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     Denise Henson Licensed, certified paramedical esthetician,

     camouflage makeup artist & aromatherapist

     Denise started practicing skincare & makeup

    artistry at the young age of 16 at a cosmetic

    counter. Eventually she worked in Manhattan

    for Estee Lauder Cosmetics creating new Makeup application is an art that

    concepts and product ideas. Working one on most women need to be taught.

    Learning how to apply it one with Mrs. Lauder gave her invaluable

     correctly is essential. If applied knowledge. Denise’s role as a Training Director correctly people should be gave her the practical experience of working on complimenting your eyes not your the faces of famous celebrities from a eye makeup, your skin , not your conservative Barbara Walters to an outlandish foundation and so on… Grace Jones and many more in between.

     Over the years Denise has kept up with trends Camouflage makeup techniques are

    and technology through attendances & certifications beneficial to those who have

    at seminars, tradeshows and workshops throughout scarring, bruising, pigmentation

    the country. Certification in aromatherapy enables problems, uneven texture or who

    are enduring post surgical healing. physical as well as mental healing during a skin care

     /facial session. Experience in dermatology is an asset All makeup products used are non-to helping her clients achieve truly beautiful skin. Her comedogenic & hypo-allergenic. facials are not only therapeutic but relaxing. Natural mineral ingredients with a

     Denise is also licensed & certified in camouflage sun protection factor prove to be

    makeup artistry which makes her an asset to the healing and nourishing to the skin. world of cosmetic plastic surgery. She can teach you Even those suffering from rosacea how to apply makeup that looks natural while giving and acne are encouraged to use this

    flawless coverage , learn how to cover bruising or makeup for its cooling and calming

    properties.simply relax for a special occasion make over.

    “Helping people is important to me. Camouflage Makeup lesson

    Gratification comes from seeing the Camouflage Makeover

    Personalized facial design & „before and after‟ results. Satisfaction 9878 Clint Moore Rd. educational makeover comes from seeing these actual positive Suite 204 Basic application Boca Raton, Fl. 33496 changes. This is why I love what I do!” Eyes only

    - Denise Henson

All skin treatments are customized to meet the Peels are done for deep exfoliation of the individual needs of the patient. All facial - Intense cleansing, skin. Peels can be done mildly with no procedures are performed to meet the goals of exfoliating, extraction, purifying mask and down time to moderate with little down the patient.. Full Treatments last from 40-60 high frequency disinfection. add to time or deep with downtime lasting a 2-5 minutes unless noted . any facial for days. Peels are ideal for removing the - Deep cleansing of - tired, puffy eyes cellular glue which prohibits from properly the pores with exfoliators, enzymes, hot towels will look and feel rejuvenated after this absorbing oxygen and treatment products. & extractions. Followed by a soothing

    special massage, mask and nutrient Peels aid in cellular renewal, collagen aromatherapy massage. Recommended once

    peptide serumproduction, softening of fine lines, per month.

    diminishing dark spots (known as hyperpigmentation) and reducing the recommended for sun soaked, stressed or

    residuals of scarring. Extraction and facial dehydrated skin. This treatment infuses vitamins,

    massage help to achieve a beautiful end minerals & antioxidants through high

    result. Sun block is a must following these frequency electrical currents. Antioxidants fight

    the free radicals that destroy healthy cells, procedures.

    collagen production & elasticity. This treatment mechanical peel that hydrates the skin making it more soft, subtle & uses fine crytals to deeply exfoliate the youthful.

    epidermis. Great for hyperpigmented, acne Package Prices: Deep cleansing of the skin scarred & aging skin. Not recommended with ultra soothing botanicals that calm and Purchase must be prepaid in full for for active acneic or couperose skin. . hydrate the skin. Extraction, massage and in order to take advantage of calming mask followed by minerals that keep

    the skin cool & protected from irritating Chemical these prices.

    environmental pollutants. peel for hyperpigmented, acne scarred or 5 treatments= aging skin. This treatment is preferred for Keeps problem skin under

     5 treatments= couperose and acneic skin. control through deep cleansing, toning,

    exfoliating, extraction and purifying treatment 5 treatments= This mask. Ultra violet high frequency currents are 5 treatments= combines both treatments for a more used for anti-bacterial/germicidal effects. aggressive approach. Results are more - 5 sessions= . Use of salycilic/ malic or glycolic intense and peeling should be expected. - 5 treatments= . acid to dry excessive breakouts. No extractions. This is an procedure that produces Home care guidance to achieve optimal results. awesome results

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