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     Name of this medicinal product

     Generic name: Baofukangshuan

     Chinese phonetic alphabet: Baofukangshuan


    The main ingredients in this product are rhizoma curcumae oil and borneolum

    syntheticum, etc. (compound rhizoma curcumae oil suppository)

    Properties and appearance

    Color: ivory whiteyellowish or brown Appearance: like bullet shape

    Pharmacological and toxicological action

    Pharmacological action:

    Proved by modern pharmacology, the usage of Baofukangshuan is mainly described as


    1. Broad-spectrum anti-microorganism and anti-inflammatory actions

    (1) Antimycotic action: This product can inhibit the growth and reproduction of Candida

    albicans and Torulopsis glabrata. Studies on rabbits with vaginitis caused by Candida

    albicans establish that Baofukangshuan can not only be antimycotic, but also promote the

    recovery of inflammation.

    (2) Anti-virus: This product can directly kill syncytial virus, influenza virus A1, influenza

    virus A3 and parainfluenza virus I. It can effectively inhibit HPV, Japanese encephalitis

    virus and adenovirus III.

    (3) Antibacterial: This product can inhibit the growth and reproduction of Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, α-Streptococcus, β-Streptococcus, micrococcus

    ludems, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus cerus, Corynebacterium Vaginale, Corynebacterium diphtheroides, Bateroides fragilis, Pepto Streptococcus, Bacillus typhi and Vibrio cholerae, etc.

    (4) Anti-mycoplasma and anti-trichomoniasis: The MIC range of this product to mycoplasma(Ureaplasma urealyticum) is 10.020.00 mg/ml. The MCC range of it to

    vaginal trichomoniasis is 1.252.5 mg/ml.

    (5)Anti-inflammatory action: Local inflammation induced by croton oil or carrageenan in mice can be inhibited by this product.

    2. Renew and repair the tissue injured with inflammation.

    3. Improve body immunity: Increase leukocyte number in peripheral blood and enhance the phagotrophic ability of phagocytes.

    4. Change cytological characteristics of vagina in elder women: This product has no hormones, but has the similar effects to estrogen. Generally speaking, using this product for one week, middle layer cells can increase instead of underlayer cells in vagina, furthermore different degrees of surface layer cells and keratinocytes may occur, which exhibits youthful mucosa in senile vagina.

    5. Antineoplastic activity: This product can directly inhibit and kill the tumor cells, but has no effects on normal tissue. It can be against HPV and prevent uterine cervix cancer, inhibit abnormal proliferation of tissue, and enhance the atrophy of hyperplastic tissue. Toxicologic action: (vagina administrated)

    Long-term toxicity studies show: After long-term administration of this product in rats, there is no abnormal change observed in the histopathological examination of rats organs, for example: heart, lung, kidney, brain, adrenal gland, thymus gland, stomach, intestine, bladder and so on.

    Acute toxicity studies show: No animal death or other acute toxicity effects have been reported. Dermatic allergic studies show: No dermatic allergic reactions have been observed in guinea pigs. This product can inhibit pruritus caused by histamine.

    Vaginal irritating studies show: This product does not irritate rat vaginal mucosa when used for single or multiple times.

    Reproductive functions studies show: No effects on reproductive functions of rats by this product have been exhibited including: conception rate, production rate and embryo weight.


    Improve immunity, remove the putrid tissue, promote the growth of it and alleviate pains. Used for leukorrhagia caused by stickiness stasis which has symptoms as great amount of leucorrhea with yellow color and occasional vagina itching. Used for colpitis mycotica, senile vaginitis and cervical erosion with above symptom complex.

    Dosage and administration

    Administration: Clean the vulvae and push the suppository into the vagina as far as possible. Or use this product under instructions of doctors.

    Dosage: one suppository every night.

    Directions for usage 1. Clean your hands and vulvae, tear the aluminum foil wrapper, and take out one

    suppository. (See Fig.1 and Fig.2)

    2. One foot on the ground, the other on the taboret, sheathe your right middle finger with

    the dactylotheca, and push the suppository with the pointed end inward as far into the

    vagina as at least the length of your middle finger. (See Fig.3)

    3. Discard the dactylotheca and put on the sanitary towel.

    Adverse reactions This product is pure traditional medicine. It has been used in clinic for over 20 years.

    Only one case of fever after use this drug for senile vaginitis has been reported. It

    disappeared after reducing the dose or stopping the drug. Person with allergic constitution

    should be caution to use this drug.

    Contraindications No data available.


    1. If the weather is very hot, the suppository may become very soft. Put it into the

    refrigerator or cold water for 510 minutes before use. No influence on curative effect

    has been observed when the shape of this product changes.

    2. This product can be used for women in pregnancy.

    3.Colpitis mycotica: Patients may feel itching and burning pains in vagina. Patients with

    severe pathogenic conditions will feel extremely itching, fidgety and have excessive

    vaginal discharge, watery vaginal discharge or clumpy vaginal discharge like tofukasu. These symptoms may get worse during pregnancy, and may infect the newborn. This product may make the itching disappear immediately. Usually after using this product five times, the detection results of mycetes will be negative. Colpitis mycotica tends to relapse, so the total periods of treatment should be fulfilled. i.e. after the symptoms have been relieved, this product should be used for another 23 periods of treatment for

    consolidation. Keep on treating even during the menstrual period. If the anus is very pruritic or sex partner has any infection, he should be treated at the same time. 4. Senile vaginitis: The incidence of senile vaginitis for women in climacteric or postmenopause is 30-50%. This disease may attack women who receive ovariectomy and young females whose estrogen level are lower due to other causes.Symptoms of this disease include: vaginal pruritus and aestus, bearing down in the lower abdomen, excessive vaginal discharge like watery or with liquor pus and cacosmia, colpoxerosis, dyspareunia, punctuate or flaky bleeding, etc. Sometimes may occur frequent or urgent micturition and urodynia. When using this product for 12 periods of treatment, vaginal

    cytological characteristics can be significantly changed; the surface layer cells and keratinocytes can be remarkably increased; the resistant and self-sterilizing abilities of vaginal epithelium have been obviously restored.

    For prevention and health care, it is suggested that the elder woman use the product 1-2 grains every week after continuous use of it for two weeks.

    5. Cervical erosion: The incidence of this disease for women in pregnancy is 2349%

    and the canceration rate is 2.5%, 7 times higher than the non-cervical erosion patients.

    Reseaches of Chinese and abroad experts have proved that the HPV infection is main cause of cervical cancer. The infection route is sex transmission. 99.8% cervical cancers have high-risk HPV infections. Women in gestation age have infection rate of high-risk HPV as high as 27.5%. The danger of cervical tumorigenesis increases 250 folds in patients with persistent HPV infection.

    This disease is mainly caused by endocrine disturbance, external injury or infections, among which HPV infections accounts for over 30% with remaining are other infections . Patients with mild case are often only discovered in gynecological examination. Patients with severe case are usually found excessive vaginal discharge with blood streak or a little of blood and contact bleeding. Secondary infections may present purulent leukorrhea with cacosmis accompanied with dull pains in the back, fullness and heaviness in the lower abdomen.

    This product can not only enhance the blood circulation, but also remove the putrid tissue. It can promote the blood circulation of erosive tissue, elevate the peripheral leukocyte number, enhance the phagotrophic ability of phagocyte, and kill the microorganisms that cause erosion. At the same time it can remove the putrid tissue, promote the growth and repair of it, boost the necrosis and defluxion of cellula columnoepithelialis in erosive positions, and make them replaced by nascent squamous cells. Treat with this product, and you will be cured quickly without purulent discharge or scars. Furthermore, this product has no influence on women in pregnancy or delivery.

    Patients with mild and medium erosion should use this product for 24 periods of

    treatment. Patients with severe erosion should use it for 46 periods of treatment. For

patients with severe case, it will increase cleanliness of patients if use the

    Baofukangshuan for one week before the physical treatments such as laser therapy,

    electrocoagulation, cryoapplication and female circumcision. It will be against infection,

    reduce complications, shorten cure time 1/3-1/2 and increase cure rate if add the

    Baofukangshuan 5-8 days after the physical treatment.

    6. This product can slowly dissolve in the vagina. Owing to its main ingredient is volatile, it

    can uniformly distribute all over the vaginal wall and uterine cervix, and widely infiltrate

    into vaginal mucosal elevation to exert its curative effects sufficiently. Patients will feel

    algefacient and comfortable after using this product.

    7. Because this product is water-soluble, it will not contaminate your skin and clothes.

    8. Keep this product out of the reach of children.

    Specification Each suppository weights 1.74 g. Storage Keep it sealed, lucifugal and under 30?.


     Aluminum foil wrapper is easy to tear. Each box contains one board of 8 suppository.

    One-time-use dactylotheca one bag.

    The term of validitytwo years Excutive standardSFDA Standard: YBZ11312009 License numberGYZ Z46020058

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