RCRIM Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat SWOT Analysis

By Karen Baker,2014-05-16 17:14
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What are the strengths of your Work Group? Successfully developed a number of messages; Currently have 8 active projects; Diverse group with global

    RCRIM Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) Analysis

    August 18, 2009

    What are the strengths of your Work Group?

    ? Successfully developed a number of messages

    ? Currently have 8 active projects

    ? Diverse group with global participation from industry, regulatory authorities and other

    government agencies

    ? Consistent attendance creating a stable group

    What are the weaknesses of you Work Group?

    ? Perception of focus on US Regulatory centric standards

    ? Not always clear on HL7 processes

    ? Work content on website/wiki needs to be better organized

    What opportunities do you see that can be addressed by your Work


    ? Building on a greater global participation

    ? There is opportunity for collaboration through the JIC.

    ? There is opportunity to be included in the US HIT initiative with focus on clinical research. ? There are additional education opportunities for CDISC and RCRIM to jointly educate the health

    care and research community.

    ? There is an opportunity to collaborate with EHR community to be able to move data between

    clinical trial records and EHR.

     What obstacles or threats to progress have you identified?

    ? There is a lack of understanding of how to develop messages in the research community ? Lack of process understanding that can lead to a lack of interoperability ? It is difficult to know when and where to reach out to contact other related work groups ? There is a lack of understanding of why business people should participate in the development

    of a XML standard

    ? There is a need for advocacy for proper use and implementation of the standards. ? Participation in development of the standard drops off and the end of development and results

    in a lack of resources for testing of standards.

    ? No readily available testing environment or tool set for testing.

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    RCRIM Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) Analysis

    August 18, 2009

    Obstacles to progress for the RCRIM Work Group.

    ? In order to effectively develop global standards in the two domains under RCRIM, the work

    group needs to be perceived as a global group and not U.S. focused. This will take outreach and

    education to the global research and standards community. There needs to be a concerted

    effort to educate the user community as to the need for business people (and not solely IT

    people) to participate in the development of the standards with particular emphasis on

    development of requirements. Working with the JIC and improve global participation. There is

    an opportunity to utilize the HL7 WGM to reach out to global regulatory authorities.

    ? In order to effectively on board new participants, there needs to be a consistent and easy to use

    source for project documents, information, schedules and plans. The work group needs to be

    educated on the HL7 development process so that there is project-to-project consistency in the

    development of the standards. Testing of standards has been a consistently difficult area for

    projects both from a resource standpoint and the lack of consistent tools and testing


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