By Lisa Sims,2014-05-28 07:53
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     My view on PCGames

    Nowadays, in china, playing computer games is becoming more and more popular, Especially in teenagers, but many parents are worried about PCGames.

    As a coin has two sides, computer games also have two sides ,on the one hand, playing computer games can bring people lots of happiness who feel tired and dull,whats more ,always

    playing computer games can practice our hands and eyes,So,,many people think PCGames is good for people.

    But on the other hand,some people think it is a bad thing for us,because always playing computer games will make our eyes tired easily, the most important is that it can make people communicate with others less, especially for young people, So, it is not good for young peoples health.

    In my opinion,We should strike a balance between entertainment and regular life,,we must know that PCGames is not the whole of life , playing computer games is only for relaxing.


    Nowadays, health is becoming a hot topic among people, everyone wants to have a healthy body, it is important to maintain good health, if you have a good health, you can work with full confidence, whats more ,you can have more chances

    to become successful.

    There are many ways to keep healthy ,first of all, you can eat more vegetable which is good for our body, Secondly, regular exercises benefit ones health a lot, so, we should always take more time to exercise. finally, having a good rest also is very important, so we must keep enough sleeping.

    As for me,in order to keep healthy, I like running, so, I will run around the playground everynight and I also will keep enough sleep and relaxation, In a word, health is essential for us,so we must take care of our body.

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