Vocabulary 10000

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Vocabulary 10000

    Vocabulary 10000

    Lesson 1

    A monument纪念碑纪念馆 was built to commemorate纪念?庆祝 the victory.

    The children huddled挤作一团 together for warmth.

    Censure非难 is sometimes harder to bear忍受 than punishment.

    The new vaccine疫苗 eradicated根除 all traces 痕迹of the disease within three months.

    The barbarians野蛮人的 defiled弄污弄脏 the church by using it as a stable. The pregnant woman has an enlarged abdomen下腹.

    The lost hikers were bereft of hope when the rescue plane did not see them. The children were bereaved使丧失亲人 by the death of their parents. This battlefield战场 is consecrated献祭 to the memory of the soldiers who died here.

    A good joke does not necessarily evoke唤起引起 a hearty热忱的强健的 laugh.

    Wheels left grooves沟?槽 in a muddy泥泞的 dirt road.

    The old car jolted使颠簸 its passengers badly as it went over the rough road. Bowing鞠躬 to greet问候 a lady is now an obsolete过时的 custom.

    Many wild animals prowl暗中寻觅 at night looking for something to eat. The children scooped用勺子舀 holes in the sand.

    Diplomats外交官 are interested in the status状况 of world affairs.

    The farmer sued控告 the railroad station because his cow was killed by the train.

    The counter of the sink下沉 has many grooves along which the water will run off. The cat prowled around the cellar地下室 looking for mice.

    We all sympathized同情 with the husband who was bereaved使丧失亲人 of his

    beloved钟爱的 wife.

    Her singing evoked admiration from the public.

    We still use this machine though it is obsolete过时的.

    The bandit强盗土匪 in a typical Western movie rides a horse and goes armed. Either alone or in a group.

    Christmas commemorates纪念庆祝 the birth of Jesus Christ.

    The children‘s muddy shoes defiled all the rugs小地毯 in the hotel.

    Running in the hall is a deviation背离偏离 from the school rules and will not be allowed.

    She could bear the disappointments of other people with tolerable fortitude毅力.

    The little girl was inconsolable极度沮丧的 at the loss of her kitten. Aren‘t you hungry? You are only nibbling your food.

    The coronation加冕礼of the new king was a splendid壮丽的辉煌的豪华的 pageant


    After the scourge灾祸 of flood usually comes the scourge of disease.

    The crippled child tumbled跌倒摔下 down the stairs and was badly hurt. The iron in the ship caused a deviation背离 of the magnetic needle of the compass. A marathon runner must have great fortitude毅力 to run such a long distance. The pretty girl‘s reputation was defiled by malicious恶毒的 gossips.

    The boy is just learning to walk; he is always tumbling跌倒 over the floor. The inauguration就职典礼?开幕仪式 ceremony of the new President was a splendid pageant.

    There are many illnesses, which afflict使苦恼?折磨 old people.

    His employer censured him for neglecting his work. The thief intruded侵入 into the house with caution and dissimulation掩饰.

    Nowadays, it is an inhumane punishment to flog the disobedient不服从?不顺从 soldiers or sailors.

    According to the inscription铭文 on its cornerstone墙角石, this building was erected建造 in 1919.

    The gifts of charity meddled干涉 with a man’s private affair.

    He doesn‘t sit straight: his posture姿势 is very bad.

    John rummaged翻找?搜寻 all the drawers to find his gloves. The water spouted喷出 out when the pipe was broken. The climber traversed横越 a long horizontal crack裂缝 in the face of the mountain slope斜面.

    A child stood looking with wistful忧思的 eyes at the toys in the shop window. He was flogging鞭打 his horse in a very cruel way.

    She rummaged翻找 change from the bottom of her purse. The law does not meddle干涉 unduly过分的 with a person‘s private life.

    The lights traversed横渡 the sky searching for enemy planes. The inscription碑文 on the ancient monument was very hard to read.

The amicable和睦的 flash闪光 of her white teeth was very impressive.

    The soldiers are very exhausted for they have advanced forward without rest in a


    If I were rich, I would like to cruise in the Southern Pacific太平洋 for six months in

    a private yacht快艇.

    Yellow fever has been eradicated根除 in the United States but it still exists in some countries.

    The doctor‘s report gave us only a glimmer微弱的 of hope.

    On his desk, many articles and documents are always piled in great lump堆在一起.

    The woman ransacked彻底搜索 the house for her lost jewelry.

    He slashed a path through the high grass with a long knife. Out feet slumped 突然倒下repeatedly through the melting ice.

    That pop-song had a great vogue流行风行 at one time.

    Enemy soldiers ransacked the city and carried off its treasures. Tired from his long walk, he slumped into a chair.

    We saw the glimmer of a distant light through the trees. He used to have a great vogue as a film actor, but no one goes to the cinema to see

    him now.

    What the Ice Age did was to eradicate the abundant大量的 mammalian哺乳动物 life

    in the Northern Hemisphere北半球.

    He ascribes把什么归因于 his success to skill and hard work.

    The soldiers kept their heads down behind the bulwark防御?保障.

She looked around this way and that in a dubious怀疑的?靠不住 manner.

    Selfishness was a facet问题的一个方面 of his character that we seldom saw before. For the first time he had to pay heed注意 to his appearance, and in fact he became very well-dressed from then on.

    The old man mumbled含糊的说 something to me, but I could not understand him. This ruined bridge is a relic of the Korean War in 1950. Automobile汽车 exhaust fumes are one of the major causes of smog. The thirsty wayfarer旅人 was glad to find a fresh spring near the road. He always speaks with his mouth full of food, it is his wont习惯于.

    We believe that a free press and free speech are bulwarks of democracy民主

    Lesson 2

    The judge absolved赦免 the man of the crime.

    The umpire裁判 should have no bias偏见偏 in favor of either side.

    Our baseball team is contending争夺 for the championship.

    We deplore强烈谴责 the terrible traffic accident in which 30 persons were killed and 50 injured.

    The boy fell from a tree and suffered fractures断裂 of his right arm and leg. A crowd of great magnitude重大?广大 attended the President’s inauguration.

    The pith要旨 of his speech was focused on the importance of education. I have no relish享受 for seeing people being whipped鞭打.

    Trying not to be seen, they quietly sneaked偷偷溜进 into the room.

The messenger信使 brought tidings消息 from the battlefield.

    Many people would be aghast惊骇 at the thought of another war. We shall not cumber [ˈkʌmbə]拖累 our thought with his reproaches [riˈprəutʃ]责备批评.

    The city government decreed [diˈkri:]n.法令?政令that all dogs must be licensed. The children were frolicking嬉戏 with the puppy小狗 in the backyard.

    There was much commercial intercourse交际交流 between the two countries before World War II.

    In dry weather forest fires are a great menace威胁威.

    I was standing on the very edge of a bank, a precipice悬崖 not less than fifty feet deep.

    The church is generally considered as a sanctuary堂避难所.

    After a light spring rain, leaves began to sprout发芽新芽 from trees.

    She trod行走 lightly in order not to wake the sleeping baby. The soldiers still had their guns but they were out of ammunition弹药.

    A doting溺爱的 mother alienates使疏远?离间 her husband by lavishing无节制的

    too much love on their child.

    The artist was so engrossed全神贯注 in his painting that he didn’t notice the people watching him.

    If you got a deep cut in your arm, there’s usually a gush喷涌 of blood.

    The deep river was an insuperable难以克服的 barrier to those who could not swim. Her life has been full of ordeals苦难, sickness, poverty and loss of her beloved son.

    He kept his tobacco in a leather pouch fastened to the belt腰带.

The brakes screeched尖叫 and the car suddenly stopped with a jerk猝然一动.

    A man who is six feet tall is above the average stature身高 in China.

    The President’s enemies are spreading ill rumors to undermine暗中破坏 his


    The house is unsafe since the foundations were undermined by floods. Damages from last week’s flood have been assessed at $50000.

    The children searched each and every chamber of the house for the cat. The Congress of the United States has two House of Representatives代理人.

    Now that she is rich, she disdains鄙视轻蔑 to speak to her old friends. One day Robinson Crusoe espied从远处突然看到 a foot print on the sand. The beautiful glossy光滑 coat of the cat shone as it lay in sunlight. The janitor [ˈdʒænitə]管理员 swept the floors and locked up the building every night. She bought a packet of envelops包裹 at the stationery文具 store.

    The eloquent雄辩的 and ornate华美 carving雕刻 on a church pulpit讲坛 was

    done by Indian hands.

    The meat was black and scorched outside but still raw inside. The grass is scorched烧焦 by so much hot sunshine in summer. The ship surged蜂拥而出 in the stormy seas, rolling摇晃 and pitching猛然倒

    with each wave.

    Pots, pans and kettles are useful kitchen utensils器皿器具.

    When the soldiers ran out of ammunition [ˌæmjuˈniʃən]弹药, they fixed bayonets刺刀

    to their rifles步枪.

    Compassion同情可怜 for the orphans孤儿 caused him to give money for their support.

    Lazy boys sometimes are detained拘留耽搁 at school to do extra work after ordinary lessons are finished.

    The police detained 拘留the suspected thief for more questions. A faction派系 in our club tried to make the president resign辞职.

    The diamond shone耀眼 with every hue under the bright sun. He polished磨光 the metal until it had a fine luster光辉.

    The deeds行为 or heroes add luster to a nation’s history.

    He persevered坚持不懈 in his study until he succeeded.

    Because of his high fever, the sick man raved说胡话 all night.

    He intended to slay杀死 his father’s murderer.

    The doctor told her to take three tablets药片 a day.

    Nowadays an actress with voluptuous撩人的 beauty seems to be more popular than the one with intelligent聪明的 look.

    Lesson 3

    The only access通道入口 to the farm house is across the rice fields. Only high officials had access to the emperor皇帝.

    The guide for visitors beckoned示意?召唤 us to follow him.

    I concur同意?同时发生 with the speaker in condemning谴责?判刑 every criminal. This summer two weeks of rain concurred with our vacation.

He was denounced [diˈnauns] as a coward and traitor叛徒.

    The first blow爆炸 makes the anger, but the second makes the fray吵架斗殴.

    Long wear had frayed the collar and cuffs袖口裤边 of his old shirts. Heavy clothing hampered妨碍?束缚 the movements of the climbers. Cancer and tuberculosis结核病 are serious maladies疾病 in every country. The old man was plodding沉重地走 wearily疲倦地 along the bank of the river. Since the factory moved, this town has only a remnant残留部分 of its former population.

    The child with a cold in his nose snored打鼾 all night.

    Blood tinged色调?着色 the water as he washed his wound伤口.

    It was necessary for them to have remedies补救办法?药品疗法 for their ailments小病.

    The children are bickering争吵 with each other about who is the tallest among


    The inventor contrived设计了?策划 a new kind of engine with fewer moving parts.

    The bright light of the motor car on the dark country road dazzled耀眼 my eyes. She fumbled摸索 about in her handbag for a pen to write a memorandum备忘录.

    Poor food and hard work impaired损伤 her health and she became thin. The parents were mortified使受辱 by their children’s bad behavior before the guests.

    The United States became the predominated占优势地位 nation in the Western Hemisphere.

He worked to improve the sanitary卫生的 conditions of slums贫民窟.

    Do you consider the wild behavior of the crowd was enough of a warrant正当理由

    for the police to use force?

    The ford涉过?浅滩 foundation allocated millions of dollars for cancer research.

    The brawl in the street could be heard in the house nearby. The boys made several cynical愤世嫉俗的 remarks to cover up their disappointment at being left out of the play.

    She embellished the simple dress with colorful laces and ribbons. The defense of the alamo was a heroic英雄的 action of gallant对女子献殷勤的?勇

    敢的 men.

    He immersed使浸没 his aching feet in a bucket of cold water. He rode his new bicycle up and down in front of our house in an ostentatious夸示?

    华美的 way .

    Soapy肥皂泡的 followed the man with a presentiment预感 that luck would again run against him.

    She was so satiated使过饱 with bananas that she would not even look at one. The field of wheat was undulating波动?起伏 in the breeze.

    A shop selling womens apparel服饰 is at the corner of the street. He cajoled哄骗 his friends into deciding in his favor. You can discard丢弃 your old coat but not your old friends. During the middle ages, Greek civilization希腊文明 declined衰退了 and became


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