Exams3 1-5

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Exams3 1-5exams

    An Exam for unit1-5?必修3



    1. You can use paper _________ plastic.

    A. take place B. take place of C. in place of D. in place 2. He talks _________ he knew everything about it.

    A. if B. even if C. as if D. when

    3. People of the town set up a statue _________ the hero who died helping save the them.

    A. in place of B. in memory of C. in need of D. in favor of 4. From time to time Jason turned round as if ________ for someone.

    A. was searching B. search C. searched D. searching 5. The room is so dirty. ________ we clean it?

     --Of course. A. Will B. Shall C. Would D. Do 6. _________ get money in such s dishonest way, he ______ beg in the streets.

     A. Than; would rather B. Rather than; would

     C. Rather than; should D. Rather; would than

    7. He bought ________ tea in the village.

     A. a great number of B. a large amount of

     C. the number of D. the amount of

    8. I’m ________ satisfied with what they have done.

     A. great B. rather C. rather than D. more than 9. His suggestion will be ________ to us.

     A. of helpful B. very help C. of great benefit D. of very use 10. Give it to ________ you think can do the job well.

     A. whoever B. whomever C. who D. whom

    11. They said ________we had done to the drowning man was right.

     A. that that B. that what C. what what D. what that 12. Disagreement ________ on the reduction of army, and it became a concern of the public. A. rose B. appeared C. happened D. arose 13. A sudden change in temperature will inevitably(不可避免地) ________ rain.

     A. result in B result from C. lie in D. cause to 14. _________ or not is still uncertain.

     A. Hes coming B. If he is coming

    C. That coming D. Whether hes coming

    15. Youll have a cup of tea, ______________.

     A. preventing you catching cold B. to prevent you catching cold


     C. to prevent you catch cold D. preventing you catch cold 16. ________ she had forgotten to take her notebook.

     A. That occurred to her B. She occurred that

     C. To her that occurred D. It occurred to her that 17. They saw a beautiful house, with many trees and flowers ________ it.

     A. surrounded B. surrounds C. surrounding D. to surround 18. Are you worried about being punished?

     --Only ______________.

     A. gradually B. broadly C. slightly D. extremely 19. With a lot of difficult problems _____________, the newly-elected president

    is having a good time. A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settled

    20. Have you __________ in your new job yet?

     A. put down B. written down C. pulled down D. settled down 21. Something must be done to ________ the river from _________.

     A. stop; being polluted B. stop; polluting

    C. prevent; pollution D. keep; polluted

    22. The teacher glanced _______ this student who was busy ______ a picture.

     A. to; drawing B. at; draw C. at; drawing D. at; to draw 23. Go for a picnic this weekend, OK?

     --__________ I love getting close to nature.

     A. I dont think so. B. I believe not.

     C. I couldn’t agree more. D. I am afraid not.

    24. He couldnt make his voice ___________.

     A. hear B. be heard C. hearing D. heard

    二、Proof -reading.10%

     A man went to an insurance office to have his life insured. The manager of the office ask him how old his parents were when they were died. Mother

    had a bad heart and passed away at age of 30. Father died of tuberculosis?肺

    结核?when he was 35. ―I’m very sorry, said the manager. We cant insure

    our life as your parents were not health. Disappointing, the man left the

    office. He met a clerk who had listened their talk. You mustnt be so frank

    and tell the truth, said the clerk. Not office will insure you if you speak like that. Use your imagination a little. The man went to other office and was shown into the managers room. Well, young man, how old were your

    parents when they died? Mother was 93, and died while she was play football.

    三、Cloze. 20%

     My grandparents have eight kids. Life was very (1) for them when they


first started out, especially with eight kids! I remember a (2) about their

    youngest child, my aunt Susan who was 4 years old at that time. They all went to the beach with some (3) relatives there were about 15 of them. They (4) the whole day swimming and simply relaxing. At around (5) , they all packed

    up and went home. Tired they all went straight to bed. Late that night, someone

    (6) on the door.

     My grandpa, (7) at being awoken after a long day, (8) the door to his old

    high school friend. He asked my grandpa if they forgot (9) at the beach.

    Grandpa said, No, everything (10) to be in order. His friend smiled and (11) his wife who was in the car. His wife came out with my aunt Suzan at the

    beach in tow?跟在后面?. She said, Noni (my grandpas nickname), you forgot (12) Suzan at the beach. Fortunately we noticed you were there and (13)

    her. My grandpa, who had woken up and came to see (14) was going on,

    broke down and cried. Surely you can just imagine what was going in their (15)

    when they at last realized they (16) their youngest child!

     Clearly, grandpas old friend had (17 ) to stay overnight at the beach and saw my aunt Suzan walking, crying. I think its (18) a beautiful story and how kind of them to (19) her all the way home from the beach. Reminds me all the time that there are good people in the (20) .

    1. A. hard B. easy C. happy D. tiring 2. A. joke B. topic C. story D. fact 3. A. another B. other C. others D. any 4. A. took B. cost C. paid D. spent

    5. A. sunrise B. noon C. sundown D. midnight 6. A. shouted B. knocked C. fought D. struck 7. A. pleased B. sad C. satisfied D. angry 8. A. opened B. pushed C. closed D. pulled 9. A. anything B. nothing C. everything D. something 10. A. appears B. happens C. seems D. proves 11. A. asked B. called C. invited D. ordered 12. A. honest B. foolish C. small D. little 13. A. recognized B. knew C. learned D. accepted 14. A. who B. which C. what D. when 15. A. opinions B. heads C. thoughts D. bodies 16. A. threw B. dropped C. pleased D. left 17. A. agreed B. refused C. planned D. wished 18. A. such B. that C. so D. this 19. A. take B. catch C. bring D. carry


20. A. town B. city C. crowd D. world



     Homing pigeons are placed in a training program from about the time they are twenty-eight days of age. They are taught to enter the loft?阁楼?through a trap

    and to exercise above and around the loft and gradually they are taken away for short distance in wicker baskets and released. They are then expected to find their way home in the shortest possible time.

     In their training flights or in actual races, the birds are taken to prearranged distant points and released to find their way back to their own loft. Once the birds are liberated, their owners, who are standing by at the home lofts, anxiously watch the sky for the return of their entries. Since time is of the essence the speed with which the birds can be induced to enter the loft trap may make the difference between gaining a win or a second place.

     The head of a homing pigeon is comparatively small, but its brain is one quarter larger than that of the ordinary pigeon. The homing pigeon is very intelligent and will persevere to the point of stubbornness; some have been known to fly a hundred miles off course to avoid a storm.

     Some homing pigeon experts claim that this bird is gifted with a form of built-in radar that helps it find its own loft after hours of flight, for hidden under the headfeathers are two very sensitive ears, while the sharp prominent?突出的?

    eyes can see great distances in daytime.

     Why do homing pigeons fly home? They are not unique in this skill; it is found in most migratory birds, in bees, ants, toads and even turtles, which have been known to travel hundreds of miles to return to their homes. But in the animal world, the homing pigeon alone can be trusted with its freedom and trained to carry out the missions that people demand.

    1. What is the purpose of the passage?

    A. To convince the reader to buy a homing pigeon

    B. To inform the reader about homing pigeons and their training

    C. To protect homing pigeons against the threat of dying out

    D. To encourage the owners of homing pigeons to set the birds free 2. According to the passage, what happens to homing pigeons when they are about a month old?

     A. They are kept in a trap B. They enter their first race

     C. They begin a training program D. They get their wings clipped and marked 3. According to the passage, what is the difference between a homing pigeon and an ordinary one?


    A. The span of the wings B. The shape of the eyes

    C. The texture of the feathers D. The size of the brain

    4. The underlined word it refers to which of the following/

    A. Radar B. Bird C. Loft D. Form

    5. Why does the author mention bees, ants, toads and turtles in the last paragraph?

    A. To describe some unusual kinds of pets.

    B. To measure distances traveled by various animals.

    C. To compare their home-finding abilities with those of homing pigeons

    D. To interest the reader in learning about other animals


     The sea has always interested man. From it he can get food, minerals, and treasures. For thousands of years, he could sail on it. But he could not go far beneath its surface.

     Man wants to explore deep into the sea. However, he is not a fish. He must breathe air, so he cant stay under the waters surface for any length of time. To

    explore deep water, man faces even more dangers and problems.

     A diver who wants to stay under water for more than a few minutes must breathe air or a special mixture of gases. He can wear a diving suit and have air pumped to him from above. He can carry a tank of air on his back and breathe through a hose?软管?and a mouthpiece. Water weighs 800 times as much as air. Tons of water pushes against a diver deep in the sea. His body is under great pressure.

     When a diver is under great pressure, his blood takes in some of the gases he breathes. As he rises to surface, the water pressure becomes less. If the diver rises too quickly, the gases in his blood form bubbles. The diver is then suffering from the bends?减压病?. The bends can cause a diver to double up in pain. They can even kill him.

    6. On the whole, this text is about _____________.

     A. special mixtures of gases in deep sea

     B. the problems a diver faces in deep sea

     C. air pressure under the surface of sea water

     D. a kind of illness that man suffers in the sea

    7. The text does not say so, but it makes you think that ________________.

     A. deep-sea divers should be in good health

     B. divers explore the deep sea only for treasure

     C. there is a special mixture of gases under the sea

     D. diving under the water too quickly causes a kind of illness


8. Why does a diver get the bends?

     A. The air in his blood is used up. B. His diving suit weighs too much.

     C. He comes to the surface too quickly. D. He tries to do exercise under the sea. 9. From the text we can learn that ___________.

     A. man cannot stay under water for more than a few minutes

     B. the sea began to interest man in the last few years

     C. all divers will get the bends sooner or later

     D. the bends may kill a diver


     Some years ago on a hot summer day in south Florida a little boy decided to go for a swim in the old swimming hole behind his house.

     He flew into the water, not realizing that as he swam toward the middle of the lake, an alligator?美洲鳄?was swimming toward the shore. His brother in the

    house was looking out the window and saw the two as they got closer and closer together. She ran toward the water, shouting to her son as loudly as she could.

     Hearing her voice, the little boy became alarmed and made a U-turn to swim to his mother. It was too late. Just as he reached her, the alligator reached him.

     From the dock, the mother grabbed her little boy by the arms just as the alligator snatched his legs. That began an incredible tug-of-war between the two. The alligator was much stronger than the mother, but the mother was much too passionate to let go. A farmer happened to drive by, heard her screams, raced from his truck, took aim and shot the alligator.

     Remarkably, after weeks and weeks in the hospital, the little boy survived. His legs were extremely scarred by the vicious(剧烈的) attack of the animal and, on

    his arms, were deep scratches where his mothers fingernails dug in to his flesh

    in her effort to hang on to the son she loved.

     The newspaper reporter who interviewed the boy after the trauma?创伤?,

    asked if he would show him his scars. The boy lifted his pant legs. And then, with obvious pride, he said to the reporter, But look at my arms. I have great

    scars on my arms too. I have them because my mum wouldnt let go.

     Sometimes we foolishly wade into dangerous situation. The swimming hole in filled with peril(危险) and we forget than the enemy is waiting to attack. When the tug-of-war begins and if you have the scars of his love on your arms, be very, very grateful. He did not and will not let you go..

    10. What was coming when the boy flew into the river?

     A. Happiness B. A fish C. Danger D. Mother

    11. The underlined word passionate in paragraph 4 means ______________.

    A. anxious B. eager C. curious D. full of emotion


12. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage/

     A. The scars on his arms are great. B. The boy is sad because of his scars.

     C. His mother is stronger than the alligator.

     D. The scars on the boy were caused by the alligator.

    13. Which of the following can serve as the best title for the passage?

     A. Save a Boy B. Scars of Love C. Fight with an Alligator. D. A Brave Boy.


    14 至第18题是六则网站的回复信息。阅读下面六个网站登出的原信息

    ABCDEF ?, 选出符合各人需要的最佳选项。选项中有一项


    ___________ 14. I am a professional sportsman and work in the same city. I am so glad that I will have a good friend who can be the opponent to improve my techniques. E-mail me at

    ___________ 15. As s shop owner, I might drop in when I go downtown. But may I know your exact address? When is it convenient for a visit? Thank you! ___________ 16. God bless you! I’m a journalist and happened to read your

    brief story. A neighbor of mine looks exactly the same as the man in the picture you uploaded. This might be a chance in a million. Telephone me at 81815690. ___________ 17. As a new comer and a freshman, I am looking for a room as close to my university as possible. I would like to have some friends, too. I think your place might be the right choice for me. But can I know how much the rent is?

    ___________ 18. I am salesman from Paris. My first difficulty working in this city is the language. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me learn English through the keyboard.

    A. My names Marta and I’m from Mexico City, but I moved to Los Angeles,

    California, five years ago, now I am living in an apartment at No. 3178

    SE Timmer Broadway. I am 28, single. I am a customer service

    representative for a large financial company. I am an outgoing person. I

    love to laugh and have fun! I enjoy cooking, dancing and listening to

    music. I dont like watching or playing sports. You should be an outgoing,

    considerate lady with a good sense of humor, to share the apartment. Are

    you the one? E-mail and lets have further talk.

    B. My names Mark, and I’m from Hollywood, California. Im a fitness

    instructor in Los Angeles. I am friendly and easy-going person; I love

    playing sportsespecially football and working out at gym. I also play

    the guitar. My best friend David, who often has sports with me, went to

    Mexico last month. To avoid loneliness, I’d like very much to own a new


    friend who would share the fun of sports with me. I am longing. C. My names Park Jun Seo, but you can call me Jun. I moved form Seoul

    Korea to Los Angles two years ago. I am a graphic designer and I am

    looking for my younger brother, Lean Ban Seo, who might be in this city.

    As the story is too long, I just hope to find him and have my family

    reunited. He is lame at the right leg, 19 years old, 1.79 meters tall, with

    very big eyes and fairly curly hair. With his picture of two years ago

    enclosed, I would be very appreciated if you have information about that.

    Telephone me at 8185789.

    D. My name si Don and I am a programmer at a computer company. I have

    designed several pieces of software that can help students learn better,

    especially suitable for primary students who have some language

    disability to learn words and help them pronounce more correctly. If you

    think you need one, please fax to 8574693. You can purchase by post. E. My names Mauricio, and I’m a computer programmer working in the Los

    Angles area. I am kind of shy, but maybe you can help me to be more

    outgoing. I like cooking, playing computer games, and chatting with

    friends online. If you think you are the proper one to be my E-pal, lets


    F. My names Judy and Im from Quebec, Canada. I am a sales woman in

    one of the womens underwear stores in Montreal. Id like to have more

    visitors to my shop. And you can bargain for a reduction of 10% to 30%,

    if you purchase in package. Lets be friends.


     按照惯例,学校要在期中考试后分别召开各年级学生的家长会。 对此,



    1 家长会的目的,相互沟通(to have a contact betweenand),提高学


    2 大部分同学赞同并陈述他们的理由。

    3 少部分同学不赞同并陈述他们的理由。

    4 你的观点及理由。

    要求,1。可适当增加细节。 2 词数,100120

     Parents meetings are often held in schools in order to



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