Agriculture, Rural Development and Poverty Reduction ARP TWG

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SWOT Analysis for each of the 3 Areas of Cooperation*, with subdivisions for Macro Micro and Meso Levels; as well as Rural and Urban areas ? Followed by

    Agriculture, Rural Development, and Poverty Reduction



    thDate: Friday 27 July, 2007

    Time: 1000 1200 hrs

    Venue: ILO Conference Room, Islamabad


1. ILO Donglin Li Country Director, Co-Chair

    2. FAO Mohammed Farah Representative, Co-Chair

    3. UNDP Alvaro Rodriguez Country Director

    4. UNDP Mikiko Tanaka DCD-Programme

    5. UNDP Faiza Effendi ARR

    6. UNDP Shakeel Ahmed Programme Officer

    7. UNDP Tariq Hussain Consultant

    8. UNDP Linn Wallerstedt Programme Officer

    9. UNFPA France Donnay Representative

    10. UNESCO Daniela Di Lorenzo Programme Specialist

    11. UNV Naoko Takasu Programme Officer

    12. ILO Muhammad Saifullah Sr. Programme Officer

    13. FAO Tajammul Hussain Programme Officer

    14. FAO Nadeem Shaukat National Consultant

    15. FAO Fida Muhammad National Consultant

    16. WHO Dr. Ghulam Nabi Kazi National Professional Officer

    17. IFAD Qaim Shah Resident Liaison Representative

    18. UNHCR Dr. Tehmina Roohi Sr. Programme Officer

    19. WFP Zahid Majeed Sr. Programme Officer

    20. UNIFEM Mariam Mehdi Programme Coordinator

    21. UNIDO Sohail M. Khan Programme Development Expert

    22. RCO Cynthia Veliko Human Rights Advisor

    23. RCO Salman Asif Gender Advisor

    24. RCO Pervez Hassan Strategic Planning Specialist

    25. RCO Nisar Khan M&E Specialist

    26. RCO Faria Salman Coordination Associate

    27. RCO Hamza Mohmand Young Professional Officer


1. Presentation by TWG-ARP SWOT Task Force on SWOT Workshop Preparation

    2. Discussion on the SWOT Workshop

    a) Workshop Programme

    b) Facilitator/Reporter for Workshop

    c) Resources for Workshop 3. AOB


Work Area Issues discussed and Actions to be taken Responsibility Timeframe Status

SWOT Analysis: Discussion Points: Workshop Programme ? Results of SWOT are to address issues arising from the Situation Analysis (SITAN) ? ‘Linkages with other TWGs’ to be inserted into programme ? Use 3 Areas of Cooperation from UNDAF Action Points: rd August Ongoing ? Checklist on Cross-Cutting Issues to be prepared RCO Advisors 3st1 August ARP TWG ? Names of suitable government counterparts, donors, and other partners to be provided by all agencies, and sent to RCO ( Maximum 3 per agency st1 August ARP TWG ? UN Agency nominations for participation in Workshop to be sent to RCO ( Maximum 3 per Agency Modus Operandi: (See Tables I and II in attached Annex) Step 1: (Areas of Cooperation) ? SWOT Analysis for each of the 3 Areas of Cooperation*, with subdivisions for Macro Micro and Meso Levels; as well as Rural and Urban areas Followed by aggregating SWOTs at Macro, Micro, and Meso levels respectively *(3 Areas of Cooperation): 1) Strengthening growth and productivity to benefit the poor (Agriculture) 2) Contribute to employment and income generation, with special emphasis on women, the disadvantaged and youth/adolescents (Employment) 3) Create social assets for the poor (Social Services) th (Possible to have a 4 Group to identify gaps, emerging priorities) Step 2: (Cross-Cutting filter) ? SWOT Analysis with the Human Rights, Civil Society, Gender, and Refugees Cross-Cutting Filter - Use results of Step 1 for the 3 Groups (Agriculture, Employment, and Social Services) and review and

    revise vis-à-vis cross-cutting issues, including Policy

    vs Service Delivery Possible outcomes of Workshop include:

    ? Hierarchical/Prioritized list of issues from SWOT Analysis vis-à-vis SITAN ? Possible National Level Goal Higher level of ? Possible UNDAF Outcomes results

     framework ? Possible Joint Programme Outcomes (Lower level of Results framework will be done in parallel

     by agencies)

     thth WORKSHOP DATES: 16 and 17 August

    VENUE: Serena Hotel (Tentative)

    Facilitator/Reporter for ARP Task Group ? Task Group to finalize recruitment of facilitator(s) Workshop UNDP ? Co-Chairs to liaise directly with Alvaro for resources

     from the Transformation Fund, and not with

    Finance/HR etc

     thResources for Workshop ARP Task Group By C.O.B 13? Pre-Workshop Meetings with selected counterparts/ donors/other partners to share updated August activities/reports of ARP TWG, in order to ensure maximum value added Ongoing rdRCO 3? Invitations to be sent by RCO August thRCO 8 August ? Reading Materials for all participants to be sent by RCO ARP Task Group ? Task Group to decide on next meeting for further


     stSituational Analysis ARP TWG By Tuesday 31 Ongoing ? SITAN documents have been circulated Any Mapping July comments/additions to be sent to FAO


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