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enjoy your life enjoy your time enjoy your weekend enjoy your self enjoy your stay enjoy your process enjoy your holiday enjoy your day enjoyyourself enjoy your journey

新视野大英视视视程 第四视,最新版~学听教

    Unit 1 enjoy your feelings!

    ;Basic Listening Practice

    Keys: C B D A D

    ;Listening In

    Task 1 what a clumsy man!

     Keys: A C D C B

    Task 2 causes of depression

     Keys: (1)families (2)chemicals (3)information (4)certain (5)self-esteen (6)thinking patterns (7)mood (8)divorce (9)physical abuse (10)financial difficulties (11)stress (12)anxiety

    Task 3 happiness index

    Keys: B D A A C

    ;Speaking Out

    MODEL 1 Don’t let it get to you!

    Susan: You look so angry. What happened?

    Chris: Nothing I’d rather not talk about it. Just don’t ask.

    Susan: Come on. Relax. Talk to me.

    Chris: All right. This morning I took my car to the garage to check the air conditioner. They only gave it a quick look, refilled it with some Freon, and charged me 300bucks!

    Susan: No wonder you’re livid. I’d be mad too if someone ripped me off like that.

    Chris: Yeah. And they were rude. They said I didn’t know anything about cars, which I don’t, but they didn’t have to be blunt!

    Susan: Sounds like you got a raw deal!

    Chris: What’s worse, as I was leaving, I herd then saying, “Don’t trust that guy. He looks broke.” When I heard that, I almost hit the


    Susan: Don’t let it get to you. Better ignore them.

    Chris: I agree. I did manage to keep my cool.

    Susan: Well, the best thing you can do is to file a complaint with

    the Consumer Protection Agency.

    Chris: sounds like a good idea.

    MODEL2 I’m too depressed.

    Susan: Chris, I hear you’ve been down in the dumps, so I’ve come to cheer you up.

    Chris: It’s not gong o work. I’m too depressed

    Susan: Come, on. Tell me what’s on your mind.

    Chris: Everything. My girlfriend left me; my dog ran away; my wallet was stolen.

    Susan: Don’t worry. I’ll help you solve the biggest problem:

    finding you a new girlfriend.

    Chris: Forget it. Anyway, I’m getting bad grades, and I was told that I’d have to repeat a lot of courses next year. When I heard that, I almost lost it.

    Susan: Look, relax. I’ll help you with those courses.

    Chris: Yeah, but I also have three week’s laundry to do., and my room is a pigsty.

    Susan: Forget it. You’re on your own.

    Chris: Come, on. What are friends for?

    Susan: To keep you in high spirits; not to do your laundry.

    MODEL3 You seem to be on top of the world.

    Nora: Oh, hey, John!

    John: Hey!

    Nora: You seem to be on top of the world tonight. What’s up?

    John: I’m so happy I’m about to burst. Guess what?

    Nora: You’ve got me.

    John: It might be true that misfortunes never come singly, but you can also have a “double blessing”. And that’s what I had.

    Nora: You mean you’ve had two happy events in your life?

    John: Exactly. You know, I was strong in all subjects except physics. Now I’ve finally passed the test--the one I needed to qualify

    for a Bachelor’s degree.

    Nora: Congratulations! You’d failed it three times. No wonder

    you’re beaming. What’s the other good news?

    John: The multinational I was doing my field project at offered me a job at a good starting salary.

    Nora: Wow, wonderful, simple wonderful.

    John: I feel like celebrating. Shall we go to a bar?

    Nora: Why not?

    Now Your Turn

    A: You look furious. What happened?

    B: Nothing. I’d rather not talk about it. Just don’t ask.

    A: Come on. You shouldn’t keep your feeling to yourself. You need to let off some stream. So, talk tome.

    B: All right. This morning I went to a shop to buy a digital camera, I only need an ordinary one. It is enough for my tours in the summer vacation. Buy they persuaded me to buy a professional camera, which cost three times as much.

    A: But you were willing to buy for it. Anyway, it must work better.

    B: You see, I know next to nothing about photography. So they simply tricked me into buying an expensive one.

    A: No wonder you’re livid with rage. I’d be mad too if I were robbed like that. What are you going to do?

    B: I already went back to them and asked to exchange it for a cheaper one.

    A: What did they say?

    B: Oh, they were rude. They insisted that they hadn’t encouraged me to buy a professional camera, and that I bought it myself.

    A: Sounds like you got a raw deal!

    B: What’s worse, as I was leaving, I heard they say, “That guy looks broke. He shouldn’t have bought any camera.”

    A: Don’t let it get to you. Better ignore their rude remarks.

    B: I agree. I did manage to keep my cool.

    A: Well, the best thing you can do is to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency. If they talk to the shop, maybe they will give you a refund.

    B: Sounds too good to be true.

    ;Let’s Talk

     Keys: (1) shy (2) crying (3)scared (4) came down (5) fun (6) nice (7) two step (8) argue (9) touch (10) bad time (11) speak (12) comfortable (13) brother (14) adults (15) children (16) secondary (17) growing (18) learn

    ;Further Listening and Speaking

    Task 1: Big John is coming!

    A bar owner in the Old West has just hired a timid bartender. This (S1) owner of the establishment is giving his new hire some instructions on (S2) running the place. He tells the timid man, “If you ever hear that Big John is coming to town, (S3) drop

    everything and (S4) run for the hills! He’s the biggest, nastiest outlaw who’s ever lived!”

    A few weeks pass uneventfully. But one afternoon, a (S5) local cowhand comes running through town (S6) yelling, “Big

    John is coming! Run for your (S7) lives!”

    When the bartender leaves the bar to start running, he is knocked to the ground by several townspeople rushing out of town. (S8) As he’s picking himself up, he sees a large man,

    almost seven feet tall. He’s muscular, and is growing as he

    approaches the bar.

    He steps up to the door, orders the poor barkeep inside, and demands, “I want a beer NOW!”

    He strikes his heavy fist on the bar, splitting it in half. (S9) The bartender nervously hands the big man a beer, hands shaking.

    He takes the beer, bites the top of the bottle off, and downs the beer in one gulp.

    As the terrified bartender hides behind the bar, the big man gets up to leave, “Do you want another beer?” the bartender asks in a trembling voice.

    Dang it, I don’t have time!” the big man yells, (S10) “I got to get

    out of town! Don’t you hear Big John is coming?”

    Task 2 Reason and emotion

     Key : A B C C D

    Task 3 Every cloud has a silver lining

     Key : T F F T F

    ;Viewing and speaking

     Key (1) seven (2) 150 (3) favorite (4) bridge (5) 111 (6) fast (7) simple (8) trusted (9) stupid (10) did (11) No way (12) ultimate (13) limits (14) skywards (15)&60 (16)cheap

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