SWOT analysis template

By Regina Phillips,2014-05-16 16:39
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SWOT analysis template. Describe what you are assessing here: Internal, Strengths. Examples of strengths might include (replace these with yours):

    SWOT analysis template

    Describe what you are assessing here:

    Internal Strengths Internal Weaknesses

    Examples of strengths might include (replace Examples of weaknesses might include

    these with yours): (replace these with yours):

    ? The advantages of your product or ? The disadvantages of your product or

    service service

    ? Your unique selling points (USP) ? A lack of resources - equipment,

    people, finances ? The resources available to you -

    including equipment, people and ? Cashflow difficulties

    finances ? Poor reputation or brand identity

    ? Your market reach and market share ? Lack of differentiation from

    competitors ? The number and variety of sales

    channels you have ? Poor management structures

    ? Your brand strength ? Low morale

    ? Qualifications, accreditation, ? An under-developed business plan

    certification with no clear goals or objectives

    ? Your location ? Your location

    ? Your networks - including trade bodies ? Over-reliance on a single customer

    you are a member of

    ? Anything innovative about your

    product, service or operation

     Threats External External Opportunities

    Examples of threats might include (replace Examples of opportunities might include

    these with yours): (replace these with yours):

    ? Technological developments ? A fall in demand ? New markets opening up ? The economy - eg, interest rate

    changes ? Favourable trends in your market

    ? Product or business development ? Political changes ? Competitors are looking vulnerable ? New legislation ? Social/political developments offer ? Loss of contracts or partners

    marketing opportunities ? Loss of important staff ? New funding available ? Financial backer withdraws ? Partnerships/joint ventures ? Competitors selling new/innovative

    products or services ? Staff training and development

    ? Developments in IT/technology

    leaves your equipment looking old-


    ? Your premises are

    deteriorating/equipment coming to

    the end of its life

    ? A new competitor enters the market

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