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Dear Sir/Madam

Please could you fill in the questionnaire as accurately as possible. Your replies will

    allow the Inspection to progress quickly and help clarify issues. If you are unable to

    answer any of the questions below, please leave the area blank:

    1. Name (must be over 16): ___________________________________________

     Address: _________________________________________________________

     Telephone number: _______________________________________________



    2. Is there any construction or other relevant work being undertaken

     at the property at present? YES/NO

3. Is access available to all rooms, garage and loft space? YES/NO

     If NO, please explain why____________________________________

    3.1. Please provide access to loft space. (if applicable)

    4. What is the approximate age of the property?____________________

    5. What is the age of any existing extensions?______________________

6. Has the loft been converted? YES/NO

     What is the age of room in the roof? ___________________________________

    7. Please provide details about your main source of heating system:



8. What type of electricity meter you have? Single or Dual

9. Is main gas supply present? YES/NO

10. Since the property was built, has double-glazing been installed? YES/NO

     If YES, can you provide any certificate or receipt on the day of

     inspection? YES/NO

     11. Have you had cavity insulation installed? YES/NO


12. What is the TENURE? Freehold or Leasehold

    13. Is the property Listed (Grade I.-II.) __________________________________

14. Is the property located within a Conservation Area? YES/NO

Thank You for your co-operation

     Sign:______________________________ Date: ______________

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