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    Newsletter of the University and College Union,

     Swansea University (

    9 September 2009



    Monday 14 September, Glyndwr F, 1.00-2.00pm


    1. Minutes of the last General Meeting MacNeil, Head of UCU Higher

    2. Matters arising Education

    3. Redundancies in the University 4. The car parking crisis

    sector and at Swansea: Michael 5. Any other business


Monday’s General Meeting will be addressed by the UCU Head of Higher

    Education, Michael MacNeil. His visit to Swansea is aimed both at informing

    the Local Association of the difficult employment situation which is hitting

    the University sector and at helping to try and resolve the crisis that has

    arisen at Swansea and is seeing a number of permanent staff most of them

    long serving, some at Swansea for over 30 years threatened with

    redundancy on a basis that is both unfair and unfounded. UCU is taking all

    steps possible to assist these members but would not be doing its duty if it did

    not point out to all members that, under current management practices, they

    too are potentially threatened with the same fate. We would therefore urge

    you all, no matter what your seniority or length of service, to attend this very

    important meeting in order to be updated on developments both nationally

    and locally and to have your say on this matter.

    Unless therefore I have received these accounts CAR PARKING

    We reproduce below the text of a letter (self-by next Friday afternoon, 11th September 2009, explanatory, we believe) which has been sent to 5:00 p.m. the UCU will formally demand to see the University’s Director of Finance, Mr Phil them under the Freedom of Information Act. Gough.

     Yours sincerely, Dear Phil,

    Chris Whyley (Swansea UCU President) Car Parking Fees: Statement of Account

    When the new car parking fees were introduced - lifting very substantially the cost of campus *********************************** parking for all staff - the University made a GREYLISTING number of promises about why these funds UCU has taken the unusual and very serious were needed and how, especially, the funds step of greylisting London Metropolitan would be used to improve car parking on the University (LMU). This means that the union is campus. Reducing unauthorized parking, asking colleagues across the country, other improving security and improving access and trade unions, labour movement organisations the lighting of car parks, were high on the list and the international academic community to of priorities at that time. We would have to say support UCU members at LMU by effectively that there is scant evidence that these promises having no dealings whatever with that have been met. institution. This is because the LMU As you will know the UCU and the other management response to a ?15 million campus unions have become increasingly reduction in recurring grant and repayment concerned about the absence of any statement demands totalling more than ?36 million by of account from the University's Car Parking HEFCE following its submission of incorrect scheme. We asked for these accounts (which student completion records was to state that are now three years late) in a Joint Consultative they would cut 550 posts. Over 9 months, Committee meeting in May/June. You told us despite the fact that management itself was that they would be forthcoming when the wholly responsible for the financial debacle, reconvened working group met. We emailed they have refused to enter into formal you shortly after that meeting to explain that we negotiations over this and are now forging weren't able to understand why that working ahead with the planned compulsory group had to meet before letting us have the redundancies the first 50 of which are accounts, and to ask for them immediately. imminent. Nevertheless you insisted on waiting. You will Members are urged to write to the Vice-of course have seen by now my email to all Chancellor at LMU, Prof Alfred Morris UCU members advising them not to purchase a ( ) to: new parking permit until we have seen and

    approved these accounts. ? express your concern I understand that the working group has now, ? state that that you will not take part in very belatedly, held its first meeting, that there any collaboration with LMU for the was no agenda, and no minutes were recorded. duration of greylisting In addition there was no representative from the ? call on the university to honour UCU’s

    Estates department in attendance. Needless to redundancy avoidance procedure say we still do not have the accounts. ? request that the findings of the We cannot permit this state of affairs to independent enquiry currently being continue, with a complete absence of conducted by Deloitte Touche are made accountability for what, cumulatively, are public and are acted upon significant amounts taken from staff pay. ? call for an urgent internal review of LM I must now insist on seeing these accounts with management following the reports of no delay, not least because I want to try to both HEFCE and Deloitte Touche avoid the chaos which will ensue if our

    members are refused access to the University Please copy any correspondence to: car parks without a new permit.

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