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    第二部分 基础知识应用


    1Have you seen the film Under the Hawthorn Tree?

    Of course,I have.It was in our village_it was made.

    A that B where C when D which

    2Why dont you bring _to his attention that you re too ill to work on?

    A that B it C this D him

    3_regular exercise is very important ,its never a good idea to exercise too close to bedtime A If B As C Although D Unless

    4More highways have been built in China,_it much easier for people to travel from one place to another.

    A making B made C to make D having made

    5-I wonder how much you charge for your services

    -The first two are free_the third costs$30

    A while B until C when D before

    6 The players _from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game. A selecting B to select C selected D having selected

    7 We have various summer camps for your holidays .You can choose _based on your own interests.

    A either B each C one D it

    8 Ill spend half of my holiday practicing English and _half learning drawing A another B the other C others D other

    9 Progress _so far very good and we are sure that the work will be finished on time. A was B had been C has been D will be

    10There will be a baketball match on the playground tomorrow.Our team is_to win A possible B probable Cperhaps D likely

    11The government tried their best to persuade the people _the benefits of the new policy A to B into C of Dfor

    12People in the village _the clean water since the 2000s

    A have enjoyed B have been enjoying C enjoyed D had enjoyed

    13I really appreciate _to relax with you on this nice island

    A to have had time B having time C to have time D to having time

    14_the Internet,we can do all ourshopping at home instead of going to the supermarket A Because B Thanks to C Without D Instead of

    15I tried to _her to take my advice but she refused for no reason

    A let B persuade C suggest D force


    James New Bicycle

     James shoo k his money box again.Nothing!

    He carefully16_the coins that lay on the bed, $24.52 was all that he had.The bicycle he wanted was at least $90! 17_on earth was he going go get the 18_of the money?

     He knew that his friends all had bicycles.It was 19_to hang around with people when you were the only one without wheels.He thought about what he could do.There was no 20_asking his parents,for he knew they had no money to 21_.

     There was only way to get money,and that was to 22_it.He would have to find a job.23_who would hire him and what could he do?He decided to ask Mr Clay for advice,who usually had 24_on most things.

     Well,you can start right here.said Mr Clay.My windows need cleaning and my car needs


     That was the 25_of James odd-job business.For three months he worked every day aftre finishing his homework.He was amazed by the 26_ of jobs that found for him to do.He took dogs and babies for walks,cleared out cupboards,and mended books.He lost count fo the 27_of cars he washed and windows he cleaned,but the 28_increased and he knew that he would soon have 29_for the bicycle he longed for.

     The day 30_ came when James counted his money and found $ 94.32.He 31_no time and went down to the shop to pick up the bicycle he wanted.He rode 32_home,looking forward to showing his new bicycle to his friends.It had been hard 33_for the money,but James knew that he valued his bicycle far more 34_he had bought is with his own money.He had 35_what he thought was impossible,and that was worth even than the bicycle.

    16A cleaned B covered C counted D checked

    17A How B Why C Who D What

    18 A amount B part C sum D rest

    19A brave B hard C smart D unfair

    20A point B reason C result D right

    21 A split B spend C spare D save

    22A borrow B earn C raise D so

    23A Or B But C For D But

    24A decisions B expensive C opinions D knowledge

    25A bebinning B introduction C requirement D opening

    26 A similarity B quqlity C suitability D variety

    27 A brand B number C size D type

    28 A effort B pressure C money D trouble

    29A all B enough C much D some

    30 A finally B instantly C normally D regurlarly

    31A gave B left C took D wasted

    32A patiently B proudly C silently D tiredly

    33 A applying B asking C looking D working

    34 A since B if C than D though

    35 A deserved B benefitedC achieved D learned

    第三部分 阅读理解;共20题;每小题2分:满分40分,



    Winter-swimming has become popular in Beijing.Three years ago, few people would go swimming in the icy waters. But now there is a Winter-swimming Enthusiasts' Club(冬泳爱好

    者协会)and it has more than 2 000 members. The oldest is 84 years old and the youngest is only 7. The members are from all walks of life. They may be workers, peasants, soldiers,

    teachers, students. . . Though it is now the coldest part of the season and the water temperature in the city's lakes is around 0?,many winter-swimmers still swim in the icy waters, even when

    it is snowing.They enjoy themselves in the lake,while the people by the side of the lake are wearing heavy clothes.

    Why are so many people interested in winter-swimming? Because winter-swimming can be good for one's health.

    Bei Sha is a good example. He is 69, and he once suffered from(患„„病) heart trouble for 26

    years. After ten years of winter-swimming he is now in good health. Scientists are now studying the effects of winter-swimming on health.

    36.Among the winter-swimmers the oldest man is_________years older than the youngest one.

     A.91 B.84 C.77 D.7

    37.Guess what "The members are from all walks of life" means?

     A.The members do different jobs at different places.

     B.They come from all parts of Beijing.

     C.They are persons of different ages.

     D.They are men and women, old and young.

    38.The winter-swimmers are able to swim in the icy waters, even on snowy days because ______.

     A.they are not afraid of coldness

     B.they often swim in the icy waters

     C.they know that they can benefit(得益)from it

     D.winter-swimming can make people healthy

    39.Winter-swimming has become popular in Beijing because__________.

     A.more and more people like to swim in Beijing is more interesting than swimming in summer

     C.winter-swimmers are brave men

     D.winter-swimming does a lot of good to one's health

    40.What's the best title for this passage?

     A.People in Beijing Like Swimming in Winter

     B.Winter-swimming---A Craze(狂热)in Beijing

     C.People Benefit from Winter-swimming

     D.Winter-swimmers Are Brave Men


    All over the world people enjoy sports. Sports help to keep people healthy, happy and help them to live longer.

    Sports change with the season.People play different games in winter and summer. Games and sports often grow out of people's work and everyday activities.The Arabs use horses or camels in much of their everyday life; they use them in their sports, too. Some sports are so interesting that people everywhere go in for them.Football, for example, has spread around the world.Swimming is popular in all countries near the sea or in those with many rivers.

    Some sports or games go back to thousands of years, like running or jumping.Chinese boxing, for example, has a very long history.But basketball and volleyball are rather new. Neither one is a hundred years old yet.People are inventing new sports or games all the time. People from different countries may not be able to understand each other, but after a game they often become good friends.Sports help to train a person's character(性格).One learns to fight

hard but fight fair, to win without pride and to lose with grace (体面).

    41.According to this passage we know that _______.

     A.people began to play about one hundred years ago

     B.about 100 years ago people ran or jumped when they played has a longer history than volleyball

     D.not all the games have a long history

    42.The writer didn't tell us in this passage that _______. was invented in America

     B.sports change with the season and sports often grow out of people's work and everyday activities is played all over the world

    43.People all over the world enjoy sports because_______.

     A.sports are interesting

     B.sports help to keep people healthy , happy and to live longer

     C.sports help to train one's character

     D.all of the above

    44.From this passage we can see that_______.

     A.sports and games are unimportant things that people do

     B.sports and games should be treated(对待)only as amusement(娱乐活动)

     C.sports and games are only useful to the old

     D.none of the above is true

    45.What's the writer's attitude of the sports?

     A. positive B. negative C. neutral D. We have no idea.


    Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, has a population of more than three million. It is not only Australia's oldest and largest city but also its chief manufacturing centre and business port as well as the largest centre for selling wool in the world.

    Besides, Sydney is also a city with 30 golden beaches nearby. In Sydney if you say you are going skiing, it often means water-skiing. If you are going to Kosciusko, you are probably going snow-skiing.

    The harbour of Sydney is spanned by the famous arch bridge and overlooked by dramatic new Sydney Opera House. The Opera House has great white curving roofs and is described as one of the great buildings in the 20th century.

    There are old classic buildings in Sydney as well, such as St James Church, Hyde Park Barracks and Parliament House. Of course there are also modern skyscrapers. It is estimated that by the end of the 20th century there will be five million people living in the metropolitan complex along the coastline north and south of Sydney. 46.Sydney is certainly ___________.

     A.the largest city in the world

     B.the only city in New South Wales

     C.the manufacturing centre in the world

     D.setting more wool than any other place in the world

    47.Which of the following is NOT what people in Sydney are used to?

     A.water-skiing B.snow-skiing C.its 30 beaches D.skiing

    48.We can see that the Harbour of Sydney,the famous arch building and the Sydney Opera House are___________ . one another

     B.not all modern buildings in the 20th century

     C.all dramatically built

     D.among the great buildings in the 20th century

    49.How many more people will there be in the city of Sydney by the end of the 20th century?

     A.3million. B.5 million.

     C.Fewer than 2 million. D. 2 million.

    50.Which of the following paragraphs best shows that Sydney is a very old city?

     A.Paragraph 2. B.Paragraph 3. C.Paragraph 4 D. Paragraph 5


    Sport is very popular in England. In other words lots of English people like the idea of sport.

    A lot watch sport on TV. But the number who take part in sport is quite small. On the whole

    English people prefer to be fat rather than thin.

    The most popular sport in England is football. Football is played on Saturday afternoon in most towns and the supporters;球迷,of a certain team will travel from one end of the country to the other to see their team play. There are four divisions;级别,of the football league. Not

    surprisingly the best teams are in the first division. But the best supporters are often in the fourth division. You have to be a good supporter to watch the fourth division football! Many other sports are also played in England, such as golf, in which you try to knock a ball into a hole; basketball, in which you try to shoot a ball through a net;篮框,; tennis, in which

    you try to hit a ball so that your opponent;对手,can not hit it. As you see, if the ball had not

    been invented, there would have been no sport.

    Actually (其实), that is not quite true. Athletics;田径,isn't played with a ball; nor horseracing

    (赛马). Perhaps that is why they are not so popular as football!

    51.________ is the most popular sport in England.

     A.Basketball B.Football C.Golf D.Tennis

    52.You have to be a good supporter to watch _________ division football.

     A.the first B.the second C.the third D.the fourth

    53.Why do many English people not take part in sport?

     A.They are too busy. B.They like watching sport on TV.

     C.They would like to be fat. D.They prefer to be thin.

    54.Why are English people interested in sport?

     A.They have their football team.

     B.The sport games are played on Saturday afternoon.

     C.They like the idea of sport.

     D.They like the famous players.

    55.Which of the following is NOT true?

     A.English people prefer ball games to other kinds of sports.

     B.Football is the most popular sport in England.

     C.Most English people enjoy playing football games.

     D.There are many other kinds of sports besides football in England. 第四部分 写作;共两节:满分35分,

第一节 任务型阅读;共10小题~每小题1分:满分10分,



     Although many Chinese students say that their knowledge of English grammar is good, most would admit that their spoken English is poor. Whenever I speak to Chinese students they always say, “ My spoken English s poor”. However, their spoken English doesn‟t have to remain “poor”. I would like to suggest that there may be some reasons for their problems with spoken English.

     First, they fail to find suitable words to express themselves due to a limited vocabulary. Obviously the better answer is to expand their vocabulary. However, you can speak with a limited vocabulary, if your attitude is positive. Others will follow you as long as you use the words that you know.

     Second, they are afraid of making mistakes. Sometimes they make mistakes when they are speaking, because they are shy and nervous. Yet students should remember that their goal should be fluency not accuracy. Your aim in writing is to be accurate following the rules for grammar and using tenses to get your message across. But to talk to someone in English, as quickly and well as you can, even though sometimes you may use a wrong word of tense, but it doesn‟t matter because the person you are speaking to will understand you.

     The third reason is that not enough attention is paid to listening. you have one mouth but two ears! All that hearing is necessary for you to start speaking.

    Fourth, most Chinese students are reactive rather than pro-active language learners. Instead of actively seeking out opportunities to improve their spoken English, they passively wait for speaking opportunities to come to them and wonder why their English always remains poor. If you have this pro-active outlook, then, you will see English opportunities wherever you go.

     If you don‟t use your English beyond the classroom you will forget that English you know. Remember USE IT FOR IT! You can learn how to speak English better by speaking English more.

     Title Problems with Spoken English

     Reasons Solutions/ Tips

    Limit of ?You have to 57.______ your vocabulary.

    56._______ ?You should take a positive attitude towards 58.______English.

    59. ______ about ?Shyness and 60. _______ make it easy to make mistakes.

    making mistakes ?More 61___________ should be paid to fluency.

    62._________ of All that learning is necessary for you to start speaking.

    attention while


    63. ?As language learners, most Chinese students are 64 _______ instead of

__________reactive being active.

    outlook ?You should take 65. ______ of all opportunities to improve your spoken


    第二节 书面表达(满分25)




    more information, computer games, improve English, short-sighted, learning software,

    waste of money, enjoy oneself, fail the exams

    2. 你不必根据上面的提示逐进行写作:可自由发挥。词数;70100

    Dear editor,

    I‟m a student of Senior One.______________________________________________ .____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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