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    16.25: a) Refer to Fig. (16.18). i) The fundamental has a displacement node at LL;0.600 m;0.300 m , the first overtone mode has displacement nodes at 24

    3Land ;0.900 m and the second overtone mode has displacement nodes at 4

    5LLL;0.200 m, ;0.600 m and ;1.000 m. ii) Fundamental: 0, L;1.200 m. First: 0,626

    2LLL ;0.600 m, L;1.200 m. Second:0, ;0.400 m, ;0.800 m, L;1.200 m. 332

     b) Refer to Fig. (16.19); distances are measured from the right end of the pipe in

    the figure. Pressure nodes at: Fundamental: . First overtone: L;1.200 m

    L3;0.400 m, L;1.200 m.Second overtone: L5;0.240 m,

    3L5;0.720 m, L;1.200 m. Displacement nodes at Fundamental: First 0.

    overtone:0, 2L3;0.800 m. Second overtone:0, 2L5;0.480 m, 4L5;0.960 m

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