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By Marvin Dixon,2014-05-17 05:57
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Need Gifts

    Why fight the crowds and lines on Michigan Avenue or pay retail

    prices and shipping fees when shopping online? For my local Need friends only, I’m offering the following gift sets at discounted prices:


     These advanced long-wearing polishes provide a high-gloss finish in the most trendy shades of the season. This set includes your choice of nail color, a protective top coat, and a handful of goodies to shape and soften what’s getting painted. Regular Price: $18 ---- Local Friend Price: $15 Add a mini Satin Body set to make her hands even happier for only $5!

    The Satin Lips set is especially helpful for the upcoming blustery season. Treat and prevent dry lips with the Satin Lips Lip Mask, then moisturize with Satin Lips Lip Balm to keep lips soft. Regular Price: $18 ---- Local Friend Price: $15 Add some color to that smile with any $12 lipstick or lip gloss marked down to $10.

     The Velocity line is for the young and the young at heart. This hip set includes the Velocity moisture gel or the Shimmeriffic lotion with a dual lip gloss containing a shiny, sheer gloss on one side and a roll-on version of the popular Velocity perfume. Regular Price: $26 ---- Local Friend Price: $20 Add on a set of four holiday eye shadows for another $5!

    A definite favorite among my customers, whoever receives this gift will love what it does for both the hands and feet. This includes the shown carrying case for easy toting and storage. Regular Price: $28 ---- Local Friend Price: $20 For a super gift that’s sure to be loved, combine this full size set with the nail polish set above!

     With over 35 colors to choose from, there’s certain to be something that works for everyone! This set includes two eye shadows (I can help!), a color compact, the dual-end applicator, and our most popular water resistant mascara. Regular Price: $32. ---- Local Friend Price: $25 Add any of our $9.50 long-lasting eye liner for only another $7!

     Mary Kay is famous for its facial cleansers, so why pass on this deal? Pick any cleanser or freshner from the basic skin care collection, and I’ll add one of our most popular anti-aging moisturizers to round out the gift set. It’s sure to be loved by all! Regular Price: $31 ---- Local Friend Price: $25 Add any mask in the basic collection for only $10 more.

    If you thought people loved Mary Kay’s regular line, wait until you give a TimeWise gift set! It’s proven to reduce and reverse damage due to again and the elements, and who couldn’t use that? This set includes the best-selling 3-in-1 cleanser and anti-aging moisturizer. Regular Price: $39 ---- Local Friend Price: $30 Add a $26 tube of eye cream for only $20!

     Who doesn’t love a bath set in a great scent? Mary Kay’s Private Spa Collection includes four scents to choose from that are sure to please everyone on your list. The set contains a lotion, bath gel, and mist. Tentative about buying without smelling? Ask me for a sample! Regular Price: $44 ---- Local Friend Price: $35 Add a bath pouf and gift wrapping for only $5 more!

    Visit my website’s fragrances section and see everything I have available for both men and women, including the popular Velocity scents. This set includes the cologne or perfume and the accompanying gel, lotion, or cream for long-lasting fragrance. Again, ask for a sample if interested! Regular Price: About $50 ---- Local Friend Price: $40 Add another scented item for only $12 to create a larger gift set!

    This is the ultimate in facials -- The entire line of TimeWise products in a handy carrying case. The set includes the 3-in-1 cleanser, an anti-aging moisturizer, the day solution with sunscreen, and the night solution. Regular Price: $88 ---- Local Friend Price: $65 Add any $14 foundation for only $10!

Contact me today at or 312-420-0141 to place your order!

     Conditions: No shipping -- I deliver or you pick up. Prices do not include taxes. All major credit cards accepted. Offer good until Monday December 13.

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