Fees for the Reception Class

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Fees for the Reception Class

    Fees for the Reception Class

    The fees below and the explanation with regard to funding are for guide purposes only and do not form a contract. As the amount of the funding will change in April 2007 we can only give parents a guide to the net figures.

Funding Dates of importance:

    As all our children in this class will be 4 before they start with us, all the children will be theligible for funding until their 5 birthday. The critical dates to parent’s in this case is when funding will end, not start. In simple terms all children are entitled to six terms of funding starting from the term after their third birthday.

Children with their 5th birthday is between 1st September and 31st December 2006 are

    eligible for funding up to Autumn term starting September 2006.

     ststChildren with their 5th birthday between 1 January and 31 March 2007 are eligible for

     2007. funding up to Spring Term starting January

     ststChildren with their 5th birthday between 31 March and 31 August 2007 are eligible for

     funding up to Summer Term starting April 2007.

    Funding deductions are available in accordance with Government Regulations.

    The Nursery Education Grant is given to children aged 3+ until compulsory school age. They are allowed 12.5 hours of nursery education a week, in term-time. Currently this is at a rate of ?8.10 per 2.5 hour session or ?40.50 a week, or ?445.50 for the Spring term 2007. Each terms funding amount will differ depending on the number of weeks in the term. This amount will be deducted from your monthly fees providing the necessary forms have been completed and returned on time.

    The Fees for our Reception Class will be calculated differently from that of the Acorns Class and Nursery. As your child has effectively moved up into a Pre-Prep or Primary School we will be charging termly fees. These are to be paid monthly over 10 months from 1st September stuntil 1 June (Inc) by Direct Debit.

    Fees for the Reception Class

    The hours of the School are 8.40am to 3.15pm. Our standard fees are for these hours as follows:

School Hours only:

The annual fees are ?5,500 for the three terms. This may be paid at a monthly fee of ?550 ststfor 10 months - 1 September to 1 June inclusive by Direct Debit.

School Hours plus:

The annual fee can include wrap around care for term time only. By pre-booking this we are able

    to offer you a reduction against the adhoc sessional amount.

    ; School Hours plus Breakfast Club (8.00am to 3.15pm)

    o The annual fee for this is ?6040. This may be paid at a monthly fee of ?604 per

    month for 10 months.

    ; School Hours plus Afternoon Club (8.40am to 6.00pm)

    o The annual fee for this is ?6940. This may be paid at a monthly fee of ?694 per

    month for 10 months.

    ; School Hours plus Full Wrap Around care (8.00am to 6.00pm)

    o The annual fee for this is ?7400 This may be paid at a monthly fee of ?740 per

    month for 10 months.

Registration and Discounts:

    ; A ?35.00 Registration fee is charged when registering a new child.

    ; A ?250.00 deposit is also required, which will be deducted from your final terms invoice,

    providing a terms notice has been given.

    ; All fees must be paid by direct debit.

    ; A discount of 5% after Funding has been deducted (where applicable) will

    stbe given for pupils registered and deposits paid by the 1 February



    Fees for the Reception Class

    (Year R) in School Holidays

    We operate a year round business and apart from Bank Holidays and weekends are open every day. We find most of our parents have chosen The Loft because it offers a traditional Full Day Care package with lots of fun activities and outings for the children. It is the norm in The Loft for children to only have 2 or 3 weeks holiday away and we therefore continue to meet parent’s needs in the rest of the school holiday periods.

    The annual school fees do not include any holiday care. Children may be booked into The Loft, using our usual monthly booking form. Once the sessions are booked, the fees for the holiday time required will be collected in advance on the first of each month.

    The Loft Fees

     Full Full Morning Full day Full week (5 Afternoon 8am 1pm 8am 6pm days) 1 6pm

    ?15.00 ?15.00 ?25.00 ?85.00

    Please note that, within the price structure above, we do not provide food to children

    attending The Loft, apart from water to drink.

    If you are interested in using The Loft, please ask for full details. The Loft Holiday Club is

    run separately from the school and the nursery.


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