By Mary Ortiz,2014-06-20 17:17
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    it's nice to have a opportunity to introduce South Korea girl group that I really like ---- Girls' Generation.Girls

    Generation in 2007,there wan a female combination appeared.Girls' Generation is a nine girls group which includes tae yeon, sunny, tiffany, jessica, hyo yeon, yuri, soo young, yoona and seo hyun. And it was promoted by South Korean Entertainment Company S.M Entertainment.They are not only good at singing,but also dancing,after rigorous

    training,to a certain extent,they may have more than some of the debut artist for many years.As most people who know,they are singer ,but same of them has other talent,some are Film

    actor,some are host,some are DJ.In the language,they can not

    only speak good Korean,but also Chinese,English,Japanese. Recently they performed their latest English single, The Boys in the famous U.S. talk show “David Letterman".The program

    except invited Hollywood star besides, still have invited political people ? sports stars in the United States in the field of all kinds of famous people be a guest, belong to one of the three big talk show. Visible, they have before the global. I think they have today's achievement is not only hard work and positive efforts, more in nine people's unite to have today is affection.

The above is introduced me to everyone all the content, thank


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