Unit 1 Culture

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Unit 1 Culture

Unit 1 Culture

    This unit is mainly about culture and its relationship with food.

Teaching Objective?教学目标,


     Text A Text B

    bind, bury, expose, insert, shelter, related, sufficient, sacred, evidence, forehead, literature, ridiculous, Words delicious, afford, companion, supply, differ, disgusted, instinctive, protection,forbid,criminal, ppropriate sloping

    Phrases be born with, at one time, plenty of, no longer, related to, in

    and disposeof,laughat,differfromto, addition, in some cases, as a result,

    Expressions grow up, deal with ,take care of , regardas, pick up, protection

     dig up, feel in ones heart against, an examplanation for

II.Collocation: way, manner(s)

    III.Confusable Words:

    efficient/effective, clothes/cloth, cultural/cultured, wear/put on


    1. Most of the time, the different ways that are the customs of different cultures are neither

    right nor wrong.

    2. The idea that a man can have more than one wife or that brothers and sisters can marry each

    other may shock other cultures.

    V.Translation Practice: 省略译

    VI.Writing Practice:

     Write Concluding Sentences/ Write a Notice

    VII.Reading Skills:

    Reading for Details(8): Understanding a Time Sequence VIII.Expanding Your Vocabulary:

    fore+head?forehead, fore+leg?foreleg, fore+tell?foretell

     instinct+ive?instinctive, act+ive?active, effect+ive?effective


    Exercise 1 Put the following expressions into Chinese or English. 1.behavior pattern 行为模式,

    family pattern 家庭模式

    the pattern of cloth 布料的图案

    the pattern of wall paper 墙纸的图案

2.differ in quality 质量不同

     differ in character ?在,性格?上,不同

    differ from the rest 与其余的不同

     differ from each other 彼此不同 exposed to wind and rain 受到风吹雨

     expose soldiers to danger 使卫兵遭受危险

    expose someone’s crimes ?揭露某人的罪行

     expose someone to the police 向警方揭露某人

4.behave wonderfully 表现出色

     behave ridiculously 举止可笑

    behave with great courage 表现非常勇敢

    behave like a grown-uo 表现得像个成年人

    Exercise 2 Fill in the blanks with correct words and expressions. 1. Keep indoors and dont expose your skin to the sun.

    2. As soon as I found him wounded I went over and bound a cloth around his arm. 3. Many parents claimed to be disgusted by the amount of violence in the film. 4. Words cannot express the sadness I feel in my heart for your losses.

    5. Their study showed that the cultural belief about beauty care would differ from one region

    to another.

    6. Spring is so wonderful and we enjoy the delicious food as well as the funning game outdoors. 7. Plain,simple clothes are appropriate for school wear.

    8. They are in need of medical supplies ,food, water, ice, gasoline, and everything. 9. Different cultures have different explanations for the various health problems and as a result

    practice different forms of dealing with these problems. 10. I went to pick up the phone, but it had stopping ringing.

Exercise 3 Close Fill in each blank with a word given below. Change the form of the word if


    their respect favorable change role help

    professor expect authority need several his

    Many instructors believe that informal, relaxed classroom environment is helpful to learning. It is not uncommon for students to have easygoing and friendly relationships with their professors.

The casual professor is not necessarily a poor one and is still respected by students. Although

    students may be in a subordinate position, some professors treat them as equals. However, no

    matter how friendly professors would like to be, they still are in a position of authority.

    Professors may establish social relationships with students outside of the classroom, but in the classroom they keep the instructors role. A professor may have coffee one day with students

    but the next day ecpect them to meet a deadline for the submission of a paper or to be prepared for a discussion or an exam. The professor may give extra attention outside of class for a discussion or an exam. The professor may give extra attention outside of the class to a student in favor of help

    but probably will not treat him or her differently when it comes to evaluating school work. Professors have several roles in relation to students; they may be counselors and friends as well as teachers. Students must realize that when a teachers role changes, they must properly change

    their behavior and attitudes.

Exercise 4 Translation: English to Chinese and Chinese to English

    1.Instinctive behavior is a pattern of behavior that an animal is born worth. 2.Not only did he turn up late, he also forgot his books.

    3.He never talked bout himself as an object of pity, nor did he show any envy of the more fortunate or able.


    n. +that-clause

    5.我们在这种文化中长大!并学会了自己文化中的许过方式。 be born with

    Exercise 5 Writing Using the following notice as a model to write a notice, based on the information given below.

Wednesday Interviewing for Beijing 21 Jan. 008 candidates

    Dear Candidates,

    This is to inform the candidates who registered for the test on 21 January, 2008 in Beijing that a

    number of your IELTS speaking test is scheduled from 8:30 to 12:30 on 23 Jan. 2008 Wednesday. There is no change to the IELTS written test schedule, written test venue and speaking test venus. We are sorry for all the inconvenience it may rise. Should you have any problem, please contact

    IELTS national call center at 010-62798811 or HYPERLINK mailto:

British Council, Beijing

    Sunet Internet网络公司写一份通知!告诉用户其公司将于2008212日和13日两天

    进行服务器维护?server maintenance,! 可能会使接收和发送电子邮件和上网访问速度有些


    Unit 2 Education

    This unit is mainly talking about education and how does education promote success?.

Teaching Objective?教学目标,


     Text A Text B

    steer,perceive,dynaics, threatens, process,capacity,personal,growth,imagdiscourage, foster, jeopardize, Words ine,goal,fulfill,eligible,additional,enriidentity, cooperatively, expertise, ch,involvement,potential correlation, grateful

    drop out, end up, from a work on,apply to,look back,benefit Phrases standpoint,signup,takeadvantage from, strive for, make the most of, and of, at the sacrifice of, a dead introduceto, rise to the challenge, Expressions end, try out, lead to, lose onesel down the road, make an impression in on

II.Collocation: investment, advice, education, college

    III.Confusable Words:

    drive/steer, engage/trap, diploma/degree, advantage/use IV.Structures:

    1. Hundreds of students send me e-mail each year asking for advice about education.

    2. Its true that I dropped out of college to start Microsoft, but I was at Harvard for three years

    before dropping out.

    V.Translation Practice: 正反译

    VI.Writing Practice:

     Write Concluding Sentences/ Write Letter of Congratulation VII.Reading Skills:

    Reading for Details(9): Understanding a Spatial Sequence VIII.Expanding Your Vocabulary:

    en+rich?enrich, en+large?enlarge, en+courage?encouragel

     wide+en?widen, threat+en?threaten, short+en?shorten


    Exercise 1 Put the fllowing expressions into Chinese or English. trapped in the lift 被困在电梯里

be trapped in a burning hotel 被困在失火的旅馆里

    be trapped into an unhappy marriage 陷入不幸的婚姻之中

    be trapped into a boring job 陷入枯燥乏味的工作中

2.from an economic standpoint 从经济角度

    from a political standpoint 从政治的角度

    from the standpoint of an employee 从雇员的角度

    from the standpoint of a customer 从顾客的角度

3.get a strong academic start 在学业上有一个扎实的开头

    get off to a good start 一开始就很顺利

    get off to a bad start 一开始就不顺利

    from start to finish 从头到尾

4.first-hand data/information 第一手资料

     a first hand taste 直接的体验

    first-hand experience 亲身经历

    first-hand knowledge 直接知识

    Exercise 2 Fill in the blanks with correct words and expressions. 1. They believe that if we steer all students toward a liberal education, we will face a shortage of

    manual laborers.

    2. When the old man threatens to teach them a lesson, John and Marry come up with a risky

    plan to escape.

    3. Im very grateful to all those who have been suportive to my teaching career over these years.

    4. This district is now known as a lively shopping area with a strong identity and close social


    5. A broader education and contacts will lead to better job opportunities.

    6. He did not want to devote more time to his business at the sacrifice of is family.

    7. Its said that travel broaden the mind.

    8. That application form is for American citizens——it doesnt apply to you.

    9. As a freshamn, I think it's important for you to try and make the most of your college life.

    10. Its not an easy task, but I’m sure John will rise to the challenge.

Exercise 3 Reading After reading the followingpassage, you are required to complete the

    outline below it. You should write your answers briefly.

    INSTRIMPEX International Tendering Company (CNITC)


    Baiyun Airport Relocation Project

     In accordance with the Loan Agreement between the Ministry of Finance of the People’s

    Republic of China and Japan Bank for International Cooperation for Baiyun Relocation Project, INSTRIMPEX International Tendering(招标) Company CNITC is authorized to purchase, by

    way of calling for international competitive bidding, the commodities and related services for the above mentioned project. The payment for the purchase shall be made under the Loan.

     BID No. 0717-CICJP024209B

     Terminal Passenger Boarding Bridges

     BID No. 0703-CICJ02012227

     Electrical Management System

     Interested bidders may obtain Bidding Documents between 9:00 and 11:00 am/1:30 and 4:30 pm (Beijing time) from November 22 to December 12, 2002 (except weekends and holidays) at CNITC office, upon nonrefundable (不退还的) payment of RMB12,000 for Terminal Passenger

    Boarding Bridges and RMB1,800 for Electrical Management System. For mail order, an extra RMB450 express(快递) mail postage shall be added.

     Bids must be delivered to the CNITC office at or before 10:00 am (Beijing time) on January 10, 2003, and will be opened at 10:00 am (Beijing time) on January 10, 2008 at the following address. CNITC office Address:

     Rm 317, INSTRIMPEX Building, 6 Xizhimenwai Street, Beijing 100044, China

     Tel: (86-10) 68363323 ext. 3010,3020 Fax: (86-10) 68317392,68354383

1. What is the name of the project for bids?

    Baiyun Airport Relocation Project.

    2. Which company is in charge of the bidding?

    INSTRIMPEX International Tendering Company.

    3. Whit is the item of BID No. 0703-CICJ02012227?

    Electrical Management System.

    4. Where will the bidders obtain Bidding Documents?

    At CNIITC office .

    5. What is the deadline for delivering the bids?

    At or before 10:00 am (Beijing time) on January 10, 2008.

Exercise 4 Translation:English to Chinese and Chinese to English

    1.Before we could stop him, he had jumped on the train and disappeared into the apartment. 2.I know that medical education can sometimes leave much to be desired.

    3. 我认为!除非面临一生难求的机会!任何人都不应该中途辍学。? unless, drop out

    4. 确实!大学不是唯一拥有信息的地方!但是大学却是你学会合作工作的好地方。

    Its truebut

    5. 我们大家都坐在那儿!希望会议不要开得太长。?hoping

    Exercise 5 Writing Using the following letters as a model to write letters of congratulation, based on the information given below.

Dear Mr. Smith,

Congratulations on your recent promotion to the Manager of the Sales Department. I know how

    hard you have worked to earn the recognition you presently enjoy at the Cookson Motors Ltd., and

    I feel that hey are very wise in havig made their choice.

    Please accept my best wishes fir your success in your new position!

Yours very truly,

    Wang Hong

Dear Tom,

    Allow me the opportunity to compliment and congratulate you on your new house! I hope the

    move was not too much troublesome and I am certain that it will be a place of much joy and happiness for you and your family. It is a pleasure to hear of this hapy news!

Best regards,

    Ma Lei

    1. 假设你的朋友买了新房!你写一封信表示祝贺。

    2. 假设你获悉你的一位朋友最近晋升为某公司人事部经理!你写信表示祝贺。

    Unit 3 Friendship

    This unit is mainly about friends and family legace.

Teaching Objective?教学目标,


     Text A Text B

    disbelif, caution, foster, hesitate, flee,collapse,code, neglect, adulthood,

    Words disaster, gap, historic, tentative, chaos,maral,weep,feature, depression,

    signature,reject,whisper,mystified crisis, empathize

    Phrases pulloneself together, get through, hold together, pack up, come by,

    and warm to ,cool dowm, in person, break apart, set up, pack awary, let

    Expressions havein common, figure out , out, keep control on, the ebb and

     face to face, take on ,hold back flow, emphathize with

II.Collocation: call, phone, ring

    III.Confusable Words:

    hurt/damage, gap/opening, hanged/hung, while/awhile IV.Structures:

    1. When you get as old as I am , you find out that time takes care of lot.

    2. I'm talking to you just the way I'd talk to a boy of my own.

    V.Translation Practice: 反正译

    VI.Writing Practice:

     Write a paragraph of Cause and Effect(1)/Write a Letter of Sympathy VII.Reading Skills:


    VIII.Expanding Your Vocabulary:

    child+hood?childhood, adult+hood?adulthood, neighbor+hood?neighborhood

     inter+view?interview, inter+personal?interpersonal, inter+national?international


Exercise 1 Put the fllowing expressions into Chinese or English.

    1.hesitate before replying 在答复前犹犹豫豫 dont hesitate to tell me 直截了当地告诉我 hesitate at nothing 对什么事都毫不犹豫?从不优柔寡断, hesitate about his decision 对他的决定拿不定主

2. a tentative suggestion 一个试探性的建议

     make a tentative proposal 提出试探性的提案

     arrive at a tentative conclusion 达成暂时的结论

     take tentative steps 采取试探性的步骤

    3. the gap between the rich and the poor 贫富差别?富人与穷人之间的差距,

     generation gap 代沟

     narrow the gap 缩小差距

     widen the gap 扩大差距

    4. historic events 具有重大历史意义的事件

     an area of historic interest 一个历史名胜地区

     a historic visit to China 一次对中国历史性的访问

     a historic day 一个具有历史意义的日子

Exercise 2 Fill in the blanks with correct words and expressions.

    1. Paul started to spak but hesitated searching for the right words.

    2. She grew up in a foster home and never knew either her biological father or mother. 3. She stared at him in disbelief, filled with disappointment and a growing anger.

    4. We all dream od a secure retirement, but few of us have actually figured out how much we

    will need to retire comfortably.

    5. All these companies have one thing in common: they deal in small, inexpensive consumer


    6. My borother was born brain-damaged and with a small head with unusual facial features.

    7. What do you usually do to prepare yourself to react more actively when an emotional crisis


    8. Eventually the family moved to East Los Angeles where many Mexicans fled to escape the

    horrors of their civil war.

    9. Keep the tent clean and always pack it away totally dry, storing it in a well aired place.

    10. She tried to hold the family together but everything was falling apart and every look he gave

    her and every action he took was like a knife in her heart.

    Exercise 3 Reading After reading the following passage, you are required to complete the outline below it. You should write your answers briefly.

    How hard is it to get beautiful hair?

    Beautiful hair cannot be taken for granted. Environmental factors, chemical treatments and the mechanical damage done by combs, brushes and blow dryers all have a bad effect on the hair in the long run. The hair parts into tiny pieces, loses its brightness, becomes hard and easily broken and develops split ends.

    Our Heated Scissors, a new approach to pretty hair, is a modern technological device available in most cities now.

    No hairdresser needs to be told how crucial the quality of a pair of scissors is. But all the same, few have imagined a cutting tool as sharp as razors(剃须刀). Whats more, the

    heating element is located in the interior of the edges, with the best possible heat transference to the cutting edges. Heated cutting edges with individually adjustable temperatures seal the cuts instantly. The cut end of the hair is closed up smoothly and neatly.

    Right from the very first cut, the hair takes on a new look with a brilliant shine. 1. What kind of product is advertised in the passage?

    It is known that a new device called Heated Scissors is advertised.

    2. Where can you buy such a tool?

    It is sold in most cities.

    3. Where is the heating element fixed in the scissors?

    It is fixed in the interior of the edges.

    4. What is the special function of the new device?

    It will seal the cuts instantly.

    5. How will the hair look after being cut with the new device?

    It will have a look with a brilliant shine.

    Exercise 4 Translation:English to Chinese and Chinese to English 1.No company, government agency,school, hospital, or other institution can flourish if it pays no

    attention to what people think of.

    2. I begged her not to tell my mom about it, and she agreed, but very unwillingly. 3. 你到了同我一样的年龄!你会感受到拳击运动真的很刺激。 asas, get a kick out of

    4. 他的父亲在那场事故中死了!从那以后!他感到自己很难振作起来。?pull oneself together

    5. 警察都受过训练!要有好奇心!而且要事事关心!于是!我拨了第三次电话。?be trained

Exercise 5 Writing Using the following letters as a model to write letters of sympathy, based on

    the information given below.

     May 15, 2008

    Dear Tom,

    I was saddened to hear that you lost your job at Merrill Lynch. I understand this is a difficult time for you, and I wish you luck in finding a new job, and in all your other pursuits. Remember I

    am your friend and will do anything I can for you. Please let me know if there is anything I can

    do. Take care of yourself.


     Li Hong

     May 25, 2008

    Dear Li Ming,

    I am very sorry to learn from Xiao Wangs letter that you broke your leg in a traffic accident and I am anxious to know how you are now. Everybody here misses you very much and we all hope you will get well soon. If I can be of any help, please dont hesitate to let me know.


     Ma Jingfeng

1. 假设你的一位朋友高考落榜了!你去信表示慰问。

    2. 假设你的一位朋友最近失业了!你去信表示慰问。

    Unit 4 My First Job

    This unit is mainly about the first job experience of two Americans and how to

    do your job well after graduation..

Teaching Objective?教学目标,


     Text A Text B

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