Control Systems Engineer

By Nancy Griffin,2014-10-12 21:58
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Control Systems Engineer

Control Systems Engineer - Youngstown, Ohio (3830)

Control Systems Engineer Youngstown, Ohio (3830)

    Candidate must have a BS in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science

    Must have experience in computer programming, Machine controls, PLCs and CNCs

    Candidate must have 3 years similar manufacturing equipment exposure (Machine Tools, assembly mach., PLC).

    Must be proficient with PCs, including word processing/spreadsheets; CAD experience helpful.

Should be able to show job accomplishments.

Must be willing to travel.

Must be willing to get hands dirty.

Ideal experience:

Experience with GEFanuc CNC systems: 16/18, 16/18i, 0i, 30i

Software knowledge:

    1. Ladder: GEFanuc Ladder Logic: FAPT Ladder 1 and FAPT Ladder 3. Basic ladder logic, knowledge of PMC axis control helpful.

    2. Macro Executor: Our "PartSmart" menus are programmed in GEFanuc Macro Executor. It's a proprietary Fanuc language, similar to Pascal or Basic.

    Language used in three environments: "Conversational" - development of HMI type menu entry screens, "Auxiliary Macro" - monitor code that runs all the time regardless of HMI screen or execution macro running, and "Execution Macros" part program EIA style parametric

    programming from grind and dress cycles.

    3. Experience with Visual C helpful, but NOT required. Used on occasional systems with PC interfaces. Client does not currently use PC front ends.

Salary range $55k-$63k

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