MCHE Strategic Plan 2009 - 2013

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29 Jun 2008One essential task of planning is to undertake a SWOT analysis of theCompleting a SWOT analysis will help us identify ways to minimize

    MCHE Strategic Plan

    2009 2013

    SWOT Analysis Information

1. Introduction

    MCHE’s first Strategic Plan was developed for the period 2001-2005. Since then,

    College operations have been guided by the Council endorsed Strategic Directions:

    Operational Priorities 2004-2009. This latter document’s period will soon expire. In the past few years, both the internal and external realities of the College have seen

    unprecedented changes. The College is in need of a new strategic plan to steer its

    short and medium term direction.

    A Sub-Committee (including some Deans and a Council member) has been formed

    to oversee and guide the strategic planning process and to prepare a draft strategic

    plan for submission to the College Council later in 2008. One essential task of

    planning is to undertake a SWOT analysis of the institution.

2. SWOT Analysis: Brief Overview

    The acronym S.W.O.T stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    Completing a SWOT analysis will help us identify ways to minimize the effect of our

    weaknesses while maximizing our strengths. We can use our strengths to create

    opportunities as well as minimise threats.

    Strengths focus on the things that we do well as an institution. Weaknesses focus on

    the things we do that we need to improve. Thus strengths and weaknesses focus


Opportunities and threats reflect factors external to the Faculty/Centre (Division) or

    MCHE as a whole that are often out of our control. Opportunities can create

    conditions that offer the potential for us to reinforce and/or expand our strengths.

    'Threats' is another broad term that signifies areas of challenge for the institution.

    Threats may present barriers to maintaining our strengths and/or create conditions

    that exacerbate our weaknesses.

3. Undertaking a SWOT Analysis

    An individual’s SWOT analysis reflects one’s candid and holistic perceptions of the Division. It is not a personal analysis of one’s strengths and weaknesses or the personal threats nor is it an analysis of others’ strengths and weaknesses.

    A SWOT analysis needs to consider the broader College context. Your analysis

    should also be informed by the College’s vision and mission statements. The current vision and mission statements have been slightly revised based on the input from the

    College Council members. The newly proposed statements are given below. 1


    MCHE will perform and be acknowledged as the outstanding higher education

    institution of the nation and one of the finest in the region.


    The mission of the Maldives College of Higher Education is to serve people

    and society, to maintain, increase and diffuse knowledge and skills useful for

    the advancement of the community by educating responsible and committed

    citizens and to preserve and assert cultural identity.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in this important planning exercise.

    Please spare a few minutes to kindly fill the accompanying ‘SWOT Analysis Sheet’

    and send back to MCHE, Central Administration. Details are given in the sheet.

     th June 2008 29

Strategic Planning Sub-Committee

    1. Ms. Rasheeda Ali

    2. Mr. Abdulla Nafiz

    3. Sh. Fayaaz Ali

    4. Dr. Ali Fawaz Shareef

    5. Mr. Asim Abdul Sattar

    6. Dr. Ahmed Ali Maniku


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