My dreaming girlfriend

By Dustin Hawkins,2014-10-26 15:00
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My dreaming girlfriend

    My dreaming girlfriend

    ;Once ,I let a true love slip away before my eyes ,only to find myself regretting when it was too late .nothing in the world can be as painful as this ;.To most of us ,there was always a moving love story deeply branded in the bottom of our heart .Though it might make you sad once or more ,please believe in that all things will ;gone with the

    wind ;.

    I have a dream that one day under the bright window of our

    colleage;s library I can come across my girlfriend who has

    the common interest in reading .

     I have a dream that one day on the tennies playground both

    I and my girlfriend are training together with laughter and

    sweat .

    I have a dream that one day our friends would find our happy

    figures at tourist sites all around the world who are falling

    in love in taking beautiful photos .

    Not only should we judge our lover by their outer appearance

    but also inner qualification .

    To me ,my girlfriend is a girl who has a kind temper and a

    warm-hearted heart ;who keeps a positive and optimistic

    attitude ;who own a kind of qualification of gratitude .What;

    s more ,whenever a girlfriend could suffer difficults and share

    happieness with me together that is the most important . In a word ,the true love between two yound person are trust and forgiveness. And i will never give up pursuiting my dreaming girlfriend who is always a beautiful flower to me .


    Wang dingding

    Class3,Grade09 ,electrio


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