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    MaxLife’s IGF-1 Plus

    Revolutionary Anti-Aging Formula

    Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is the ultimate health, muscle and anti-aging Telephone: (210) 447-9651 factor. IGF-1 is made primarily in the liver in response to Human Growth Hormone (HGH) release. Unfortunately as we age we experience a relative HGH deficiency Staff Members:

     due to a lowered release from the pituitary resulting in a concomitant loss of IGF-1. Alex Duarte, O.D., Ph.D. The vast number of benefits of IGF-1 centers around muscle development and Nutrition Consultant performance. IGF-1 transports glucose and amino acids into muscle while stimulating muscle DNA. This results in a muscular development in youth and muscle Ranya Alexander, Ph.D. M.D. preservation in old age. For the athlete it means peak performance and quick Endocrinologist, Biochemist recovery from intense training or injury. Other tissues of the body benefit from IGF-1 because of the affect on DNA and RNA (Ribonucleic Acid and Deoxyribonucleic Acid V. James DeFranco, M.D. - are nucleic acids that are an essential part of every living cell). This tends to Medical Diversified stimulate a faster production of proteins such as enzymes that help conduct normal International

     metabolism. Rick Lentini, Ph.D Vice President/Product One of the most important functions of IGF-1 is the improvement in blood sugar Development utilization. IGF-1 improves insulin receptor sensitivity. This means insulin has an easier time getting blood sugar into the cells where it can be utilized for energy Joel Sauceda-CEO production. This may improve blood sugar levels in people with abnormally elevated blood sugar. This also has been shown to help preserve muscle tissue in animals Sonny Melendrez that were given Prednisone. Prednisone desensitizes insulin receptor sites, which are President

     overcome by IGF-1.

    Brad Harris - Chief Financial Officer One of the most exciting discoveries about IGF-1 is its ability to stimulate repair of damaged nerves. In culture tubes containing spinal cord motor neurons, IGF-1 111 Soledad Ste. 825 stimulated a 150% to 270% increase in activity. In animal studies IGF-1 repaired and San Antonio, TX. 78205 reconnected nerve endings up to a distance of six millimeters. This is astounding when one realizes that severe nerve damage of more than one inch may result in For More Information permanent damage. In other animal studies IGF-1 increased intramuscular nerve Visit Our Website at: sprouting tenfold.

     IGF-1 also has a profound effect on the heart muscle. In a randomized, double blind human study IGF-1 stimulated a significant increase in strength and efficiency of

    heart function. These people had severely damaged hearts but still realized an increase in blood volume pumped through the heart. IGF-1 also helps preserve cardiac function in normal, healthy people as well.

     For those interested in achieving lean body mass, IGF-1 is the supplement

    of choice. IGF-1 shifts fuel utilization from carbohydrates (sugar and starch to

    fat-stores in the body. Thus, your body will burn more fat regardless of what kind of

    weight-loss or exercise program you are on. When people try to loose weight they

    loose muscle as well as fat but with IGF-1 muscle tissue is preserved while fat is

    preferentially lost. Additional metabolic benefits of IGF-1 include:

    ? White blood cell production including T Lymphocytes and B Lymphocytes

    which kill microbes and produce antibodies.

    ? Restoration of immune supporting lymphoid tissue.

    ? An increase of the uptake and degradation of the dangerous LDL cholesterol

    by macrophages (a type of white blood cell).

    ? Helps to preserve healthy bone density by improving Parathyroid/Vitamin D

    interaction and reducing urinary hydroxyproline excretion.

    ? IGF-1 may be one the most important anti-aging compounds ever studied.

    IGF-1 initiates the transport of nucleic acids into the nucleus of the cell where

    the DNA resides. It provides these raw materials for the DNA to repair itself

     and it helps initiate cell division. Telephone: (210) 447-9651 ? Thus, IGF-1 actually helps the repair of the blueprint of life. When DNA is kept in a state of good repair it is better able to resist carcinogenic toxins, Staff Members: viruses and radiation

    Alex Duarte, O.D., Ph.D. . Nutrition Consultant Advanced Delivery System: The MaxLife IGF-1 product uses a patented Lipo Ranya Alexander, Ph.D. Gastric Delivery System, which allows faster delivery and greater bioavailability and M.D. longer duration of nutrient action. This has a distinct advantage over tablets, Endocrinologist, capsules and powder products. The Lipo Gastric Delivery System? (LGDS) uses Biochemist nano-particles that are delivered into the blood stream more rapidly, where they can be better absorbed and utilized without degradation in the liver as is experienced with V. James DeFranco, M.D.

    Medical Diversified other products.

    International MaxLife’s IGF-1 is derived from cold processed, concentrated Conu parvum velvet Rick Lentini, Ph.D antler grown in New Zealand. MaxLife holds the worldwide rights to this unique Vice President/Product product and advanced technology along with MaxLife’s Lipo Gastric Delivery Development System?. Joel Sauceda-CEO

     Sonny Melendrez President Brad Harris - Chief

    Financial Officer 111 Soledad Ste. 825 San Antonio, TX. 78205

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    New MaxLife Research’s NitroBlast? Formula Plus

    Maximum Strength Vasodilator

    Increase Muscle Pump, Vascularity and Muscle Size

     Telephone: (210) 447-9651 MaxLife Research’s NitroBlast? Formula Plus, Beyond Nitric Oxide Staff Members:

     The Most Powerful Muscle Building Product Since Creatine

    Alex Duarte, O.D., Ph.D. Nutrition Consultant MaxLife Research’s NitroBlast Formula Plus is a revolutionary new Scientific breakthrough that utilizes the latest technology in nutrient bioavailability and delivery to Ranya Alexander, Ph.D. M.D. achieve mind blowing muscle pumps, enhanced vascularity and massive gains in size Endocrinologist, Biochemist and strength that were never before possible. V. James DeFranco, M.D. MaxLife’s NitroBlast Formula Plus Gives You More Than Any Other N.O. Product. Medical Diversified This unique formulation significantly increases nitric oxide; the key molecule used to International

     increase blood flow, improves oxygen transport and delivers essential nutrients needed Rick Lentini, Ph.D for maximum muscle growth! MaxLife’s NitroBlast contains an innovative new complex Vice President/Product called Citrumalline, a proprietary blend of Citrulline Malate and Arginine Malate. These Development one-of-a-kind compounds were developed to outperform all other materials on the market. They contain higher levels of the active components and are ionically bonded Joel Sauceda-CEO to malic acid instead of Arginine Keto-Gluterate (AKG). Malic acid is a Kreb cycle Metabolite that is a vital metabolic substrate and has been shown to be associated with Sonny Melendrez improved endurance, energy and nutrient utilization. Furthermore, the compounds in President the Citrumalline increase aerobic ATP production and replenish phosphocreatine stores

    Brad Harris - Chief Financial after exercise. No other NO products even come close to the power of MaxLife’s Officer NitroBlast Formula Plus. 111 Soledad Ste. 825 MaxLife’s NitroBlast Formula Plus Gives You The Most Advanced, Natural, Fat San Antonio, TX. 78205 Burning Discovery Octopamine HCL. In the human body some adrenergic receptors help store fat while the beta 3 receptor helps “burn fat”. When beta 3 receptors are For More Information activated preferentially fat loss occurs without any side effects. This is exactly what Visit Our Website at: Octopamine HCL does and this is why many researchers believe beta 3 stimulation holds

     the key to a long term safe weight loss. Another advantage of Octopamine HCL is that it increases the fat that helps us burn the more common white or yellow fat. This fat is call brown fat and it increases the metabolic rate.

     Octopamine HCL also increases insulin sensitivity which improves one’s fat loss efforts. This also has the benefit of helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Octopamine

    us not a stimulant and does not elevate blood pressure. It does however; help preserve

    muscle tissue while a person is losing weight. This means that fat is preferentially burned

    and muscle is preserved. Last but not least the body does not adapt to this beta 3

    agonist as it does to other compounds so this product will continue to be effective as long

    as you take it.

    MaxLife’s NitroBlst Formula Plus will Super Charge Your Workouts Mentally and

    Physically With Caffeine. Caffeine has been show to stimulate metabolism, nerve

    conduction, cognition and motor activity. It dilates the coronary artery for increased blood

    flow to the heart while improving breathing. It stimulates the cerebral cortex of the brain

    producing efficient flow of thoughts and better idea association. It improves the speed of

    mental activity and tells the body to burn more fat than carbohydrates. In other words

    caffeine when combined with these unique nutrients in MaxLife’s NitroBlast Formula

    Plus gives you everything that you need mentally and metabolically for an intense,

    effective, muscle- exploding workout.

    MaxLife Reserch’s

    INTIMACY PLUS ADVANCES PROSEXUAL Telephone: (210) 447-9651 LIPOSOME SPRAY Staff Members: MaxLife’s Intamacy Plus is the ultimate “state-of-the-art” sexual enhancement product for men and women alike. MaxLife’s Intimacy Plus combines concentrated, Alex Duarte, O.D., Ph.D. standardized extracts of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris (tribistol). Velvet deer antler and Nutrition Consultant Mara Puama (potency wood). Intimacy Plus now provides the unique formula in a liposomal spray delivery system that insures a faster absorption and utilization of the Ranya Alexander, Ph.D. M.D.

    Endocrinologist, Biochemist sexuality enhancing ingredients. V. James DeFranco, M.D. Tribistol is the only powdered extract of Tribulus terrestris with a guaranteed level of Medical Diversified protodioscin of not less than 15% and not less than 40% total saponins. These International ingredients, especially protodioscin elevate leuteinizing hormone, which in turn elevates testosterone. Both animal and human studies have shown that Tribulus terrestris Rick Lentini, Ph.D increased sperm production, libido and sexual activity. Other benefits include Vice President/Product increases in energy, protein synthesis, muscle strength and performance. Development

Joel Sauceda-CEO Mara Puama has been used traditionally in Brazil as an aphrodisiac. The benefits of treating impotency with Mara Puama were demonstrated in two separate studies, which Sonny Melendrez showed a significant improvement in libido and erectile dysfunction. In one study President conducted in Paris France, 262 men lacking sexual desire and the ability to maintain an erection were tested. Sixty-two percent of the men reported a significant improvement Brad Harris - Chief Financial in libido and 51% said it was beneficial in correcting erectile dysfunction. Officer Mara Puama has also been used in stimulating the nervous system in cases of mild 111 Soledad Ste. 825

    San Antonio, TX. 78205 exhaustion. It has been known for some time that neurosexual stimulation can enhance libido. For More Information Visit Our Website at: Finally, MaxLife’s Intimacy Plus contains a highly concentrated form of Velvet Deer Antler. Research has shown Velvet Deer Antler increases leuteinizing hormone (LH), which increases testosterone, the primary hormone of sexual function. In another study velvet deer antler produced a 5 times increase in testosterone levels in a population of men that had normal testosterone levels.

     Velvet Deer Antler also contains ingredients that improve the oxygen carrying capacity

    of the blood, muscular strength and development, stamina and endurance. Velvet

    Deer Antler also contains IGF-1, the hormone of youth. Animal studies show Velvet

    Deer Antler increases sperm production and mating frequency.

    MaxLife’s Intimacy Plus provides you with the ultimate combination of natural prosexual

    ingredients in a quick-acting liposome spray delivery system.

    This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This

    product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


     Beta- sitosterol is the major ingredient in saw palmetto and other herbs touted to be

    active in prostate health. It has long been known to lower blood cholesterol. The use Telephone: (210) 447-9651 of the sublingual liposome delivery bypassing ordinary digestive processes makes the MaxLife spray thousands of time more potent than saw palmetto. Staff Members: The combination of beta-sitosterol, lycopene and zinc offers the finest protection found Alex Duarte, O.D., Ph.D. against prostate disease and promotion of prostate health and normal urinary function. Nutrition Consultant Beta sitosterol’s local testosterone inhibitory activity in the prostate combats unwanted

    Ranya Alexander, Ph.D. M.D. hypertrophy. This plant sterol has been found to have immune modulating activity and Endocrinologist, Biochemist anti-tumor activity in animal models and human clinical trials (Bouic et al. 1999) (1). V. James DeFranco, M.D. The healthy prostate needs zinc just like the thyroid needs iodine. Zinc takes part in Medical Diversified over 200 enzymes in the human body. It is essential for proper prostate functioning International and health maintenance. Rick Lentini, Ph.D A powerful antioxidant, lycopene, derived from tomatoes, is concentrated in the Vice President/Product prostate and has been linked in several studies to lower cancer risks. Lycopene adds Development

     to the protection of prostate and other tissue against free radical damage. The Joel Sauceda-CEO consumption of tomatoes and lycopene they contain shows evidence of health benefit “strongest for cancers of the prostate, lung and stomach” (2). Sonny Melendrez President Brad Harris - Chief Financial REF: Officer

    1. Bouic, P.J. et al. Plant sterols and sterolins: a review of their immune- 111 Soledad Ste. 825

    San Antonio, TX. 78205 modulating properties. Altern. Med. Rev. 1999 Jun; 4(3): 170-7. 2. (JCI) Journal of the Nation Cancer Institute 1999;91:317 For More Information Visit Our Website at:


    MaxLife Research’s CardioMax Formula Plus-

    Helps Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

     Telephone: (210) 447-9651 CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE is a problem of epidemic proportions. About 960,000 Staff Members: Americans die of this disease every year, representing more than 40 % of all deaths. Its prevelance, morbidity, and mortaliry have encourages millions of Americans to seek prevention Alex Duarte, O.D., Ph.D. and treatment by focusing on the modification of known cardiovascular risk factors. We now Nutrition Consultant know that some of these risk factors can be modified by the utilization of micro-nutrients and antioxidants. The following micor-nutrients and antioxidants provide benefit control of risk Ranya Alexander, Ph.D. M.D. factors when delivered at the therapeutic levels. Endocrinologist, Biochemist VITAMIN B3: (as niacinamide), chemically this is one of the co-enzyme forms of the vitamin V. James DeFranco, M.D. known as niacin. The coenzyme forms of this vitamin are involved in more than fifty metabolic Medical Diversified reactions in the body especially those that provide energy to the cells. They metabolize a International number of drugs and toxicants and are involved in a number of other biochemical tasks within the cell. One of the more important tasks is to inhibit pro-inflammatory interleukin-1 (1). It is Rick Lentini, Ph.D en established fact that inflammation is at the heart of most degenerative disease. Vice President/Product Development RED YEAST RICE: There are thousands of different strains of yeast (which, surprisingly, are a type of fungus related to mushrooms). In addition to the economically important varieties, Joel Sauceda-CEO such as brewer’s yeast and baker’s yeast, one species in particular has important medicinal value and has been used safely in China for centuries. A Purple-colored yeast (Monascus Sonny Melendrez purpureus) grows on rice and gives it a red color when the rice ferments. The resulting President product, appropriately called “red yeast rice”, is used in the Orient as a food, therapeutic agent and for food-coloring. At the University of California’s Center for Human Nutrition in Los Brad Harris - Chief Financial Angeles, a recent review of various herbs with cholesterol-lowering abilities confirmed the Officer value of re yeast rice with natural antioxidant properties (2). Red yeast rice contains a compound called lovastatin as well as a number of related compounds such as simvastatin, 111 Soledad Ste. 825 mevastatin, pravastatin, atorvastatin, and fluvastatin, all of which are in a class of compunds San Antonio, TX. 78205 called statins. These compounds are highly effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels and are, in fact, the basis for several pharmaceutical drugs. Statins lower blood cholesterol by For More Information inhibiting an important enzyme called “hydroxymethylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase” that is Visit Our Website at: required for the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. This protein (all enzymes are proteins) usually goes by the simpler name HMG-CoA reductase. If your cholesterol level is too high, inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase is a good thing to do. The scientific literature shows that red yeast rice, with its low-to-no toxicity profile, is similar to the prescription drug lovastatin in its cholesterol-reducing effects (3). Recent research also indicates that statin therapy can reduce

    the level of another protein, called C-reactive protein, with consequences that may lower the risk of several additional types of coronary events (4). Because red yeast rice is a natural product, it is a much more complex mixture of compounds than the synthetic pharmaceutical

    drugs such as lovastatin. While red yeast rice contains lovastatin, it also contains eight other

    statins, all with the ability to inhibit HMG-CoA reductase (5). It should come as no surprise,

    therefore, that scientific studies have demonstrated that red yeast rice extracts significantly

    reduce LDL levels. One of these studies was conducted at UCLS and showed that red yeast

    rice extract (2.4 g/day) lowered total cholesterol by 16% after 12 weeks of treatment. The

    health benefits or red yeast rice are further enhanced by the presence of certain isoflavones

    (cholesterol-lowering compounds found in soy products) and phytosterols (compounds that

    inhibit cholesterol absorption in the digestive tract). Because of the popular use of “statin”

    drugs (Zocor?, Lipitor?, Pravachol?, Lescol?, and Mevacor?) it is important to emphasize

    that all statins (natural and synthetic) act by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, the rate-limiting

    enzyme in cholesterol biosynthesis. Inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase activity decreases CoQ10

    levels (6) because HMG-CoA reductase is required for CoQ10 synthesis. Therefore,

    individuals using statins must increase their intake of CoQ10 to negate this decrease in CoQ10



    MaxLife Research’s Cardio Max Formula Plus-

    Helps Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

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    COENZYME Q10 (CoQ10, ubiquinone) is fat-soluble cofactor substance. It is Telephone: (210) 447-9651 naturally occurring substance that helps to prevent cardiovascular cell damage due to myocardial ischemia (hypoxia). It has long been considered and essential nutrient for Staff Members: cardiac health because of its role in boosting cellular energy by working at the cells’ mitochondria (the cell’s energy powerhouse) level where it helps to convert fats and Alex Duarte, O.D., Ph.D.

    Nutrition Consultant sugars into energy. Additionally CoQ10 is involved in several key enzymes related to energy production within a cell, has membrane-stabilizing activity but functions Ranya Alexander, Ph.D. M.D. primarily as an antioxidant. CoQ10 has been used to treat cardiovascular disorders Endocrinologist, Biochemist including angina pectoris, hypertension, and periodontal disease. Numerous studies provide details of the efficacy of CoQ10 in the prevention and treatment of heart V. James DeFranco, M.D. disease, (Kamikawa et al. 1985), (Sunamori et al. 1991), (Baggio et al. 1994) (Singh Medical Diversified et al. 1998) and (Rosenfeldt et al. 1999), just to name a few. International

    Rick Lentini, Ph.D POLICOSANOL is a cholesterol-lowering agent derived from sugar cane wax. The Vice President/Product efficacy and safety of policosanol has been shown in numerous clinical trials. It has Development been used by millions of people in other countries. Policosanol can lower LDL cholesterol as much as 20% and raise protective HDL cholesterol by 10%. This Joel Sauceda-CEO compares favorably with some cholesterol-lowering drugs that can cause side effects such as liver dysfunction and muscle atrophy. (7) Policosanol works by blocking the Sonny Melendrez synthesis of cholesterol. Policosanol inhibits the formation of clots and may work President synergistically with aspirin in this respect. In a comparison of aspirin and policosanol, aspirin was better at reducing one type of platelet aggregation (clumping together of Brad Harris - Chief Financial

    Officer blood cells) and policosanol was better at inhibiting another type aggregation. After two weeks of human testing policosanol showed a significant reductions in the level 111 Soledad Ste. 825 of thromboxane (a blood vessel-constricting eicosanoid produced by platelets). (8) San Antonio, TX. 78205 Together, policosanol and aspirin worked better than either one alone. (9) For More Information Visit Our Website at:


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