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By Roberto Arnold,2014-05-19 23:28
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Position Paper

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    Delegate: Brian TangTommy Xie;唐嘉浚?谢天琪;

    School: Zhangzhou No.1 Middle school

    Country: Gabon

    Committee: UNEP

    Topic: Ensuring Drinking Water Safety

    Drinking water safety has been a world focus, as water is essential for the development of human society and our health. The part for us to support our lives accounts for only 4% of global water resources ,and its distribution is uneven .With the increase of the population,the environmental degradation, pollution, mismanagement led to the shortage of water makes the growing problem of freshwater resources and people's lack of awareness, funds, technical limitations and policies, and regulations also contributed to solve these problems with difficulty. As a developoing country in Afica ,Gabon is evidently facing the problem of drinking water safety.According to relevant statistics, 60 percent of the rural population lacks access to quality water though Gabon has significant surface and underground water resources.The government believes

    that the development and protection of drinking water resources is a major problem .

    The international community has long paid attention to the problem of Ensuring drinking water safety. Forty-seventh United Nations General Assembly formally proposed "To provide safe drinking water is a basic human need, is a fundamental human rights" concept, and called on Member States carried out action from the height of the protection of human rights .At the same time, the global safe drinking water-related activities like World Water Day”,

    Millennium Development Goals” have been carried out by

    United Nations. The world bank and the international monetary fund has increased the drinking water project funding and technical support for developing countries.

    The Gabon government is always making effort in ensuring drinking water safety. An assessment of current conditions indicated that significant efforts have already been made since the 1990s. Nearly 1,400 water access points have been installed since that time. However, this number meets a mere 40 percent of the need. The new policy

    target is to meet 60 percent of demand for drinking water in more than 3,340 villages throughout the country. The current number of water pumps would be tripled if the goals set are to be achieved. Another concern is guaranteeing sustainable service.

    Gabon would like to organize public service to achieve optimal implementation of this strategy , carry out activities with a view to the sustainable management of the resource and also make it possible for all citizens in rural areas to have access to safe drinking water.As an african country , Gabon affirms its intention of cooperating with other countries on the issue of ensuring drinking water safety and is urgent need of help in forms both fund and technology. What's more , Gabon has significant potential in terms of surface and underground water resources.To sum up, Gabon is convinced that with the cooperation among countries, drinking water safety will contribute more to the world and cause less trouble.

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