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To produce the initial reports including the organisational review of the CAI, SWOT analysis and report on our external environment.

    Consumers’ Association of Ireland

     Invitation to Tender

     An Organisational Review and Development of a

     Strategic Plan for the Consumers’ Association of Ireland (CAI)

    for 2010-2014

    To independently protect, promote and represent the interests of consumers

     Consumers’ Association of Ireland

     Invitation to Tender

     An Organisational Review and Development of a

     Strategic Plan for the Consumers’ Association of Ireland (CAI)

    for 2010-2014


The Consumers' Association of Ireland (CAI) was established in 1966 and is an independent,

    non-profit and non-governmental organisation, with charitable status. The CAI is governed

    by a Council elected from among the members of the association. The aim of the CAI is to

    protect, promote and represent the interests of consumers in Ireland. The CAI furthers these

    aims by:

    ? Producing a monthly magazine, “Consumer Choice” for dissemination to our

    members with information, advice and commentary.

    ? Providing a free advice service by telephone for members and the general public.

    ? Promoting the interests of consumers in the political and public administration arena

    and through media and other formats.

    ? Representing the interests of consumers on a range of public bodies at national and

    EU level.

    ? Making representations on consumer issues to a range of public bodies, such as

    Government Departments, Regulators, Statutory Agencies and the Houses of the


The CAI now plans to undertake an organisational review and to develop a strategic plan for

    the period 2010-2014. The CAI is now inviting tenders from competent parties to assist us to

    complete this work.

Terms of Reference:

    ? To review the existing vision and mission of the Association.

    ? To review existing work activities and structures and indicate areas for potential

    improvement to assist the CAI in carrying out our stated vision and mission.

    ? To undertake a SWOT Analysis of the CAI.

    ? To identify potential strategically key internal and external issues for the Association

    in the coming 5 years.

    ? To produce a plan indicating key strategic goals and organisational objectives for the

    coming 5 years, with timelines and performance indicators.

    ? To review the potential for alternative sources of funding.

    ? To set out the organisational and governance structure required to ensure

    implementation of the plan.



The organisational review and strategic planning process will be led by the CEO and

    Chairman of the CAI. They will be assisted in this work by a strategic planning sub-group,

    which will comprise of the CEO, Chairman, Honorary Treasurer and 2 other members of the

    CAI Council.


We expect the methodology to include a combination of desk research, interviews with

    key internal and external stakeholders and surveys/questionnaires, swot analysis and

    facilitated sessions with the CAI Council, staff and members where possible and required.

    ? Report reviewing the internal work and activities of the CAI as a starting point for

    discussion on its future role.

    ? An analysis of the current external environment for the CAI as an independent non-

    governmental organisation working in the area of consumer rights.

    ? Consultation with internal stakeholders such as the Council, staff and members of the


    ? Consultation with external stakeholders such as Department of Enterprise, Trade and

    Employment, other relevant Departments, other consumer focused non-governmental

    organisations and individuals, the National Consumer Agency, Comreg, CER, the

    Financial Regulator, Financial Services Ombudsman and other relevant

    individuals/organisations and, where possible, consumer organisations in other


    ? Submissions and/or answered questionnaires from key stakeholders.

    ? A number of facilitated sessions with the CAI Council, staff and members.

Role of the Consultant:

The role of the consultant and the deliverables expected are outlined below;

    ? To work under the direction of the strategic planning sub-group in producing the

    organisational review and strategic plan.

    ? To attend meetings as agreed with the strategic planning sub-group.

    ? To produce the initial reports including the organisational review of the CAI, SWOT

    analysis and report on our external environment.

    ? To organise, facilitate and write up reports of the consultative sessions with the CAI

    Council, staff and Members as agreed.

    ? To conduct interviews with internal and external stakeholders as agreed.

    ? To devise and conduct questionnaires as agreed with planning sub-group.

    ? To analyse the feedback and produce drafts of the strategic plan for discussion and

    deliberation of the CAI Council and sub-group.

    ? To revise and redraft the plan following consultation with the CAI Council and sub-


    ? To produce a final plan in consultation with the strategic planning sub-group for

    approval by the CAI Council.



The CAI anticipates that the work of the consultant will consist of no more than 30 days to

    include the writing of all drafts and the final plan/report.

     thWork on the project should commence in early March 2010 and be completed by the 30 of

    May 2010.

Selection of Consultant:

The proposal from the Consultant must include;

    ? A detailed CV of the consultant, including details of other organisations for which

    consultancy work has been completed.

    ? A sample of previous research/evaluation work completed on behalf of client


    ? Two references.

    ? A detailed description of the methodology employed to deliver on the project.

    ? A description of proposed timeframe and key milestones for the project.

    ? Outline of proposed costs (costs of the basis of days or hours) and a suggested

    schedule for payment.

Applicants may be requested to submit additional information and may be called for


Terms and Conditions:

When tendering for this piece of work the following criteria should be adhered to:

    ? Proposals must include sufficient details to enable the CAI to carry out a

    comprehensive assessment of the proposal.

    ? Consultants intending to submit a proposal in response to this Invitation to Tender

    should ensure that their proposal addresses, in full, the requirements set out in this

    document and that all information requested is supplied.

    ? The CAI reserves the right not to award a contract in the event that no proposal is

    deemed suitable.

    ? The CAI will not be liable in respect of any costs incurred in the preparation or

    presentation of tenders.

    ? It is expected that the successful bidder will be in a position to commence work

    immediately after the contract is awarded and that the work will be completed within

    the agreed specific time frame.

    ? Tenders should clearly and individually time/cost each element of the work outlined

    in the proposal and the sum should include all costs including VAT.


     Criteria for Selection and Award of Contract

Eligibility will be determined in accordance with the criteria set out below.

    ? Demonstrable and active understanding of the brief.

    ? Capacity and resources to deliver the study required, including relevant skills,

    expertise and experience.

    ? Independence of approach capacity to „see beyond‟ and operate independently and

    to understand the need to simultaneously work closely/liaise with the planning sub-


    ? Appropriate and rigorous research and evaluation methodologies to include

    understanding of the point and purpose of all elements of the process.

    ? Previous experience.

    ? Ability to deliver within the specified timeframe.

    ? Response of referees contacted by the CAI. The name and contact details of two

    referees able to vouch for Tenderer‟s expertise and quality of service provided are


    ? Overall cost

Confidentiality and Ownership

    All documents provided and research outcomes are strictly private and confidential and will

    remain at all times the property of the Consumers Association of Ireland Limited.

Application Deadline:

    Proposals should be addressed “Tender for the CAI Strategic Plan” and marked “Private and Confidential Addressee Only” and sent for the attention of Mr. Dermott Jewell, CEO,

    Consumers‟ Association of Ireland, 43-44 Chelmsford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 by latest th5pm on Friday, February 19 2010.

Further Information:

Further information is available on our website at or by contacting the

    Association at 01 497 8600.



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