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January 2010 Patient Safety Workgroup SWOT Analysis. Strengths: Active members with strong background and knowledge in patient safety, public health and

    January 2010 Patient Safety Workgroup SWOT Analysis


    ? Active members with strong background and knowledge in patient safety, public health

    and pharmacovigilance

    ? Active members with an interest and passion for standards that help promote and improve

    patient safety and public health

    ? Exemplary collaborations with other HL7 working groups with complementary domains

    of interest: clinical trials, pharmacy, patient care, public health, orders and observations ? Pioneering efforts to establish and strengthen collaborations with other SDOs and

    international groups to create international patient and product safety reporting standards ? Successful HL7 Version 3 standards development and implementation experience


    ? Difficulty in developing standards progress due to lack of available project sponsors,

    FTEs and funding

    ? Lack of reusable, common vocabulary and modeling artifacts to inform or facilitate new

    work within HL7


    ? Leverage Joint Initiative to streamline standards development efforts and recruit

    resources or project sponsors

    ? Leverage collaborations with other HL7 work groups to create reusable artifacts (CMETs

    and vocabulary) to facilitate harmonization of HL7 public health and patient safety


    ? Engage or proactively monitor new ISO Patient Safety Taskforce. This ISO group‟s

    focus at this time is identification of gaps in patient safety-related standards and quality.

    Report is due to be published/reviewed in May during the Rio meeting. UK is the lead on

    this project. PSWG should consider more direct outreach to inform ISO about existing

    standards relevant to patient safety that can be adopted or adapted for international use.


    ? Lack of awareness for the need for reusable patient safety artifacts (e.g., CMETs, RMIMs,

    vocabulary) to facilitate HL7 work projects, especially in shared or common domains,

    e.g., PHER and Patient Care

    ? Competing “day job” responsibilities limit members‟ ability to lead and shepherd



    ? To create an over-archiving artifact, the PORR DAM to facilitate the related tasks

    o Harmonize PORR and POPH content

    o Create and publish vocabulary and data elements for „standardized public health

    and patient safety use cases‟

    ? Develop a „best practice‟ guideline for testing, implementation and conformance for all

    PORR content

    ? Continue collaboration with RCRIM and CDISC to harmonize relevant BRIDG AE

    domain content

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