Change of Buying Habits in China

By Lee Burns,2014-10-27 19:55
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Change of Buying Habits in China

    Change of Buying Habits in China

     Economic boom in China during recent 30 years has changed its citizens life levels as well as the buying habits.

     It is obvious now that teenagers buying habits have built up a

    boundary towards their parents. Personally, it might due to the new technology and new inventions ,such as magazines, web, etc. But each of these components, print and web, has strengths and weaknesses. The magazine’s strength is its ability to present material that a reader might not be specifically looking forserendipity. Its weakness is spaceit cannot present all of the

    information about a topic.

    Conversely, the web has no space constraint. Pick a topic and in seconds there are hundreds/millions of pages available. The problem is, you have to pick the topic. Therefore, there is less opportunity for serendipity on the web.

    Together, however, print and web make a formidable tool for raising a buyer’s level of knowledge about a possible purchase. Grouped into numerous categories, the Guide identifies suppliers that provide the product or service you’re interested in. Once you find a supplier, the Web stands ready to provide the detailed information about the supplier and its products. Most important, this integrated process allows you to research as much as you want

without identifying yourself. No salesman will call until you’re ready.

    An increasing number of people in China has paid more attention to the changing buying habits since it partly reflects citizens’

    changing attitude toward life.

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