Graduate Student Office Space aka

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Graduate Student Office Space aka

    HMSC Graduate Student Office Space/Grad Loft Policy

    June 2010

    Hatfield Marine Science Center encourages and promotes graduate student education and research by providing desk space for resident graduate students. Visiting graduate students are accommodated as space is available

Available Graduate Student desk space:

    ;;Education Wing Grad Loft: 5 desks

    ;;NAL Building Grad Loft: *21 desks

    *Non-us citizen graduate students must be assigned to the Education Wing Grad Loft. All other graduate students must meet additional requirements indicated by building’s Homeland Security Requirements; for further information, see:

    Hollis Anne Lundeen

    Facilities Operations Manager, NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service/NWFSC

    Captain Barry Fisher Building 955 Rm. 104

    Office: 541-867-0502


Priority: Level 1

    1. Resident First Year Grad Student w/Faculty Advisor Lab at HMSC OSU 2. Resident Grad Student w/Faculty Advisor Lab at HMSC OSU

    3. Resident Grad Student

    4. Nonresident Grad student w/Faculty Advisor Lab at HMSC OSU

    5. Nonresident Grad student

Request Process:

    Graduate students, in conjunction with their Faculty Advisor, need to submit a request to the HMSC Director’s Office. Email the following information to your advisor asking them to forward the email to the Director’s office, including their approval of the request.

Graduate Student Name: Indicate Doctoral or Master Program:

    Graduate Student contact number: Resident at HMSC? (y/n)

    College: Department: Office need start date:

    Faculty Advisor Name: Office need end date*:

    Faculty Advisor contact number: Do you have a Federal ID card or if not,

    have you started the application process?

    Please explain your answer.

Contact address:

    HMSC Director

    Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon State University

(541) 867-0212


    *Desk space is assigned for up to 3 years for Master’s students and up to 5 years for Doctoral students. If additional time is needed, the graduate student must request it from the HMSC Director. Upon review, the graduate student and faculty advisor will be notified and assigned a desk space if available. Students who have graduated must clean out their office and turn in their keys no later than one week after the end of their graduation quarter.

    Additional desk space is available for graduate students in the Guin Library, Procedures for seeking these carrels are available at:

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