Nalinis Salon & Day Spa

By Judith Matthews,2014-05-17 05:32
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Nalinis Salon & Day Spa

    Nalini’s Salon & Day Spa

    Spring 2004

    Take care of you

    Today women are entrepreneurs, astronauts, politicians, professional athletes, --

    whatever they want to be, in addition to being wives and mothers. Too often they take

    care of everyone else’s needed but their own. Studies have showmen women who take

    time out of their busy schedules for themselves are happier, less stressed and better

    equipped to meet their challenges of their lives. So, what better way to begin than with a

    trip to Nalini’s Salon and Day Spa?

     Nalini Patel, licensed cosmetologist, offers her clients the chance to relax,

    rejuvenate, and reinvigorate their lives with a wide variety of services. You ca enjoy an

    entire “Day of Beauty”, with someone taking care of you for a change.

     Or you can get ready for summer with various body treatments, including the Sea

    Weed European Body Wrap which helps lose inches; GX-99 which reduces cellulite;

    depilatory waxing; and body polishing or body bronzing to bring out the softest, sexiest,

    you. And ladies, sexy doesn’t end at the feet. Nalini’s is the only salon in the area to offer

    French toenails.

     Look great and feel eve better as you begin the social season with confidence.

    Reveal fresh, glowing skin with BioRenu Skin Perfecting System, available only at

    Nalini’s Salon & Day Spa. This system goes beyond Microdermabrasion for the ultimate

    anti-aging, clearing, firming, hydrating, peeling, discoloration, purifying, and acne

    treatments. This painless, non-invasive skin care technique effectively revitalizes the skin

    with immediate results.

     Nalini utilizes the latest in skin care technology, the most natural products

    available and the highest sanitation standards for the services she provides for her


     If you are tired of the daily grind of having to “put on your face” each morning

    then it’s time you consider permanent makeup. The Secret Solutions line offers

    permanent makeup for great looking eye-brows, lips, and eyeliner. You can also have

    your eyelashes permed and tinted to totally eliminate eyelash curlers and the lost

    eyelashes that accompany them. Applied safely by the professionals at Nalini’s Salon and

    Day Spa, give yourself a fabulous look that is ancient as time and yet modern as


     Mother’s Day is right around the corner but you don’t need a holiday to treat

    yourself, your mom, or someone special to a few hours or an entire day of pampering.

    Nalinis offers gift certificates and from now until the end of May, self-tanning comes

    with a 40 percent discount.

What are you waiting for? Call Nalini’s Salon & Day Spa at 354-0101 to make an

appointment. Or visit the salon at 4310-L S. Western to learn more about the services that

are available.

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