Nominations Committee

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Nominations Committee

    Nominations Committee

    All nominations should be made by filling in this form. Please return this form by e-mail to <>

    Bring transparency, honesty and equal

    rights for all Servas officers

    ? 5 years in the Audit Committee of Servas International

    ? Good knowledge of Servas organisation and many NS

    ? Speak 4 languages : French, English, Spanish and German

    ? Work as associate director in a consultancy company dealing with

    Risk Management

    ? Good professional accounting and financial experience

1 Name of candidate Alex Dali

    2 Address, telephone number,

    e-mail address etc.

    3 Country France

    4 Position(s) nominated for

    Treasurer Servas International

     15 Nominated by

    1. Jerôme Dossy, NS Servas France

    2. Nancy Mitchell NS Servas USA

    3. Mary Jane Mikuriya, EXCO Vice-President 2006-2009, USA

    4. L V Subramanian, EXCO Treasurer 2008-2009, India

    5. Pramod Kumar, EXCO General Secretary, India

    6. Florencio Gomez, Convernor AUDIT Committee 2006-2009

    7. Vitto Fortezza NS Servas Italy

    8. Rami Rafaeli ex-NS Servas Israel

    9. Bill Fine, NS Servas Ireland

    10. Leonardas Rinkevicius, NS Servas Lithuania

    11. Sercan Duygan ex-NS Servas Turkey

    12. Vera Fruhaufova NS Servas Czech Republic

    13. Pilar Olea ex-NS Servas Spain

    14. Carla Kristensen - NS Servas Portugal

    15. Raquel Rosa ex-NS Servas Portugal

    16. Bea Mantel President of Servas Switzerland

    17. Wolfgang Stapelfeldt NS Servas Germany

    18. Pablo Colángelo - NS Servas Argentina

    19. Cintia Amor ex-NS Servas Argentina

    20. Judith Rivadeneira NS Servas Peru

    21. Victor Manuel NS Servas Venezuela

    22. Hector Peralta AC Central America

    23. Adela Montes, ex-NS Servas Guatemala

    24. Lydia Seymonson NS Servas Surinam

    25. David Espinoza NS Servas Honduras

    26. Changxian Li, NS Servas China

    27. Serena Ming-Han Tang NS Servas Taiwan

     1 You can nominate yourself. If someone else nominates you, they should state their position in Servas. If you are nominating

    someone other than yourself, you must confirm that the nominee is willing to be a candidate.

    28. Jong-soo KIM NS Servas South Korea

    29. Tiurlan Indrayati Sitompul NS Servas Indonesia

    30. Catherine Calderon NS Servas Philippines

    31. Walter Werapitiya NS Servas Sri Lanka

    32. Ramesh Sharma NS Servas India

    33. Anatoly Ionesov NS Servas Uzbekistan

    34. Devendra Pal Singh NS Servas Kyrgyzstan

    35. Zhandos Aitymov NS Servas Kazakhstan

    36. Kinene John Hopekins NS Servas Uganda

    If you agree with my program and want to add your name to the list, please send me an email

     6 Contact details for


     About the nominee

    You probably have some ideas about what you would like to achieve as a Servas officer. Please write a

    bit about what you would like to do.

    7 What would you like to My feeling is that the General Assembly in Argentina 2009 is the most

    achieve? important meeting of Servas in the last 15 years and will be crucial for the

    future of the organisation.

    I have been strongly involved in the Finance of Servas International and I know very well the mechanisms of the organization and many Servas

    National Secretaries from many countries. Unfortunately I cannot be with you

    in Argentina, but as you know Treasurer is the most important task to make

    sure Servas is working. After my election, my first priority would be to solve

    the problems in the accounts with the help of the Audit Committee. Since I

    speak English, French, Spanish and German, I will contact each National

    Secretary to make sure Servas International provides the help you need. Each person in Exco and in the SI committees and every National Group

    should get quick and reliable support in any topics related to Finances &


As Treasurer, I will use my financial knowledge to improve Servas Finance

    & Administration because I work in finances everyday, as part of my

    professional work.

    Help and support to Servas officers and SI committees

    1. Encourage and explain the use of the Financial Operating Procedures

    to be used by all Servas officers receiving money.

    2. Help every Servas officer receiving money in the management of their

    accounts and reporting and make sure that a quick and reliable

    payment could be made to the correct bank account. I had personal

    contacts in the past with most of Servas officers and many of them are

    not used to financial reports. I would like to help them to use them.

    3. Increase transparency and accountability of Servas officers receiving


    4. Make sure that Servas money is only used for Servas purpose

Help and support to National Groups

    5. Help every National Group in the management of the stamps received

    and/or paid to Servas International. I have experience with the history

    and the individual situation in every country and most of the persons

    in charge.

6. National groups of countries where Servas is not developed will need

    the help of the Treasurer for local projects, local administration

    support for the stamp management or the expenses of printing

    hostlists. I will work with the Host List Coordinator to use the buddy

    system, local grants or other ways of financial support to help these

    National groups.

    7. Support the work of the DFC (Development Fund Committee) in

    encouraging realistic, practical and active development projects

    Money should not be an obstacle for the realization of a good project.

    Project manager should be sure to get safe and fast financial support in

    any place in the world, while the Treasurer should look at the most

    cost-effective and convenient way to send money abroad. 8. Support financially a reform for a modern way to run Servas


    Finance and Administration

    9. Use the Financial Operating Procedures in all decisions made in order

    to assure equal treatment to all.. As I was part of the group producing

    the new financial guideline for Servas International (2003-2006), I

    know them very well. Updates should be proposed, discussed and vote

    using the distant vote if necessary.

    10. Review the relations with the Swiss bank of Servas International and

    develop and put in place a safe on-line banking system and find ways

    to avoid high banking fees (accounts in US$ and Euros) 11. Prepare the three year budget of Servas International and related

    position allocation. If elected, I could send the budget 2009-2012 to be

    voted during the GA (no time wasted).

    12. Make a financial report + external audit report every year, so that each

    NS knows what is the financial situation of Servas International. 13. Manage Servas accounts using accounting software which could be

    used by future treasurers to ensure continuity, accessibility and

    transparency. This accounting software should be easy to use, should

    produce statistics, auditing facilities and produce the official Financial

    Statement of Servas International. Since I do the accounting and

    bookkeeping for my professional work, my volunteer work for Servas

    International will save the cost of a paid accounting person. 14. Help the Audit committee in the annual internal audit of Servas

    accounts and prepare Servas accounts for the official external audit. 15. Help the President to arrange the official registration of Servas

    International as a NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) and if

    required, the creation of the Servas foundation.

    16. Work together with the committees of Servas International - Audit,

    ICT, Nomination, Appeals, Conflict committee, Job Descriptions and

    Statutes, Development Fund Committee and other committees decided

    by the GA - with trust and communication.

    17. Research the implementation of tax-deductibility benefit to people

    donating money to Servas International. Distant vote could be used for

    this purpose, if required.

     Servas experience

    8 How long have you been in 8 years


    9 What positions, if any, have Treasurer of Servas Singapore (2001) 1 year

    you held and for how long? Audit committee Vice-President (2001-2004) 3 years

    Audit Committee helper for the Treasurer (2004-2006) 2 years

    10 What Servas conferences ? Regional South-east Asia meeting 2000 (observer)

    have you attended? As ? International General Assembly in Thailand 2001 (observer) delegate or observer? ? Regional European Summer University in Poland 2003 (Audit


    ? International General Assembly in Barcelona 2004 (Audit committee)

    ? International General Assembly in Latina (Rome) 2006 (Audit

    committee helper)

    11 Do you take part in Servas Interviewer for Paris region

    meetings in your country? Helper in the implementation of WHALE France

     12 Have you helped to Yes for support. Strengths and

    organise Servas events in your weaknesses

    country? If so, what? You know your own abilities and failings. Many of the people who will be voting do not know you so well. Please explain why they should vote for you. Describe honestly (do not be modest) your qualities

    that suit you for the job.

    13 My abilities SERVAS

    Excellent knowledge of the Finance and Administration of Servas



    Beside my engineering degree, I have a post-graduate diploma in Business

    Administration and Risk Management. I am working in the insurance and

    financial sector dealing with accounts of my consultancy company


    Fluent in 4 languages English, French, Spanish and German which are

    useful during international communications (phoning a person is better than

    writing emails ! ). The bank in Switzerland is in the German speaking

    region. Also, many NS would be happy to be able to communicate in their

    own language (for example : in Spanish)


    Do not like inaction, cronies and dishonesty


    As a Servas officer you will need some computer skills and access to a computer and internet. If you do

    not already have adequate equipment, please quote an approximate price in local currency. 14 What computer equipment All office equipment as I work from home : laptop, printer, fax do you have now?

    15 What new computer No need

    equipment will you need,

    giving an estimate of the cost?

    16 What computer skills do Excellent computer skills in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and use of

    you have? Internet

    17 What other specific skills I have travelled extensively to many countries in the world do you have that could be Open-minded, honest, social, strong analytical skills, hard worker, respect for

    useful? cultural sensitivities, global thinking and democratic ideas

    Annex A : List of supports received by Servas officers

    7 August 2009

Dear Alex,

    cc: Seán

Thank you for your phone call and Email. It was nice to speak with you, I do believe that we need someone

    with your strong financial background and your language skills to oversee the Servas International finances. I

    will let you know if I have any questions, Also, please put me in contact with the other National Secretaries supporting your nomination.


Best Regards,

    Bill Fine

    National Secretary

    Servas Ireland

     Nominations Committee, I want to register my support for Alex Dali for the position of SI Treasurer. He knows SI statutes, Financial Operating Procedures, audit, finance, budgeting, SI administration , and what it takes to prepare for audits.Alex is honest and committed to Transparency and timely communication.

    I am please to support Alex and sorry he is unable to attend the GA.

Mary Jane Mikuriya, 361 Mississippi ST., San Francisco, CA 94107 USA

    415 285 3427

    Hola Alex: te escribo en nombre mío y de Pablo Colángelo: podés agregarnos a los dos, él como actual NS de Argentina y yo como ex NS y podés incorporar nuestros mails.

    Espero que puedas seguir reuniendo gente que te apoya

    Un beso


Dear Ozge;

For a short summary of how we met with servas.

    I met with Alex in latina,Italy, he is one of the nominators for SI Treasurer. He has knowledge about finance and he is very capable of this as it is his own job. he came to turkey this winter and we met for a lunch. As he is a servas person ı know and a friend of mine and as he knows the system of money in servas I said I support him for being a nominee for SI treasurer.

    I wish you will be a nominator for Alex.

    All the best



    Nancy Mitchell strongly supports Alex Dali for the positon of SI treasurer. It is critical to have a person with strong knowledge and background in this very important position particularly in these rather shaky economic times.


    Alex, tienes el voto por Servas Honduras si decides proponerte para manejar las finanzas de Servas Internacional, cargo a elección en la Asamblea General el próximo mes de Septiembre en Argentina. Atentamente,

David Espinoza

    SN Servas Honduras

Estimado Alex:

    Me place mucho el haber hablado contigo por telefono y por supuesto puedes incluir a Venezuela a tu conveniencia para postularte a la segunda posicion en importancia de SI como es el de Tesorero, de igual forma si deseas usar mi nombre en tu postulacion. Tu candidatura consolidaria un viejo logro y deseamos que no tengas ningun inconveniente en consolidarla. Como te decia hoy, en caso de que no puedas asistir a Argentina

    no es problema ya que el Presidente anterior a Gary, cuyo nombre no recuerdo pero es de Australia, fue electo en Australia sin hacer acto de presencia.

    Tambien te comentaba que teniendo ya el apoyo de Francia y Alemania era importante conseguir el del mas grande que es Italia, de ser necesario le puedo escribir a Vito Forteza para hablarle de ti. Muchos saludos de parte de Fanny Bello(quien conoces en persona) y de nuestro nuevo SN Victor Gutierrez. Saludos,

    Florencio Gomez

    Convernor Audit Committee

Dear Alex,

    I was also pleased to talk to you by phone. I have read the draft form you enclosed and I support your nomination for the position of SI Treasurer.

Best wishes,


Anatoly Ionesov, NS, Servas Uzbekistan

    P.O. Box 76, UZ-140100 Samarkand

    Republic of Uzbekistan

     Dear Alex,

    I am supporting your candidature for the post of SI Treasurer and am sending back your nomination form with my name appended as a nominator.

    Best wishes

    Pramod Kumar

Dear Alex,

    Thanks for the calling and the dialog was beautiful.

    I was amazed by your profile with the devotion for the peace builders.

    Please tust me.

    You have a very strong suporter from Asia.


    skype: kingofasia2

    +82 10 2830 2623

Hola Alex,

    El placer fue mio. Cuenta con nuestro apoyo.


    Victor Manuel

Dear Alex shalom

You may include my name in your list

    you have my support and I wish you will find the way to do and enjoy what ever you are doing best wishes

     Rami Rafaeli

Dear Alex,

Sorry that I am replying today.

I have read your form and have signed for your nomination. Please find same attached

    We will keep in touch.

    Best Regards

    Lidia Seymonson

Yes Dear Alex,

    Thank you for my calls,hope you are fine,

    well responding to your mail,you have my support,i will vote for you,for being treasurer Wish you well,



    Serva Uganda


    i received your message and sent already a mail with funding request to the president of Servas. But I did not get an answer still.

    Does President of Servas has a personal email, because I sent him emails before and did not get an answer. I will support your nomination to Servas Tresurer!

    write me,


    Servas Kazakhstan

Cher Alex

    J'ai bien reçu et lu l'évaluation et sugestions sur le status et les réformes nécéssaires de Servas International, tout ce qui puisse aider cet association à grandir, est bien venu. C'est un document de grande utilité et je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de le discuter avec Raquel, mais on le fera le plus tôt possible.

    Ici au Portugal on a eu quelques associés qui sont sortis, d'autres qui nous ont rejouint, mais je suis d'accord avec toi, il faut faire une plus grande divulgation, en mettant le focus sur le côté PAIX/ COMPRÈHENSION / CONNAISSANCE DE L'AUTRE. Il y a d'autres organisations semblables, ça c'est salutaire, mais si nous ne nous dévelons pas, il y a toujours le risque de devenir un dinossaure et disparaître. Donc, il nous faut des idées beaucoup plus d'associés :-)

    C'est vraiment dommage que tu ne puisses pas être présent à Buenos Aires.

    Bon travail!!!!!!


    Carla K

Dear Servas friends,

    As Servas member since 1976, former National Secretary until 2006 and Deputy until 2008, I want to support Alex Dali’s candidature for the job as Treasurer of Servas International.

    I trust him for his experience and his knowledge of our organization and his capacity to analyse and control the funds.

    Also his possibilities to speak several languages make him one of the best options we can find. I'm sure he will be a very important help for our organization.

In peace and friendship,


    +34.91.574 7617

    +34 659 970 514

c/ Pez Austral 17 - 8º D

    28007 Madrid (SPAIN)

Con gusto platicaremos con nuestro delegado..saludos, Adela. SERVAS GUATEMALA

Hi Ramesh,

    I agree with your choice of Alex Dali.

    Now, can you persuade Alex to take the position?

    Have nice weekend


     Dear friends, The same Servas Czech Republic, i.e. we suppost Mr. Alex Dali for the Treasurer position in Servas

    International, how I have already confirmed to Mr. Alex.

    Kind regards,

    Vera Fruhaufova National Secretary

    Servas Czech Republic

    Tel.: +420 222724446, 606226127

Dear Alex,

    It was nice talking to you and I take this mail to support your nomination for the position of treasurer.

    As explained I would like to take care of my health as i step into an age bracket where the age related health problems creep in, thereby denying justice to the care and attention the Treasurer position needs Hence my inability.

Wishing you all the very best



Hola Alex:

    Mil disculpas por la demora en responder, te felicito por el fabuloso curriculum que tienes, cuentas con mi voto para la tesoreria .



    Servas Peru

Hi Ramesh,

    I see that you managed to talk to Alex.

    It is very good indeed.

    Thank you


    ps I will support him. Is there any long distance vote?

Dear Alex

I greatly support your nomination as treasurer of Servas International. I had the chance to meet

    you in Latina/Italy 3 years ago and was impressed about your knowledge and competence in

financial issues and your analytical abilities. I also appreciate very much your honesty. Moreover,

    I think it is important that at least some of the EXCO members speak several languages as

    you do.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to be present in Argentina as a matter of fact, Servas

    Switzerland will not be represented there!

Nevertheless, I hope that the delegates who are present at the GA will vote for you.

With Servas greetings

    Bea. ----------------------

Servas Switzerland

    Bea Mantel, president


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