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BUSINESS PLAN 2008-2009. 1. Aim. The aim of the Unit is to provide the SCS with a comprehensive range of services related to:

OSD/ PDU Business Plan 2008/09


    BUSINESS PLAN 2008-2009

1. Aim

The aim of the Unit is to provide the SCS with a comprehensive range of services related to:

    ? Payroll and Reward;

    ? Personnel Management;

    ? Learning and Development;

    ? Employee Relations; and

    ? Health and Safety and Security.

The service provided will be of high quality and represent an integrated HR service which is recognised by all its customers as adding

    value to the organisation in a cost effective way.

It should be noted that there is currently a proposal to change name of unit to Human Resources Unit (HRU) during 2008-2009.

2. Major Trends Forecast 2008-09

Key factors impacting on the unit during 2008-09 will be:

    ? Restrictions on Public Sector Pay Policy;

    ? Continued demands on HR Metrics, benchmarking and shared services;

    ? Requirement to find efficiencies to reduce running costs;

    ? Supporting the implementation of the Agency’s new People Strategy 2008-2011;

    ? Increased business volumes arising from the transfer into the organisation of staff from the District Court under the Review

    of Summary Justice.

    3. Core Service Delivery

    The table below summarises the core business objectives to be pursued during the planning period.

    # Objective Payroll and Reward. Distribute and account for the pay budget of ?30m which will be paid to some 1300 employees. In 2008-09

    there will be a need to construct and negotiate a pay settlement for 1 September 2008 (and subsequent years if multi- year deal is 1 preferred).

    There are 4 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) related to this activity. They are:

    ? Pay queries will be responded to within 3 working days;

    ? A 97% payroll accuracy will be achieved each month at monthly cut off date;

    ? 100% of data received before the cut off date will be processed for payroll: and

    ? Cost per payslip will be kept below the SCS external benchmark group average which stood at ?5.43 at 31 March 2007.

    Personnel management and records including absorbing former District Court Staff. Provide a full personnel support and 2

    administration function to the Agency including maintenance of employment contracts; delivery of key people management

    information to senior managers; maintenance of personnel records; management of related personnel services contracts.

    There are 3 KPIs related to this activity. They are:

    ? Responses to queries about terms and conditions will be provided within 3 working days;

    ? Complaints about service will be responded to within 10 working days*; and

    ? The number of complaints received will be less than 25 during 2008-09*.

Learning and Development. Design and deliver directly or indirectly corporate and technical learning (including SVQs) to all 3

    employees projecting the delivery of 3,500 formal training days for the year 2008-09. There are 4 KPIs related to this activity. They are:

    ? Requests for available T&D courses given date for attendance within 10 working days;

    ? Resource Centre to respond to requests for materials within 3 working days;

    ? 90% of T&D interventions will have a positive evaluation response; and

    ? The average cost of training day will be kept below the average for the SCS external benchmark group which stood at ?246

    at 31 March 2007.

    Provision of Advice and HR support to managers. Offer employment law, HR policy and recruitment and selection support and 4

    advice to managers at all levels to ensure good employee engagement.

    There are 3 KPIs related to this activity. They are:

    ? Each step of the recruitment process for which the unit is responsible will be dealt with within 3 working days;

# Objective

    ? Each step of the internal selection process for which the unit is responsible will be dealt with within 3 working days; and

    ? Recruitment Journey Time (from notification of vacancy to issue of initial job offer letter will be no more than 10 weeks (50

    working days)

    Maintenance of HR policy, terms and conditions and employee relations through TUS partnership. Develop and maintain 5

    people management policies in line with the business needs of the Agency and where appropriate best practice standards including

    promotion of employer duties in respect of equal opportunities and diversity. Maintain and develop partnership structure with TUS

    and carry out staff surveys.

    Provision of Health and Safety and Security Support. Provide the Chief Executive and Strategic and Executive Boards with 6.

    assurances that the SCS is complying with its statutory obligations. Provide all managers and staff advice and practical support on

    all aspects of Health and Safety and Security issues affecting the day to day running of courts and units.

    There are 2 KPIs specifically for this service. They are:

    ? All major incidents, including those requiring investigation within statutory limits, will be investigated and reported upon

    within 10 working days; and

    ? All requests for advice will be met within 3 working days.

    Note: KPIs marked with an * apply to all aspects of the service provided by the unit.

4. Development Activity Summary

    The table below summarises the specific initiatives to be taken forward during the planning period.

    # Development Activity Title Completion date

    Revision of Bullying And Harassment and Grievance Policies. March 2009 1

    Development of Workforce Planning Tool. March 2009 2

    Introduction of new structure for PDU and transformation to HRU. December 2008 3

    Co-ordinate Board Development Work December 2008 4

    5 Develop guidance for managers who are to manage District Court staff who transfer into April 2008

    the SCS.

    Development Activity Title Completion date 6. Work with colleagues in PSD to develop new statement of SCS core values and October 2008.

    incorporate into people management tools and policies. #

    5. Efficiency Activity Summary

    # Efficiency Activity Title Completion date 1 Continuing Development of EROL on line recruitment tool. March 2009 2 Roll Out of Mitre Finch Time and Attendance System Post March 2009. 3 Considering hiring out expertise No specific deadline 4 Make more use of e learning No specific deadline 5 Reduce Agency Costs through SG contract No specific deadline 6. Reduce Excess Fares Budget No specific deadline 7. Reduce Relocation Budget. No specific deadline

6. Costs and Ratios

    The PDU budget of ?1,166,616 is detailed at Annex A. This excludes pay costs which are projected at ?1,235,058 giving an overall total of ?2,401,674.

    With the addition of the Health and Safety and Security team the complement of the Unit is currently 39.3 or 37.3 if this function is excluded for HR benchmarking purposes.

Benchmarking carried out with the local benchmarking group during 2008/08 (based on 2006/07 data) suggested that the unit is

    efficient in relation to comparators in the group. Detail on the benchmarking was issued to senior colleagues in March 2008 but the following table captures the salient points.

     Item 2006/07 data Scottish Group Average External Comments

    Court Comparator


    Headcount 1266 Organisational Health Short term absence LTR 1.3% 1.3% Long term absence LTR 2.5% 2.4% Total Absence LTR 3.8% 3.7% 3.7% (CIPD 2007) Public Sector average (CIPD)

    4.5% Total Turnover 5.58% 11.1% Voluntary Turnover 4.1% 6.13% Non Voluntary Turnover 1.46% 4.9% Rookie Rate 11.2% 7.4% ( % of staff who leave within 2 years from date

    of recruitment)

    Staff Satisfaction To be undertaken in due course.

    HR Effeciency and Effectiveness Payroll People Costs per payslip ?4.47 ?3.34 Payroll Hardware Costs per payslip ?0.95 ?2.08 Payroll Total Cost per payslip ?5.43 ?5.43 Payroll Accuracy 99.69* 99.7% Payroll FTE over organisation headcount 1 :334 1:275 Average cost of recruitment ?2474.65 ?1817 Group data provisional HR Personnel Management FTE over 1:139 1:120 organisation FTE

    HR Policy FTE over organisation FTE. 1:575 1:497 Recruitment Journey Time 59.5 days 62.8 days Group data provisional Total HR FTE over organisation FTE 1:33 1:42 Total HR FTE over organisation FTE (excluding 1:67 1:79 training)

    Training and Development Average Training Days per staff member per 3.6 Group data awaiting returns from annum SPS Cost per training day ?232 Group data awaiting returns from

    SPS T&D cost as % of paybill 3.7% Group data awaiting returns from

    SPS T&D FTE over organisation FTE 1:168 1:67 Cost of HR Function per FTE ?1172 ?1091


    Expenditure Type Expenditure Budget Comments Description Type Requested

    Non Pay Staff Costs 40001125 10,236

    Recruitment for PDU 40001135 24,552 This might be under

    pressure depending on

    restructuring. Subsitence and Motor 40100375 98,000* Increased costs as a result Mileage of taking on the vocational

    trainers and H&S/Security. Committee Subsistence 40100485 10,236

    Superannuation 40100830 8,000*

    Consultancy 40100905 139,000* Includes sums for:

    ? Bullying and

    Harassment ? 26,000

    ? Middle Manager

    Assessment Centre


    ? Staff Survey ?18,000

    ? Workforce Planning

    Tool Development


    ? JEGS activity


    ? Medical Screening


    ? Board Development

    Work. ?15,000 Computer Maintenance 40100925 30,696 Does not include possible

    costs re workforce planning

    included under consultancy Catering 40101015 1,020

    Job Related Training 40101250 27,072

    Dev &Corporate Training 40101265 257,000* Corporate Budget including

    Fees sum for Skills for Justice

    Summer School OHS 40101540 137,652 Includes ?68,000 for H&S

    equipment Childcare 40101565 20,000*

    Stationery 40101585 3,072

    Publications 40101590 4,204*

    Telephones 40101620 1,020

    Other 40101630 14,076*

    Printing 40101695 7,164

    Additional Housing Costs 40001055 125,000*


    Early Retirement 40001060 112,536 Payments now being made

    by Finance Unit. Subscriptions/Membership 40001065 12,100*


    Agency Casual Staff 40001075 40,000* Required as a result of Costs transitional structure in PDU Excess Fares 40001085 90,000* Budget reduction in line with

    policy direction. TOTAL 1,166,616

    * Revised from Finance Budget

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