Creativity-Try new things

By Clara Mitchell,2014-10-27 19:48
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Some points about Creativity

    It is known to us all that theres a long march to creativity for human beings. The question

    how we can be able to encourage creativity is constantly asked especially in education. But factually, a defining characteristic of people is the degree to which they are willing to break out of their comfort zone, which may partly say creativity in certain cases.

    For the past seven weeks, I have been learning how to play the erhu, and this new experience has been extremely rewarding. Initially, I struggled. My inability to play even the simplest of notes frustrated me, and quite often I thought about giving up. But finally I got through it. Now my appreciation for music is much more profound than ever before, and my appetite for new experience is wetted. Moreover, I even played the erhu like the guitar and the sound is also fantastic in that way, which I think was a case of creativity.

    As to me, new personal challenges build character and allow one to grow as a person, so I prefer to try new things and become increasingly eager to do some challenging things. In that process we keep thinking about new solutions to new problems and make our ambition and curiosity stay in a high level. As a consequence, creativity is being encouraged.

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