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Nature of Work:

     This is advanced professional level accounting work for the Administrative

    Services Division of the Montana State Court Administrator’s office. Work involves

    responsibility for all financial and grant activities.

    The accounting activity carried out by the position is a key financial function of

    the State Court Administrator’s office and involves complex programmatic/accounting

    and reporting. The position exercises independent judgment regarding allocations,

    distributions, and feasibility of applications and is responsible for evaluation of budget

    and finance functions and activities as well as accounting for funds in accordance with

    established statutes, court rules, policies, procedures, and regulations. Supervision is

    generally not exercised but may be done on a project basis.

     The Division Director reviews work based on final reports and audits.

Essential Functions: (Any one position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the examples

    cover all the duties which may be performed)

    ? Prepares financial reports using knowledge of State of Montana SABHRS,

    federal grant regulations, contract requirements, internal policies, and

    financial accounting standards.

    ? Provides accurate and reliable financial data, including long-range financial

    forecasts, to manage budgets, funds, and grants.

    ? Prepares monthly financial analyses of selected accounting entities by

    analyzing spreadsheets and other data; prepares financial analyses of

    SABHRS information associated with the preparation of financial reports in

    accordance with grant or contract requirements.

    ? Reviews and analyzes Supreme Court and District Court accounting systems,

    practices and procedures and makes recommendations for improvements and

    corrective actions.

    ? Develops and reviews budget and finance reports, administrative orders, court

    rules, policies and procedures.

    ? Compiles and analyzes budget and finance reports and court audit information

    to monitor expenditures, make recommendations, and plan for future court


    ? Reviews court financial transactions for compliance with regulations and

    budgetary limitations.

    ? Designs spreadsheets and systems to comply with reporting requirements by

    researching requirements and applying knowledge of accounting programs

    and their applications. Prepares documentation to establish or modify

    accounting spreadsheet applications in order to implement changes.

    ? Updates and maintains accounting applications (data bases, systems,

    procedures, etc.).

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    ? Recommends District Court financial recordkeeping practices to the Supreme

    Court; conducts audits upon request to improve financial structures, processes

    and procedures.

    ? Assists in developing and adopting budget and financial policies and

    procedures for administration of state funding of the District Courts.

    ? Assists in establishing procedures for the distribution and accountability of

    monies in legal assistance for indigent victims of domestic violence accounts.

    ? Provides staff assistance and support to committees and workgroups involving

    court budget and finance issues; researches and responds to inquiries from the

    Legislative Auditor and Fiscal Analysts and acts as liaison during audits.

    Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:

     Considerable knowledge of governmental accounting.

     Considerable knowledge of the concepts and theories of financial reporting


     Considerable knowledge of the accounting requirements of extensive and

    complex programs related to the state funding, grants and other fund sources.

     Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of public and business

    administration, budgeting and financial management, governmental and cost

    accounting, fiscal policy including sources of revenue, auditing, and court funding.

    Considerable knowledge of the legal requirements and regulations affecting fiscal

    management, planning, and implementation.

    Considerable knowledge of automated financial management systems.

    Considerable knowledge of the State of Montana SABHRS system or similar


    Ability to apply accounting principles and techniques.

    Ability to prepare financial statements and technical reports in accordance with

    regulations and requirements.

    Ability to manage funds and monitor expenditures.

    Ability to analyze, audit and interpret accounting records, financial statements,

    and budget and accounting reports for completion, accuracy, and recommend

    effective courses of action.

    Ability to maintain accurate and up-to-date records and documentation.

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    Skill in the operation of personal computer equipment.

    Skill in utilizing spreadsheet, word processing, and graphic software applications.

    Experience working with the SABHRS system is preferred.

Working Conditions:

     Work is performed primarily in an office setting.

Physical Demands:

     Work is essentially sedentary with occasional walking, standing, bending, and

    carrying items under 25 pounds.

Qualifications: (Any combination of training and work experience which indicates possession of

    the knowledge, abilities and skills listed above. An example of an acceptable

    qualification for this position is:)

    Graduation from an accredited college of university with a Bachelor’s Degree in

    public or business administration, finance, accounting, or closely related field and

    considerable progressively responsible government budgeting and accounting experience

    in an automated environment.

Licensure and Certification Requirements:

     Montana driver’s license; proof of insurance if using a personal vehicle on State


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