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SWOT Analysis of Mother Dairy & Others. Recommendations. Annexure. Acknowledgement. At the very outset we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to

Study of s WT-5

    Probing the reason(s) for low sales & suggesting remedial

    measures thereof.


    Kalyan Sundar Banerjee

    Krishna Tomar

    Priya Madan

    Sudip Verma

    Sushant Chowdhary



    Project Details

    Analysis of Milk Industry

    Indian Dairy Industry Facts & Figures Analyzing the product Milk Operation Flood

    Cooperative Unions

    National Dairy Development Board

    About Mother Dairy

    Other Major Players

    Delhi‘s (NCR) Milk Market Objectives of Research

    Findings of the Research

    SWOT Analysis of Mother Dairy & Others






At the very outset we would like to express our heartfelt

    gratitude to ‗Mother Dairy India Ltd.‘ for allowing us to

    contribute, though modestly, in the functioning of WT-5, which

    has the unique distinction of being the most competitive milk

    market of Asia by way of our research project which we all

    found very interesting & challenging.

    Our thanks are due to Mr.K.P.S. Chauhan who was very kind

    in explaining to us the challenge that lay ahead of us & also for

    allowing us to make liberal use of his knowledge, resource &


    We feel grateful to Mr. Venkatramani, for allowing &

    encouraging us to pursue our research with utmost objectivity,

    fairness & flexibility.

    We feel indebted to Mr. Kumar & Mr. Anil Grover for

    explaining to us the intricacies & peculiarities of milk business

    which came handy on various occasions & allowed us to retain

    our focus & finish our research with the satisfaction of a job

    well done.

    We would also like to thank all those people at ‗Mother Dairy

    India Ltd.‘ who though being total strangers to us lifted our spirit with their cheerful smiles & gave us the courage &

    inspiration to work zealously on the project assigned to us &

    do justice to it.

    I am extremely thankful to my Faculty Guide Dr. Anurika vaish

    at Indian Institute of Information Technology for her invaluable

    Guidance and Suggestions during my Training.

    We all would also like to express our gratitude towards our

    parents from whom we have inherited all the desired virtues &

    to whom we look up to as living inspirations.

    Last, but by no means the least, we would like to pay

    obeisance to the Almighty God for bestowing on us his

    blessings & also for being on our side when the challenge

    seemed insurmountable & the going was tough. Our


unshakeable faith in Him allowed us to take this research to its

logical conclusion.


Project Details


Name of the company: Mother Dairy India Ltd.

    Title of the project: Probing the reason(s) for low

    sales & suggesting remedial

    measures thereof.

    Type of project: Research based marketing

    project. Duration of project: 6 weeks (from May 1 to June 15,


    Number of team members: 5

    Area under research: WT-5 (West Delhi)


Analysis of Milk Industry


    Traditionally, in India dairying has been a rural cottage industry. Semi-commercial dairying started with the establishment of military dairy farms and co-operative milk unions throughout the country towards the end of the nineteenth century.

    In earlier years, many households owned their own ‗family cow‘ or secured milk from a neighbour who had one. With the increase in urban population fewer households could afford to keep a cow for private use & moreover there were other problems also like the high cost of milk production, problems of sanitation etc. restricted the practice; and gradually the family cow in the city was eliminated and city cattle were all sent back to the rural areas.

    Gradually farmers living near the cities took advantage of their proximity to the cities & began supplying milk to the urban population; this gave rise to the fluid milk-sheds we see today in every city of our country.

    Prior to the 1850s most milk was necessarily produced within a short distance of the place of consumption because of lack of suitable means of transportation and refrigeration.

    The Indian Dairy Industry has made rapid progress since Independence. A large number of modern milk plants and product factories have since been established. These organised dairies have been successfully engaged in the routine commercial production of pasteurized bottled milk and various Western and Indian dairy products. With modern knowledge of the protection of milk during transportation, it became possible to locate dairies where land was less expensive and crops could be grown more economically. In India, the market milk technology may be considered to have commenced in 1950, with the functioning of the Central Dairy of Aarey Milk Colony, and milk product technology in 1956 with the establishment of AMUL Dairy, Anand.

    Indian dairy sector is still mainly an unorganised sector as barely 10% of our total milk production undergoes organised handling.


Indian Dairy Industry Facts &



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