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    1. Adjust your heater controls to cool rooms down, don't just open windows or doors.

    2. If you reduce your heating temperature by 1;C it can cut your fuel bill by up to 10%.

    3. Use extractor fans in your bathroom or kitchen, if you have them, instead of opening

    windows and doors to remove stale or moist air.

    4. Use time switches to control heaters in rooms that don't need heat all the time.

    5. If you need to replace your heating boiler, think of buying a more efficient condensing

    boiler that could reduce the energy you use by up to 30%.

    6. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) fitted to radiators on a central-heating system

    will help to save energy.

    7. Boilers work better when you have them serviced regularly.

    8. You can save energy by attaching panels that reflect heat behind radiators. Using

    cooking foil is a cheap but effective method.

    9. Put lids on saucepans.

    10. Do not fill the kettle if you only need a small amount of boiling water.

    11. Pressure cookers are very energy efficient.

    12. Fabric softener can reduce creasing which means less ironing.

    13. Don't leave your fridge and freezer door or lid open.

    14. Compact fluorescent lamps are five times more efficient and can last up to ten times

    longer than an ordinary bulb. They cost more to buy, but you make savings with

    smaller bills.

    15. Turn lights off when you don't need them.

    16. Don't leave TVs and videos on standby.

    17. Close your curtains to reduce heat loss.

    18. If you have radiators under your windows, make sure that your curtains don't cover


    19. Draughtproof windows and doors.

    20. Fit a letter-box flap to reduce draughts.

    21. Insulate your loft with at least 200mm of insulation material. Make sure you lag any

    cold-water pipes in the loft, but don't lag under the cold-water tank.

    22. Seal the edges to your loft hatch.

    23. Professionally-installed cavity wall insulation helps reduce heat loss through outside


    24. If you are replacing your window frames it is probably worth fitting double glazing. The

    cheapest way to double glaze a window is to attach some plastic sheeting over it.

    25. Have a shower instead of a bath - a shower uses much less water than a bath does,

    so it saves energy.

    26. Don't fill your bath too full.

    27. Fill the sink instead of using a running tap.

    28. Make sure you turn off your taps.

    29. If your taps drip, have the washers replaced.

    30. Use a washing up bowl rather than filling your kitchen sink as this will reduce the

    amount of water you use.

    31. Make sure that your hot-water cylinder is lagged with at least an 80mm lagging jacket.

    32. If you are going on holiday remember to switch your water heating off.

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