Security Windows

By Joe Ramos,2014-06-21 17:00
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Security Windows

    Security Windows

    As is vividly shown in the picture,a bird in the cage is laughing at people in the building with security windows.In the birds opinion,people who have fixed security windows are no better than themselves.The picture well reflect a serious social problem that the trust between people is getting less and less.

    At present,the phenomenon that humans mostly fix security windows in their houses just to prevent thieves.As far as I am concerned ,fixing security windows has both strengths and weeknesses.Security windows can help us prevent thieves entering our houses and avoid some loss.In addition,if the security windows are strong enough,they can protect babies who climb here and there naughtily from falling down ,which helps adults relax for a while.However,every coins has two sides.It is true that the theft may take place when we are not at home,which makes us lose something valuable.

    But the security windows block our connections with the outside once they are fixed.Due to the pace of the times,people have had few communications with their neighbours.With the fix of security windows,our communications are getting fewer than before.The relationship between neighbourhood is like strangers only smiling or nodding when they come along.Whats

    worse,somrtimes they meet without greetings and even dont know who their neighbours are

    though their neighbours are in their sight.As a result, the loss of communication causes the loss of trust,which lets people become indifferent about othersthings.Also,it is inconvenient for all of us

    to get out when we come across danger,such as fire,gas leak and so on.

    Actually,the trust between people is important,not to mention neighbours.It can help us complete things perfectly and many people will be ready to give us a hand when we are in need of help.So how can we solve these problems that srcurity windows caused.It is essential for us to communicate with our neighbours actively.Communications help promote our

    friendships.Besides,it is also significant to choose appropriate security windows,which let us not always in the confinedspace.Appropriate security windows means we can have an access to outside more easily when we are in trouble.

    From my statements above ,we can draw a conclusion that fixing security windows is not advisable,but we should choose suitable windows which can benefit us from both preventing thieves and helping us getting out of trouble convinently.Also ,we shouldnt let them block our

    connections with our neighbours.It is wise to make the best of the security windows.

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