Preliminary English Test

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Preliminary English Test

English Ddepartment WRITING

    Southern Oxford School


    Preliminary English Test

     Speaking Test

     Part 1 ( 2 3 minutes )

Phase 1 Interlocutor

A/ B : Good morning / afternoon / evening

A/B : I am ___________ and this is


     He/ she is just going to listen to us

A : Now, what’s your name?

     Thank you

B : And what’s your name?

     Thank you

    Back up


    What’s your surname? A : How do you spell it? How do you write your

     family’s second name? Thank you

    And what’s your surname? How do you spell it?

     B : Thank you

English Ddepartment WRITING

    Southern Oxford School


     ( Ask the following questions. Ask A first)

     Where do you live / come from? Do you live in ................?

     Where do you study? Grade? What’s the name of your school?

     Thank you How long have you studied here?

     ( Repeat for B ) Thank you

Phase 2

    (Ask 2 or more questions to both candidates)

    Do you enjoy studying English? Why (not)?

    Do you think that English will be useful for you in the future?

    What did you do yesterday evening / last weekend?

    What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Thank you

    English Ddepartment WRITING

    Southern Oxford School


    Part 2

    Interlocutor Say to both candidates

I’m going to describe a situation to you

    A friend of yours is planning to spend 6 months in England to improve her English. Talk together about the things she will need in England and decide which are the most

    important things to take / to bring with her.

     A family with young children wants to buy an animal to keep as pet. Talk together about the types of animals which make good pets and decide which will be best for a family with young children.

     A group of students is organising a fare-well party for a friend who is leaving school. Talk about the things you need to organise for this event and decide on a present to give her.

    I’ll say that again ( Interlocutor repeats )

    All right? Talk together

    Give enough time to complete the task. Prompt only if necessary

    Thank you

Part 3 ( 3 minutes)

Interlocutor : Now I’m going to show you a photograph and I’d like you

     to describe it.

     Candidate A: Can you show the photograph to your partner? Candidate B: You’ll just listen. I’ll give your photograph in a moment. Candidate A: Please tell us about what you can see in your photograph

Thank you

( Approx 1 minute )

    Then show the photograph to candidate B

    English Ddepartment WRITING

    Southern Oxford School


Part 4 ( 3 minutes )

    Interlocutor : Your photographs described ....... Now I’d like you to talk about this topic together

     ( Prompt only if necessary )

Thank you

    That is the end of the test

    You have a friend you met through internet

    but you have not met in person. Your friend

    has just written to you saying that he is

    coming to Chile in one month’s time.He

    needs to know many things about this country

    and this region.Write a letter to him giving

    full details on the weather, the people, your

    city, free time activities, food and any other

    cultural aspect .Remember, he needs to be

    prepared and he wants to have fun! ( Use

    100 words )

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