community.

    612.67 GIAMPAP The anti-aging solution : 5 simple steps to looking and feeling young. 2005 641.1 CHOLEST Cholesterol made easy [video] 1995

    613.2 JOSEPH The color code : a revolutionary eating plan for optimum health. 2002 616.8 RHODES Deadly feasts: tracking the secrets of a terrifying new plague. 1997 VR 613 EIGHT W Eight weeks to optimum health. [video 69min] 1998 Exercise, diet, vitamins and meditation 615.535 WEBER Encyclopedia of natural health and healing for children. 1994 615.32433 DAVIES Garlic : allium sativum. 2000

    613.2 PITCHFO Healing with whole foods: oriental traditions and modern nutrition. 1993

     613 HANDBOO Healthwise handbook : a self-care guide for you. 1999

    610.9 PORTER Medicine, a history of healing : ancient traditions to modern practices. 1997 615.535 MURRAY Natural alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription drugs. 1994 610.3 NATURAL Natural health secrets encyclopedia. 1991

    615.5 WHORTON Nature cures : the history of alternative medicine in America. 2002 613 GOLAN Optimal wellness. 1995

     613.04244 OUR BOD Our bodies, ourselves for the new century : a book by and for women . 1998 615.53 CHOPRA Perfect health: the complete mind/body guide. 1991

    398.368 SIMOONS Plants of life, plants of death. 1998

    615.854 BALCH Prescription for nutritional healing. 1990

    615.5 BALLENT Radical healing : integrating the world's great therapeutic traditions to create a new

     transformative medicine. 1999

    VR 615.5 SPONTAN Spontaneous healing. [video 72min] 1997 Maintain body & enhance its healing powers

    641.563 VAN STR Superfoods. 1990

    Web site Dietary Supplements Labels Database

     I Information from over 2,000 brands of dietary supplements in the marketplace:

    vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, and other specialty supplements.

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