marry with

By Donald Mitchell,2014-06-16 17:48
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marry with

There are many reason for man don’t want to marry with a woman who

    better than himself. In ordinary people opinion, the man should work out to

    hold on the family and the woman should do the housework in home. But if a

    man let his wife work out for money, they would feel shame, and they would

    be looked down upon by others. Most men have strong self-respect, even if

    they know their wife

    could get more money

    for their work, they

    couldn’t bear that. And,

    in a family man could get

    a high status for the

    work hard every day, and,

    a man couldn’t bear his

    wife have a higher status

    than him in family. And the last, a man married with a woman just because he think he could care

    her, if they need his wife to live, they would feel bad.

    Every man wants to get success in his career, but marry with a better

    woman they must stay at home to do housework. They don’t want to do


    Comment: if I am a man, I dont want to marry with a woman who is better than me .the man should stronger than woman. If a man marry with

    a woman, after they lived together a long time, the man would feel dismay

    and lonely.linwei

    Comment: I think the biggest problem is communication, they have the

    different degree, different point about life, they cant agree with each

    other. ---huangguanhao

    Comment: I dont agree with luxiaoling. If they love each other, they

    can overcome all kinks of difficulties. They can learn some things from

    each other which they didnt have. - Liuluxi

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