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A SWOT Analysis is one of the most commonly used business tools allowing aA SWOT Analysis investigates strengths and weaknesses that exist as part of


Topic(s) ? Operations Management

    ? Business Environment

    ? Marketing

    ? Management and ICT

    ? Change management

    Case Study(ies) 7-Eleven ‘Managing a franchise-based business’ 2009

    1. Explain the meaning of franchising as a type of Suggested

    student activities

     business ownership. Give 5 different examples of

     franchises. (They must not be all retail businesses!)

     2. Identify five issues that should normally be covered

     under a franchise agreement. Use examples from the

     7-Eleven Australia franchise agreement to illustrate

     your answer.

     3. Discuss three significant benefits that occur for 7-

     Eleven Australia’s franchisees as a result of buying a


     4. Discuss three significant benefits that occur for the

     franchisor, 7-Eleven Australia, as a result of operating

     as a franchised business.

     5. Use examples to explain how 7-Eleven Australia’s new

     franchisees participate in; induction, on-the-job training,

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     off-the-job-training, mentoring and professional


    6. Explain the meaning of operations management.

     Outline two examples from large-scale organisations

     you are familiar with to illustrate operations

     management in action.

    7. What is a strategic plan? Use examples from 7-Eleven

    Australia’s Project Energise to illustrate the key stages

     involved in a strategic plan.

     8. Discuss three ways that 7-Eleven Australia uses

     market research to improve operations. Use evidence

     to evaluate how well they have done in this regard.

     9. Discuss two ways that 7-Eleven Australia uses

     advanced ICT systems to improve operations. Use

     evidence to evaluate how well they have done in this


     10. Evaluate one other strategy that 7-Eleven Australia has

     implemented to improve operations.

     11. Discuss why 7-Eleven has had to constantly implement

     change in order to remain competitive in the retail

     convenience market sector. Explain whether 7-Eleven

     Australia has treated this challenge as a pressure or as

     an opportunity.

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    Extension 1. Tough Competition SWOT Analysis


    A SWOT Analysis is one of the most commonly used

    business tools allowing a user to take a snapshot of a

    businesses’ situation. Sometimes a SWOT Analysis is called

    a situational analysis.

    A SWOT Analysis investigates strengths and weaknesses that

    exist as part of the internal environment of the business, such

    as well-trained staff or outdated equipment. A SWOT analysis

    is also used to identify possible opportunities or threats that

    exist in the external or macro environment, such as new

    market segments or increased competition.

    Strengths Weaknesses Internal

    Opportunities Threats External

    a Using the material in this case study conduct a SWOT

    analysis on the operations of 7-Eleven Australia. List

    3-5 clearly explained points for each category. You

    can even rank each point in order of importance.

    b In pairs conduct a SWOT analysis on a 7-Eleven store

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    with which you are familiar. If you don’t have 7-Eleven

    in your local area perform the SWOT analysis on some

    other convenience store.

    c Share and discuss the results as a class. As a class

    you should compare and contrast the findings in

    relation to different types of convenience outlets


    ? Dedicated convenience stores such as 7-Eleven and


    ? Petrol stations

    ? Supermarket and petrol co-branded ventures such as

    Woolworths/Caltex and Coles/ Shell

    ? Local milk bars

    ? Any other type of convenience outlet.

2. Keep the crystal ball rolling

    “7-Eleven Australia will continue to face ongoing pressures

    and opportunities in the retail convenience sector.” Prepare a report to the class using PowerPoint or some other

    multimedia application. In your report you need to:

    a. Explain how businesses can turn pressures for change

    into opportunities for success. Use examples from 7-

    Eleven Australia to illustrate your answer.

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b. Discuss how three key market and business trends are

    likely to impact on 7-Eleven Australia’s operations over

    the next 5-10 years.

    c. Suggest possible businesses strategies, products

    mixes and operational systems that 7-Eleven could

    develop and implement over the next 5-10 years to

    keep ahead of its competition.

    d. Suggest one strategy that the convenience retail stores

    could implement to become more socially responsible

    resulting in a win:win situation for key stakeholders.



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