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     My ABC Company

    Hello, everyone. Im so glad to

    introduce my company to you. My companys name is ABC, and it has a smart leader---Eric Guo, the managing director of the company. His personal assistant---Mary Liu, is a very bright and capable lady.

    Under the managing director, there are 4 parts. Michael Zhao, the Production manager, his PA is Danie Yu and he has another 2 secretaries. The Personnel Director is Sheila Wang, Jane Lee, the PA and 2 secretaries work for her. Alice Gao takes charge of Marketing. She has a PA---Hilary Zhou and 2 secretaries to help her. The last one is Financial Director, Paul Yang take over this place, his PA: Alice Wu and another 3

    secretaries work with him together.

     Thats the structure of my company and welcome to visit my company.

Thank you!

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