APICS Strategic Planning Toolkit - SWOT Analysis

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Critical Issues ? SWOT Analysis. 4. 3. Brainstorm 2003 ? 2004 Activities. 6. 4. 2003 ? 2004 Strategic Goals. 7. 5. 2003 ? 2004 Strategic Action Plans

    APICS Region IV

    Strategic Planning Toolkit

    South Central Mississippi Chapter

    August 16, 2003

    Fred Tolbert

    Region IV Ambassador


Strategic Planning Toolkit Contents

    Step Toolkit Contents Page 1 Mission Statement 3 2 Critical Issues SWOT Analysis 4 3 Brainstorm 2003 2004 Activities 6 4 2003 2004 Strategic Goals 7 5 2003 2004 Strategic Action Plans 8


    Mission Statement

The mission of the APICS Chapter is to

Sample Mission Statements:


The Atlanta APICS Chapter's mission is to be an acknowledged leader in

    providing world class integrated resource management education and

    services to the greater Atlanta business community.

Our community includes manufacturers and distributors, retailers and the

    service sector. We will be proactive in identifying our customers, and meet

    or exceed their educational expectations through a process of continuous



The mission of the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of APICS is to provide value

    to our membership by delivering education programs and offering

    opportunities for career development. Florida Gulf Coast Chapter will also

    support the local business and academic community by offering

    educational resources that will enhance the opportunity of increasing

    bottom line performance.


    APICS: Chapter

    Critical Issues - SWOT Analysis

     ( Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats )

Name _____________________________ Title________________________

     (Your name will not be shared in connection with comments)

Please answer the following questions with “bullet-point” nuggets that

    reflect your true and honest feelings about your APICS Chapter. Be brief! This will greatly aid our 2003 2004 strategic planning process.

    Thanks for your input! (Note: Your comments will be shared, but not

    your name. Only you and Fred Tolbert, the workshop leader, will know

    what comments you authored.)

Our 3 Biggest Hits

    What were our successes in the last APICS year ? Our home runs ? What

    went right ? (Please Be Brief)




Our 3 Biggest Misses

    What went wrong in the last APICS year ? What did we shoot for, but missed?

    Our strike-outs ? (Please Be Brief)





In addressing the following SWOT points, think about and expand on....

    - Chapter Administration - Education Programs - Passport Participation

    - Budget / Financials - Instructors - Strategic Planning

    - BOD Participation - Marketing Efforts - Membership

    - Programs - Newsletter Web Site - Region Staff Support

     - Student Chapters - Markets Served - Competition

Our Strengths (Top 3 Biggest Be Brief)

    Where’s our horsepower – that makes us a great chapter ?




    Our Weaknesses (Top 3 Biggest Be Brief)

    What imperfections hold us back from being even greater ?




    Our Opportunities (Top 3 Biggest Be Brief) What favorable possibilities (inside & out) should we be considering?




    Our Threats (Top 3 Biggest Be Brief)

    What potholes ahead (inside & out) could destroy our good efforts?




Chapter President For A Day

    If I could be Chapter President for one day, and make only one decision, this

    is what it would be….. (Please Be Brief)


    Brainstorm 2003 2004 Activities Think of as many ideas as you can for possible 2003-2004 chapter

    goals and objectives. We will prioritize them later. Think about what

    activities you can do to build on your Chapter’s Strengths and Opportunities and how you can respond to your Weaknesses and


Chapter Administration

    What should you do to improve chapter administration, BOD functions /

    communication and financial management to make us a greater chapter?






    What should you do to improve your Professional Development Meetings,

    plant tours, seminars and other programs offered by the chapter?






    How can you improve your educational programs in the coming APICS year?






    What will you do to increase new members and retain existing members?





    Marketing / Publicity

    What innovative APICS marketing and publicity programs will you develop?






    2003 2004 Strategic Goals











Prioritize the potential chapter activities listed on page 6

    above. Select the “Top 10” to be your chapter’s strategic

    goals for the year.


    1. Select at least one goal from each of the five categories (Chapter

    Administration, Programs, Education, Membership and Marketing /


    2. Select at least five goals that are easily obtainable and five that

    represent “stretch goals.”

    3. Identify one goal to represent an innovative chapter activity for the

    Passport program.

    4. Be realistic about what your chapter can accomplish in a year.


2003 2004 Strategic Action Plans

Complete a Strategic Action Plan Worksheet for each of

    the Strategic Goals for the 2003-2004 APICS year.

The Strategic Action Plan Worksheet defines the

    following for each action plan:

Area Chapter area, such as Chapter Administration,

    Programs, Education, Membership and Marketing

    / Public Relations. Revision Documents a goal revision number.

    What Defines the specific chapter strategic goal.

    Who Specifies who in the chapter is responsible for

    successful completion of the strategic goal.

    When Specifies when the strategic goal will be


    Goal Defines the strategic goal in specific, measurable


    Action Steps Lists the specific tasks used to accomplish the

    strategic goal.

    Responsibility Identifies who is responsible for completing each

    action step.

    Due Date Defines the expected completion date for the

    action step.



    July 2002 What: Initiate Company Coordinator Program

    Who: Brian Smith, Company Coordinator Chairman

    When: January 1, 2004

    Goal: Initiate Company Coordinator Program with 10 Company Coordinators Action Steps:

    1. Develop outline of Company Coordinator responsibilities. 8/1/03 Brian 2. Analyze membership roll to sort members by company to 8/1/03 Mary identify the companies with multiple members.

    Brian 3. Write newsletter announcement. 8/15/03

    Mary 4. Identify target candidates for Company Coordinators at 9/15/03

    companies with more than 5 members.

    5. Contact members to recruit for Company Coordinator Brian 10/1/03


    6. Post Company Coordinator roster in newsletter. 10/15/03 John

    7. Develop material to send to Company Coordinators Monthly Brian concerning PDM's, CPIM review courses and plant tour.






     Action Steps:

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