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Mystery Caller Evaluation Form


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Bioskin Snow White Face Therapy

    Your journey to fair, smooth and youthful skin

    Singapore, 15 April 2009 In the past, a woman’s social status has been measured by the clarity of her complexion. In today’s world, white is still closely associated with

    purity and beauty.

With its continued commitment to new innovation and advanced technology, Bioskin

    can offer one the attainment of beautifully white, flawless skin effortlessly. Technologically superior Snow White Face Therapy with its priceless whitening formula

    has been hugely successful in delivering outstanding results such as impeccable skin

    tone, pigmentation lightening and as an anti-aging treatment.

In pursuing the highest standards in beauty, Bioskin offers a safe, natural, non-invasive

    & painless procedure that targets the deep layers of the skin to resolve

    hyperpigmentation problems age spots, freckles, sun-induced pigmentation, post-

    inflammatory hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. The remarkable skin whitening

    effects & anti-aging qualities of the treatment is achieved using Bioskin’s remarkable

    customized concept. This therapeutic treatment hydrates and provides intense

    whitening for the face by infusing it with Bioskin’s special and exclusive Snow White ingredients cocktail.

The ingredients have extremely beneficial whitening effects that penetrate deep to

    diffuse and rapidly reduce pigmentation deep within the epidermal layers of the skin.

    You can expect a fairer, smoother & younger looking skin immediately after 1 treatment.

This revolutionary, non-invasive treatment that effectively delivers active ingredients

    through the skin is accomplished by an advanced technology known as electroporation.

    This unique technology enables skin to achieve impressive absorption rates unmatched

    by any other diffusion systems as the products are sent directly into the deep layers of

    the skin via cellular membrane channels. This highly efficient whitening process starts

    activation from the dermis, working its way up to the skin surface.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ Press Release Bioskin Snow White Face Therapy Date : 15 April 2009

Benefits of Electroporation

? Delivers accurate and effective penetration over a broad area of your skin without

    the use of any needles or syringe.

    ? Safe and Painless.

    ? Increases the skin’s absorption power by temporarily opening the pores of the skin

    allowing large amounts of beneficial ingredients to pass into the cellular membrane.

    ? Uses ingredients that are extracted from fermented soya bean (natto) rich in

    vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that prevent one from getting dark.

    ? Reduces hyperpigmentation age spots, freckles, sun-induced pigmentation, post-

    inflammatory hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

    ? Significant whitening and anti-aging effects.

Technology Comparison between Electroporation and Iontophoresis

? Electroporation’s penetration rate is much more efficient and deeper as compared

    to using the other technologies such as iontophoresis or ultrasound.

    ? The absorption rate is deep and its effect could be compared to using a syringe.

Bioskin Snow White Face Therapy is a revolutionary technique that induces the opening

    of two channels of the cellular membrane (protein channels) and pores in the cell to

    enable the skin to become more receptive to the application of active substances.

    Hence, large amount of beneficial ingredients is effectively penetrated through the

    stratum corneum and down to the deepest layers of cell to repair and rejuvenate the

    skin, effectively and effortlessly achieving outstanding facial whitening and beauty


For more information, please contact:

    Ms Zen Yip

    Marketing Manager

    Bioskin Holdings Pte Ltd

    Email: Website:

Main office address:

    Address: 77B Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088498

    Tel: (65) 6225 3755 Fax: (65) 6327 8550

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ Press Release Bioskin Snow White Face Therapy Date : 15 April 2009

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