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Ask and Answer

    1. Culture:

    1) Do you think culture differences will cause misunderstanding? Can you give an example?

    2) What do you know about the culture differences between China and America?

    2. Marriage & Wedding

    1) What do you think of marriage?

    2) When the word “marriage” is being mentioned, what do you have in your mind?

    3) Do you think a happy marriage is the most important thing in a person’s life? Why or why not?

    4) What do you think are the major causes of the rising divorce rate in China?

    5) Can you brief introduce something about a wedding in your hometown? 3.

    4. How to Judge People

    1) Do we sometimes judge people by their appearance or their clothes? Do we attach too much importance to peoples images?

    2) How will you judge people?

    3) How will you give others a good impression?

    4) Do you think a person’s name is very important to a person and affect his life? Why?

    5) Do you know the story of your name? Can you introduce something about your name?

    5. Emotion & Health

    1) Can you list some examples for positive emotion/ negative emotion? 2) How will you deal with the stress?

    3) Do you think emotion will affect your health?

    4) In your opinion, how can we keep healthy?

    5) Can you explain the sentence “Laugh makes you become younger!?

    6) Is it possible to have a healthy body and an unhealthy mind? Why? 7) Do you have any tips for handling anger?

    8) Researches indicate that, for jobs of every type, EQ, known as Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence, is more important than IQ, Intelligence Quotient. Do you agree? Why?

    6. Loving Your Career Loving Your Life

    1) What motivated you to decide on the major you’re now taking? If it were possible for you to change your present major, what new major would you like to have? Why?

    2) Which career will you pursue upon graduation? Why?

    3) Is sociality more important than academic achievements? 4) As you know, competition has become more and more severe and an applicant is usually expected to possess many abilities. What kind ability is the most important?

    5) Would you like to develop other abilities on campus?

    6) What is your understanding of living a meaningful life? 7) Should college students take a part-time job?

    7. Success

    1) What kind of life do you think is a successful life? 2) What are the keys to success? Why?

    3) What do you do when something becomes very difficult? 4) Can you tell me about a time when you wanted to quit something, but didnt?

    5) Do you know anyone who has quit something? What do you think of that person?

    6) Who is your greatest hero? Why?

    7) Who has had the biggest influence on you? And in what way?

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