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    Section B

    Section B needs 1 period.

    The main activities are 1a and 2a.

    ?. Aims and demands

    1. Learn some new words:

     feeling, fail, experience, suggestion, normal, soft, nervous

    2. Learn some sentences of reassuring others:

     Dont worry.

     3. Learn how to give advice to people in bad moods.

    4. Learn to deal with unhappy feelings. ?. Teaching aids

     A recorder.

    ?. Five-finger Teaching Plan

    Step 1 Review


    T: Look at the stick figures, and then review the adjectives expressing feelings and adverbial

    clauses of reason.

2. T: Lets look at Picture 3. Whats wrong with the girl?

    Ss: She is crying.

    T: Why?

    Ss: Because she did badly in the English exam. T: Yes, she didnt pass her exam. Thats to say, she failed the exam. Whats her feeling? Or

    how does she feel?

    Ss: She feels very sad.

    fail 不及格;失败

    feeling 感情;感觉

    T: We all know Li Hong failed the exam and felt sad. Miss Wang will have a talk with her. If

    you are Miss Wang, what suggestions can you give her?

    : Listen to music. S1

    S: Why not do sports? 2

    S: 3

    Step 2 Presentation

    1. T: Now, Miss Wang is talking to Li Hong. What suggestions can she give her? Lets listen to 1a and find them out.

    What suggestions can Miss Wang give Li Hong?


    Everyone gets these feelings at your age. Talk to others when you feel sad.

    2. T: Read 1a by yourselves.

    T: Why doesn’t Li Hong talk to others?

    Ss: Because she is quiet and shy and she doesnt know how to talk with others. T: What does Miss Wang tell her?

    Ss: Miss Wang tells her everyone gets these feelings at her age.


    Ss: ...

    Step 3 Consolidation

    1.T: Now, read 1a again, and finish 1b by yourselves. 2.T: Please retell 1a according to the dialog above. S: Li Hong feels very sad because she failed the English exam. 1


    1.T: Listen to 1a and follow it. Pay more attention to the pronunciation and intonation.

    T: Now, read 1a by yourselves and finish 1b. Go! T: Suppose you were Miss Wang. Listen to Li Hong and make a dialog with her. Go!


    T: Answer the questions on the blackboard. Then retell the changes of Li Hongs feelings

    according to the answers.

    1. Why does Li Hong often feel lonely?

    2. How is she feeling these days? Why?

    3. What did Miss Wang do for her?

    4. What suggestions did Miss Wang give her?

    5. How does she feel now?

    T: Can you tell me the changes of Li Hongs feelings?

    S: Yes. Li Hong is a quiet and shy girl. She has few friends. So she often feels lonely. She is 1

    feeling very sad these days because

    Step 4 Practice


    T: Li Hong feels bad because she failed the exam. Do you have these bad experiences?

    S: Yes, sometimes. 1

    T: Whats your feeling when some bad experiences happen? S: I always feel sad and unhappy. 1

    T: It’s normal to have these feelings. But what do you often do for it?

    S: I often talk to my classmates. 2

    T: Well done.

    S: I often listen to music to relax. 3

    T: Right. Especially listen to soft music.





    T: OK. Here are some suggestions from Doctor Chen. Listen to 2a and find them out.

    Step 5 Project

    1. (1) T: Work in pairs and finish 2b.

    (2)T: Work in groups. Make a survey in your group. Find out the unhappy feelings from others

    and talk about the reasons. Then give your advice.

    Name Problem Feeling Advice

    Zhang Shan too much homework tired Why not tell your teachers about your feelings?

    no close friends to talk Dont be shy or quiet. Please try your best Li Wei lonely with to get along well with others.



    (3) S: What’s the matter? 1

    S: I feel tired. 2

    S: Why? 1

    S: Because I have too much homework. 2

    S: Why not tell your teachers and your parents about your feelings? Tell them its bad for your 1

    health to do too much homework.

    2. Homework:

    (1) Describe a unhappy experience. And then describe how you deal with it.

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