NTC Training - 2008

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NTC Training - 2008

    NTC Training - 2008

    SeaSource Detox Presentation

    by Linda Parker

The best way to learn is by doing.

    • Do you realize that we’ve just been given a reason to call every Client, every

    Hostess and every Consultant to show and tell them about these new products?

    You will notice many things are very similar to what you are already doing with

    the NutriMinC? RE9?, color and nutrition Presentations.

    The basic outline stays the same:

    ? Introduction

    ? Eye story- beginning or end your preference

    ? The Arbonne difference

    ? Product demonstrations

    ? Closing

    • Don’t make this hard! Be basic and use the Product Catalogue. You don’t want

    to be an expert; people will think, ―I could never do what she/he does.‖

    Goal of a party/Presentation:

    ? Sell product

    ? Schedule future Presentations/parties

    ? Sponsor a business builder (duplicate yourself)

    1. Hostess coaching

     a. Key to a great party

     b. You are training a potential business builder. Great Hostesses make

     great Consultants (ie: ENVP Christina Hayford)

    2. Pre-profile

    3. Set up for a Sea Source Detox Spa? party

     a. Display is simple and clean

     b. Easy in and easy out don’t lug a lot of bags and product in (look


     c. Arrive early, because you are the host this is also your chance to chat

     with your Hostess and build rapport (find out how this business might be a

     fit for her)

     d. Have all SeaSource Detox Spa products available

     e. Have a few favorites in other lines available

     i. Figure 8? Daily Detox Tea

     ii. Arbonne Smart Nutritional Hybrids?

     iii. NutriMinC RE9 REveal Facial Scrub

     iv. Virtual Illusion? Makeup Primer

     v. Figure 8 Vanish? Pre-Shower Cellulite Scrub and Contouring

     Cellulite Cream

4. As guests arrive

     a. Welcome

     b. Take to sink and try Foaming Sea Salt Scrub

     i. This is your time to build rapport with guests and ask questions to

     see how this business might be a fit for them

     c. Have them fill out a client profile sheet

    5. Start Presentation

     a. Thank the Hostess and mention that she is earning rewards by hosting

     b. Ask the Hostess to share why she wanted everyone to come, what her

     favorite products are, etc. (Important: Third party credibility)

    6. Tell what you’re going to do

     a. Introduce yourself

     b. Share the Arbonne difference

     c. Try the SeaSource Detox Spa? products

    7. Eye story: Some of you may do this at the end of your Presentation

    and that’s fine, too.

    Just make sure you do it!

     a. Some of you are skipping this … no, no!

     b. You are presenting the products and the opportunity

     c. Refer to Deanna Wilkinson’s Arbonne Learn & Burn?

     d. Use words like, ―I’m looking for people to teach and train to do what I

     do. Who do you know?‖ or ―These products are amazing and you will get to

     see that firsthand in a minute. But this business can change your life!‖ 8. Hand out Product Catalogues (or brochure)

     a. ―I promise not to turn the page … ‖

     b. Turn to page 4: The Arbonne difference. These are just some of the

     things that set Arbonne apart.

     i. Ph correct, etc.

    9. Tell who we are

     a. 27-year-old company

     b. Known for skin care products

     c. How many of you have heard about Arbonne’s amazing anti-aging line,

     NutriMinC? RE9?? Have you tried it?

     d. Hint about booking: Say something like, ―If you haven’t tried it, one of

     you is going to want to schedule a NutriMinC RE9 party!‖

     e. NutriMinC RE9 is Arbonne’s anti-aging skin care line. Unfortunately it’s

     a fact of life that matter deteriorates. This line addresses repairing,

     preventing and reversing the visible signs of aging.

     f. Our Clients can’t say enough about the REsults they see from this line!

     You will love it! (Planting seeds for them to purchase)

     g. Arbonne has the right products at the right time. I don’t know anyone

     who wants to look older than they are … do you? Except maybe a 20-

     year-old. And we have products for them, too: Arbonne Intelligence?,

     to ward off the signs of time.

10. What we’re going to try is our newest line: SeaSource Detox Spa

     a. Turn to page 8.

     b. You will notice this line is the first thing shown in the Product

     Catalogue. That’s because this line is the foundation to optimal health and


     c. Using SeaSource Detox Spa will enhance the results you get when using

     the skincare, color, nutritional products, etc.

     d. It’s a comprehensive approach to purification.

     e. This line was created to help our bodies work at their optimal best.

     f. Why SeaSource Detox Spa?

     i. These days we are exposed to so many toxins through the air we breath,

     the food we eat and even our water … not to mention the stress of

     everyday life.

     ii. How many of you get enough sleep, eat right, exercise and never


     iii. You’d be surprised by the toxins we come into contact with every

     day, such as pollutants, smoke, pesticides, fertilizer, plastics,

     petra chemicals and even pool water!

     iv. This affects us all.

     g. What is a toxin?

     i. A substance that can create an irritating or harmful effect on our

     body. It becomes toxic when our body can’t effectively eliminate

     this toxin and it causes a negative effect.

     ii. If they build up, toxins can contribute to:

     1. Weight gain

     2. Fatigue

     3. Skin breakouts/premature aging

     4. A weakened immune system

     iii. Because of this, more and more people are turning to detox spas for


     Have you picked up a magazine lately?

     h. What Sea Source Detox Spa? does:

     i. A complete line of cleansing and purifying spa products that

     support the organs of elimination, including

     1. Skin

     2. Kidneys

     3. Liver

     4. Lungs

     5. Digestive tract

     ii. Supports the body’s own ability to eliminate and remove toxins.

    i. One of the leading programs offered in spas today is detox!

     i. Plant seed about business. Arbonne is so great about being on the

     cutting-edge. If this is one of the leading programs people want, I want to

     be part of that! If you’ve ever wanted to be at the right place at the right

     time, you have just arrived.

11. Now that we know some of the amazing benefits of SeaSource

     Detox Spa, let’s go through the program.

     a. Key benefits of this line: Deep cleanse, purify and re-mineralize.

     Turn to page 10

     i. Dry Body Brush (pass around)

     1. Show how to use (small circles towards heart)

     2. Improves circulation

     ii. 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil (try)

     1. Love the smell

     2. Massaging skin improves circulation and lymph system to

     drain waste

     3. Dissolves in water (love it in my bath!)

     4. Read from catalog the 5 ways to use

     iii. Foaming Sea Salt Scrub (show NutriMinC? RE9? REveal

     Facial Scrub for face)

     1. We already tried this

     2. Exfoliates, releasing toxins and improving


     3. If you forget, you can read the Product Catalogue it’s all


     iv. Detoxifying Rescue Wash

     1. Use especially if working out or have been in chlorine


     2. Two places you sweat most: Underarms and feet. Toxins

     come out through our sweat.

     3. Toxins aren’t washed away by soap and water, just like dirt

     isn’t washed away by just water. This wash traps

     heavy metals and washes them away.

     4. Can also be used as a bubble bath (use 12 capfuls)

     5. Creates a protective moisture barrier

     v. Fortifying Hair Mask

     1. Protects against heavy metals

     2. Love how this feels

     3. Safe for color-treated hair

     4. Especially during pool use

     vi. Sea Mud Face & Body Mask

     1. Eliminates surface impurities

     2. Purifies and detoxifies while conditioning

     3. Tip: For your home spa day, use a clear plastic shower liner to

     ―wrap‖ yourself in!

     4. Tip: Layer with the Purifying Sea Soak. For example, use Sea

     Mud Face & Body Mask, then soak in Purifying Sea Soak. Get a

     layering effect of the benefits!

While Sea Mud Face & Body Mask is drying, show a few favorites of

    other product lines. (ie: Figure 8? Daily Detox Tea, Arbonne Smart Nutritional Hybrids?, Virtual Illusion? Makeup Primer, NutriMinC?

    RE9? REtaliate Wrinkle Filler, etc.

     vii. Purifying Sea Soak

     1. Stress-relieving benefits

     2. Testimony: 26 flights of stairs

     3. Tip: Let dry on skin so minerals can soak in

     4. Tip: If you don’t have time for full soak, just soak your feet

     viii. Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H (try)

     1. mineral-enriched lotion

     2. help firm and tone skin

     3. 24 hour moisture replacement

     ix. Renewing Body Gelée (try)

     1. Loaded with antioxidant protection

     2. Cooling

     3. Testimony: I love this on sore muscles and in warm weather.

     Stress in shoulders and base of neck love how this feels. 12. Comprehensive line, internal too

     a. As we’ve already said, the average person experiences an improper diet,

     too much stress and environmental effects, which can produce toxic

     conditions and contribute to fatigue, weight gain, etc.

     b. Our bodies need healthy nutrition, and most of us just don’t get it!

     i. Average person consumes 150 lbs of sugar in a year … 52

     teaspoons a day!

     ii. Adds up and affects our bodies.

     iii. Our ―eliminative‖ organs that help rid toxins are skin, kidney,

     liver, lungs and GI tract. The problem is, we’ve overloaded them.

     iv. We need to hit the ―re-set‖ button and help take some of the load


     v. Interesting fact: GI tract is the first contact the body makes with

     toxins. Did you know in our lifetime the GI tract will process

     100 tons of food? That’s 20 elephants!

     c. 7-Day Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement

     i. Way to support detox organs internally

     ii. Giving body optimal environment

     1. What it does:

     a. Flushes excess water

     b. Cleanses GI tract

     c. Has herbs that support liver function

     2. How to use:

     a. Dilute in 32 oz. of water each day for seven days

     b. Add additional 32 oz. this process draws water to

     intestines from body, so you want a lot of water in your

     system: 64 oz. total

     c. Do not miss Arbonne Smart Nutritional Hybrids?

     d. Autoship this product

     3. How it feels:

     a. May have cramping, loose stools, tired

     b. After … (per Candy) = Amazing

     iii. Helps body operate optimally

    13. Recap: Look at hand, feel, compare

     a. How to use what, when

     b. Why

     i. Detox and purify

     ii. Because toxins are all around us and we’ve overloaded our bodies

     iii. By cleansing internally and externally, we help our bodies work

     at their optimal level

     iv. SeaSource Detox Spa? is the foundation. By getting our bodies

     and skin to function optimally, we’ll see better results from

     all product lines (skincare, nutrition, color, etc.). Pair with

     skin care and fight time, environment and toxins!

     v. Plant seeds about hosting again

    14. Close

     a. Bring them back to what you want them to do (show set on page 15)

     b. Complete any games (penny game, deal or no deal)

     c. Turn to page 82 in the Product Catalogue

     d. ―3 Ways to Win‖

     i. Client

     ii. Consultant

     iii. Business builder

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