Heritage Acres Seed & Grain

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Heritage Acres Seed & Grain

    Heritage Acres

    Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

     Specialists in Quality Nutrition “

Partnerships and Sponsorships

    At Heritage Acres we are very pleased and proud to participate with major one-loft races, shows and events in North America. We do this to offer selected hosts and participants the opportunity to feed the very best nutrition possible. Optimising the performance of birds is your goal and it is our business. Contact us for more information.

Table of Contents:

    ; Racing Pigeon Nutrition

    ; Pigeon Breeding Nutrition

    ; Game Bird Nutrition

    ; Show Bird Nutrition

    ; Natures Nutrition Supplements

    ; Specialty Grits

    Heritage Acres Bird & Pet Nutrition Inc.

    P.O. Box 223

    Arkona, ON

    N0M 1B0


    Contact us for product information, distributorship

    . opportunities or nutrition consulting



    Heritage Acres

     Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

    Specialists in Quality Nutrition “

     Sample Customized Feeding Program

    For Long Distance

    Day Mix Protein Fat Fibre Carbs.

    Saturday pm „Ace‟ Pellet High High Med Low

    Sunday Depurative Med Med High Low

    Monday Depurative Med Med High Low

    Tuesday am Depurative Med Med High Low

     Tuesday pm Blend Race High High Med Low

    Mix &

    Depurative Wednesday Pro Racer High High Med Med


    Thursday Pro-Racer Boss High High Med Med Mix

     Friday Pro-Racer Boss High High Med Med


     Note: Other Heritage race mixes may be used depending on race conditions.

     Young Bird Racing & Short Distance: Higher Carbo Mixes such as Nitro, Southern Young Bird Mix, Pro

    Max # 1 or Performance Ultra are the product of choice. Carbo burns off in approx. 200 miles or wing time then fat is converted to the energy source. Your loft management will dictate your feed choice.

    Depurative Stage: Depending on the level of training during this stage you may elect to use the Heritage-Super D for heavy training. The Heritage Diet Depurative is recommended for normal training and rebuild. The change from the Depurative Feeding to Race Mix may change slightly

    depending on full de-purification timing of the bird.


    Heritage Acres

     Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

     Specialists in Quality Nutrition “

    Ingredients: Ingredients: Southern Young Bird Heritage Euro Special Hard Red Wheat Red Corn No Corn Mix Race Blend Trapper Peas Cdn. Red Wheat Red Milo Trapper Peas White Milo Maple Peas Protein 15 Protein 15 Long Brown Rice Austrian Peas Lintels Red Milo Oat Groats White Milo Fat 3.2 Fat 4.75 Maple Peas Safflower Red Millet Brown Rice Fibre 4 Fibre 5.9 White Millet Oat Groat Sweet Canola White Millet Hemp Red Millet Carbohydrates 40 Carbohydrates 32 Flax Buckwheat Canary Seed Hemp Faba (Tic) Peas ; Balanced Old Bird Race ; The perfect formula for young bird Mix development and Hot Weather Racing ; Designed to be used following ; Solid Blend of Ingredients

    Heritage “Ace:” and “Boost”

    ; Designed for Normal ; Feed from weaning to young bird racing


    Ingredients: Ingredients: HERITAGE HERITAGE “TURBO” Safflower Red Milo E-Z Treat Candy LOADING MIX Hemp White Milo (formerly Moult Mix) Sweet Canola Safflower Lintels

    Oat Groats Protein 16 Protein 15 Red Millet

    White Millet Fat 10.3 Fat 28 Sweet Canola

    Flax Seed Fibre 6.7 Fibre 18 Canary Grass

    Carbohydrates 26 Carbohydrates N\A

    ; Designed specifically for racing Stock ; Energy for long distance loading

    and Young and Old birds

    ; High Protein & fat - feather development ; 300 miles topdress add 20%

    to regular feed “Boss”

    ; Ideal for a treat to bring birds to the loft. ; 500 miles-extended wing time

     add for two days 20 %

     Two days in the basket

     ; increase % feed all they will

    eat prior to basketing.

    NOTE:All seeds are personally selected to ensure high quality mixes

    Analysis: based on Dept of Agric. Standards and include natural moisture.


    Heritage Acres

     Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

     Specialists in Quality Nutrition “ Performance Ultra Nitro

Ingredents Protein 14.25 Protein 13.7 Ingredients Small red corn Hemp Yellow dent Corn Fat 4.2 Fat 7.6 Indian Red Corn Cdn red wheat Safflower Trapper peas Hard Red Wheat Fibre 2.7 Fibre 7.5 Maple peas Hulless Oats Green peas Austrian peas Red Milo Carbohydrates 44 Carbohydrates 45 Red milo White Milo White milo White Millet Safflower Maximized Carbo Release ; Balanced diet including natural source Lintels Lintels Excellent Omega 3 / 6 Ratio trace minerals and vitamins Faba Paddy Rice (Tic)Beans High Hemp Content Sweet Canola Oat Groat ; Custom European Formula for mid Ace Super Black oil distance racing. Supplement sunflower Fortification

     Heritage PRO MAX # 1 Heritage Base Racer 2

    Premium Racer Mix

    Ingredients Ingredients Protein 15 Protein 13.4 Small red corn Small red Yellow dent corn Fat 3.6 Fat 2.7 corn Cdn red Cdn red wheat wheat Fibre 5 Fibre 3.15 Trapper peas Trapper peas Maple peas Maple peas Carbohydrates 38 Carbohydrates 48 Lintels Red milo Red milo White milo White milo Lintels. ; Super formula for young bird racing ; Balanced formula Safflower ; Supplies balanced nutrition ; Designed for addition Faba (Tic) of ingredients for custom- ; Natural source of vitamins, minerals. beans ized racing program ; Balanced natural amino acid. Oat groat ; The original European racing mix. ; Excellent training mix for conditioned birds


    All seeds are personally selected to ensure high quality mixes ; Seeds are

    triple cleaned to ensure they are dust-free ; Store in a cool dry place, off floor

    to maintain superior quality ; Analysis based on Dept. of Agriculture Standard

    Grain Analysis - Levels include natural moisture content of individual grains


    Heritage Acres

     Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

     Specialists in Quality Nutrition “

     Heritage E-W-3 Prisioners Pride

    BLEND Southern No Corn Blend Ingredients: Hard Red Wheat Trapper Peas Red Milo Crude Protein 12 Crude Protein 13.2 Ingredients White Milo Small red corn Barley Cdn red wheat Crude Fat 3 Crude Fat 3.2 Safflower Barley blend Lintels Maple Peas Trapper peas Crude Fibre 3.3 Crude Fibre 4.7 Green Peas Green peas White Millet Red milo Carbohydrates 47 Carbohydrates 37 White milo White millet

    ; Low cost Base mix for non-racing birds ; Conditioning Mix Note:

     For off season Breeders ; Off season feeding (warm weather mix) May contain a

    ; Can be fed with other Heritage mixes ; Designed for confined birds blend of pigeon

    Grains. ; Lower Fat, for warmer conditions. ; Balanced diet to Maintain


     Heritage Maintenance Heritage Lite Mix

    Mix (Depurative)

Ingredients Crude Protein 12 Crude Protein 12.2 Ingredients Small red Barley blend corn Cdn red Crude Fat 4.2 Crude Fat 5.4 Barley blend wheat Cdn red Safflower wheat Crude Fibre 4.0 Crude Fibre 7.25 brown rice Safflower Red milo Trapper peas Carbohydrates 36.1 Carbohydrates 10.8 White milo Maple peas Flax Red milo Red millet ; Balanced diet for maintaining good ; Critical part of racer‟s diet White milo White millet health Lintels Oat groats ; Breeding stock diet following breeding ; Designed as a blood cleaner season on race return.

    ; Provides desired nutrition for ; Feed following 1 feeding of

    maintaining good health, including cold Heritage “Ace” Supplement


     ; See Suggested Feeding



    Heritage Acres

     Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

     Specialists in Quality Nutrition “

     Roller Tippler Fancy Bird Popcorn


    Ingredients: Ingredients: Protein 12 Protein 14.4 Popcorn Trapper Peas Hard Red Wheat Wheat Trapper Peas Popcorn Fat 1.8 Fat 2.9 Red Milo White Millet White Milo Red Milo Fibre 3.8 Fibre 4.7 Safflower Buckwheat Lintels Paddy Rice Maple Peas Maple Peas Carbohydrates 26 Carbohydrates 26 Lintels

     ; Conditioning Mix, Short Beak

    or Buoyant up your race team

     ; Designed for confined birds

     ; Balance diet to enhance show

    stock or race bird

     Show Bird Supreme Show Bird Breeder

    „No Corn‟

     Ingredients: Cdn red Ingredients: Protein 16 Protein 15.2 wheat Popcorn Red Milo Hard Red Wheat Fat 3.1 Fat 4.2 White Milo Trapper Peas Red Milo Patty Rice White Milo Oat Groats Fibre 4 Fibre 4.2 Safflower Safflower Lintels Lintels Carbohydrates 36 Carbohydrates 40 Maple Peas Maple Peas Austrian Peas ; Designed for muscle development and ; Contains broad range of protein

    conditioning. types

    ; Essential for breeder health and ; Balanced diet for body build up and

    young bird development feather development

    ; Ideal for Showing and Racing ; Grains selected to be appropriate

    for short beaks and smaller birds.

    All seeds are personally selected to ensure high quality mixes ; Seeds are triple cleaned to ensure they are dust-free ; Store in a cool dry place, off floor to

    maintain superior quality ; Analysis based on Dept. of Agriculture Standard


    Heritage Acres

     Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

     Specialists in Quality Nutrition “

     Boss Cock Game Bird Super Pit Load Indian Red Game Bird Loading Mix Corn Safflower Hard Red 13.5 21 Patty Rice Protein Protein Wheat Lintels Trapper Peas Faba Beans 5 15.6 Fat Fat Red Milo Flax Cdn. Malt Canola Blend Barley 7 9.9 Fibre Fibre Ace Pellets Safflower Buckwheat Patty Rice 55 18 Canary Seed Carbohydrates Carbhydrates Lintels Hemp Seed Faba Beans Maple Peas ; Excellent conditioning and training mix ; Designed for feeding bird while in the White Millet Keep ; Maximized carbo energy release Buckwheat ; High fat energy source for explosive ; Balanced Omega 3:6 ratio and loaded Hemp aggression with essential amino acids

     ; Balanced mineral and energy sources

    improving endurance.

     Ace Pellet Super Supplement Game Bird Health Base # 7 Fortified


     Indian Red

    13 18% Flint Corn Protein Protein

    Red Milo

    Wheat 3.2 4.5% Fat Fat Trapper Peas

    Barley 8.1 3.5% Fibre Fibre

    40 25% Carbhydrates Carbhydrates

    ; Ideal maintenance mix for game birds ; See Ace Super Supplement for Feeding

    Recommendations ; Provides essential nutritional requirements

    ; Use with Game Birds to maintain healthy immune ;

    and digestive systems


    Heritage Acres

     Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

     Specialists in Quality Nutrition “

    Super „D‟ Depurative

Heritage Acres in conjunction with the Top American Breeders has

    developed this Specialized mix for maximized pigeon performance.

Excellent for heavy training Ingredients: Designed for light and dark system young bird flying.

    Canadian Barley Blend Enhanced Moult

     Clears the system of toxins Canadian Hard Red Wheat

     Provides energy for heavy training. Safflower

     Perfect feeding partner for Heritage Pro-Racer “Boss” Paddy Rice

     Red Milo

     White Milo

    Nutritional Analysis: Canary Grass Seed

     Flax Seed

    Crude Protein: 13% Sweet Canola

     Hemp Seed Crude Fat: 9.6% White Millet

    Crude Fibre: 7.6 %

Carbohydrates: 20%

This blend is developed for a loft management style that provides consistent

    heavy training during the depurative stage. Birds must be worked and

    trained to use the energy in this mix.


    Heritage Acres

     Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

     Specialists in Quality Nutrition “

    Heritage Pro-Racer Boss

Heritage Acres in conjunction with selected breeders has developed, tested

    and enhanced the unique European Racing Pigeon Blend.

20 Grain Blend makes winners.

     Proven Success with „Champions in both old and young birds

     Feed with Heritage Lite Depurative, or Super “D”

    Ingredients: Provides birds with all the natural nutrients needed.

     This is a unique blend providing all essential amino acids, Indian Red Corn

     Balanced racing nutrition and natural vitamins and minerals. Popcorn

    Canadian Hard Red Wheat Wheat Shorts Canadian Barley Blend

    Green Peas Nutritional Analysis: Trapper Peas Maple Peas

    Austrian Peas Crude Protein: 16% Red Milo White Milo

    Crude Fat: 5% Safflower

    Lintels Paddy Rice Crude Fibre: 5 % Oat Groat

    White Millet Flax Carbohydrates: 26% Sweet Canola

    Buckwheat Small Corn

This blend has been developed for a loft management style

    that provides consistent heavy training.


    Heritage Acres

     Bird and Pet Nutrition Inc.

    Specialists in Quality Nutrition “

    The 2006 Update “Heritage Custom Feeding for Champions”

    Del Smet, Fond Du Lac, WI: The Valley Flying Club, Champion Bird, Concourse Young Bird

    Average Speed Champion, Concourse Champion Loft, FIRST ACE PIGEON, MiddleDistance stTeam Score 1. Del is a seasoned pigeon flyer and is very difficult to beat. Del has

    consistently been at the Top of the Sheet and has consistently fed Heritage Acres Nutrition.

    Robert McCarty, Houston, TX: What a tremendous competitor!!! 2002 Winner of Seven (7)

    Concourse (association) race with over 1000 birds in each race!!! 10 of top 12 point birds in

    Concourse, 2002 Champion Bird, Champion Bird 2002 HCF Futurity, 2002 GSWC Champion Bird, rdWinner and 3 in the Houston Invitational Race. Bob races and breeds his birds using only Heritage

    products and he has the results to prove it!

    Double T Lofts: WOW! Great Results: 6th Young Bird Ace Loft - Racing Pigeon Digest - Division

    5 (Races averaging 151 - 300 Birds) ; Combine Champion Loft

     1st Combine Champion Bird - AU-03-DTL-3929 - Son of "Adam" & "White Gold

    Great Work.

     Loft Supplies from Heritage Acres

    Get them with your Feed Order


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