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    10 August 2009

Present: Edgar Jardine

     Linda Wilson

    Deborah Brown

    Mick Cory

    Aileen McClintock

     Maureen Bennett

     Michael Willis

In attendance: Trevor Palmer (minutes)

     Paul Gamble

     Michael O’Dowd

    Apologies: Paul Sweeney

     Stephanie Lowry

Edgar Jardine welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave a short update on

    the recent visit to the World Police and Fire Games in Vancouver.

1.0 Minutes of Last Meeting

1.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 27 May 2009 were agreed and

    amendments accepted.

2.0 Matters Arising / Action Points

2.1 The action point table was reviewed and matters arising discussed:-

    2.1.1 Action 7.3 Finance Branch is working to establish a finance

    forum involving representatives from operational branches and

    sponsored bodies. The principal function will be to discuss and clarify

    the financial information flows required between the Department and its

    sponsored bodies and to address any problems which have been

    identified in this exchange.

    2.1.2 Action 10.4 ALB Delegated limits. The 2009 test drilling

    exercise has now been commissioned.

    2.1.3 Action 6.6 The ALB Strategic Partnership Forum meeting will

    now be held in Causeway Exchange on 22 September. This will enable

    the ALB representatives to tour the Department’s new accommodation.

    2.1.4 Action 4.3 The ‘Post Occupancy Evaluation’ is almost

    complete and a draft report will be available by late August.

    2.1.5 Action 4.4 - The Department’s move to Causeway Exchange is

    being used as a case study, and a small working group led by Mick

    Cory will be set up to take this forward.

3.0 Declaration of Interests

3.1 There was a NIL response from members.

4.0 Finance Report

4.1 Michael O’Dowd joined the meeting and spoke to the Finance Report.

    4.2 Spend report to June end - The Board noted the spend report.

    4.3 Resource Accounts The NIAO audit of the 2008-09 Resource

    Accounts is underway and on schedule. NIAO has brought no

    significant matters to the Department’s attention to date.

4.4 Account NI Difficulties with the supplier payment system have been

    largely resolved. Unfortunately the consultant recruited to manage the

    implementation and stabilisation of Account NI within the Department

    has left in advance of his expected departure date and moved to a post

    within DSD. A managed handover of his role is now not possible and

    will present some difficulties to the Department. Deborah Brown is to

    contact DSD to establish if it would be possible to agree a joint working

    position for a short time.

    ACTION: Deborah Brown

4.5 June monitoring - The outcome of the June Monitoring Round was

    discussed. No bids were met and easements from the Ulster Scots

    Academy and Libraries NI were taken by DFP.

    4.6 September Monitoring The Board discussed the draft September

    Monitoring return. A final paper will be brought to the Finance

    Committee meeting on 25 August before Ministerial clearance and

    formal response to DFP by 3 September.

4.7 Management Statements and Financial Memoranda The NI Screen

    MSFM is now in place. The Libraries NI MSFM is currently in draft and

    will go to a future Libraries NI Board for final approval.

4.8 N/S Bodies: management of exchange rate pressures It is now clear

    that individual departments have approached this issue in different ways.

    DFP is reviewing what departments do and may take a lead in

    establishing a common approach.

5.0 Recording of Offers of Gifts and Hospitality

    5.1 Deborah Brown informed the Board that all offers of gifts and

    hospitality at SCS level will now be made available on the

    Department’s website in line with DFP guidance. Staff will have the

    opportunity to review prior to publication on the website. The Board

    are also to consider including non SCS members to ensure

    consistency across all departments.

5.2 It was agreed that guidance would be sought from other Finance

    Directors as to what their departments are doing to ensure consistency

    in approach.

    ACTION: Deborah Brown

6.0 GSU Quarter 1 update

6.1 Paul Gamble joined the meeting to speak to the paper on the GSU

    Quarter 1 update.

6.2 The Board noted the progress against the Business Plan and Risk

    Register in the first quarter of 09/10 and lessons learned were

    discussed. Two risks will be elevated to the Departmental Risk


6.3 GSU will meet with branches during September to provide feedback on

    the Business Plan, Risk Register and the quarterly assurance

    statements. GSU has also arranged risk management seminars to

    provide feedback and further information in relation to the risk

    management framework across the Department.

6.4 Progress against PSA targets was presented and remedial action

    noted. The first quarter updates are due with GSU by Friday 14 August.

7.0 Personnel Report

7.1 Deborah Brown spoke to the Personnel Report.

7.2 The Board noted the current resourcing position.

7.3 Improvements in sickness absence rates in the first quarter of 09/10

    against the same period in 08/09 were welcomed by the Board. To

    ensure that the statistics provided by NISRA are accurate, Directors

    were asked to ensure that Line Managers are recording all sickness

    absence appropriately through HR Connect.

7.4 TUS have agreed the H&S Management Standards Steering Group

    action plan which will now issue to staff for implementation.

7.5 HR Connect: The decision to go live with Final release: 2.0 Industrial

    Payroll, Absence Management and Job Related Changes was taken

    on 31 July. Absence Management and Job Related Data Changes are

    impacted from the 4 August and Industrial staff will receive their first

    payroll through HR Connect on 13 August.

7.6 Causeway Exchange: The Department is continuing to liaise with

    Properties Division in regard to ongoing ‘snags. Building work on Levels

    4, 5 & 6 is due to finish on 21 August and Properties Division is

    expected to move in between then and the first two weeks in September.

    There is no further information on the refurbishment of the ground floor.

7.7 Car Parking: Staff who believed they required the use of a car for work,

    either for business / domestic / caring / other reasons were asked to

    complete a pro forma. The staff returns received to date are currently

    being analysed and will be used to inform the Department’s car parking

    policy. In the interim the draft Essential User Car Parking policy

    continues to apply.

8.0 Teleworking Proposal

8.1 The Board approved the introduction of a pilot Teleworking Scheme

    within DCAL subject to the normal TUS engagement. The pilot scheme

    will be reviewed after one year.

9.0 Below the Line papers

9.1 The following papers were noted by the Board:

    ? Economics Update

    ? ARMC Update

    o Internal Audit Annual Report

    o ARMC June Minutes

    o ARMC Annual Report

    ? Departmental Values

    ? Data Protection Update

    ? Review of Interdepartmental Groups and Forums

    ? Report on Civil Service Live 2009

10.0 Any other business

10.1 There were no other matters discussed.

11.0 Next Meeting

11.1 The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29 September 2009 at

    9.30am in Causeway Exchange. Any change to this date will be

    notified in due course.


    19 August 2009

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