Interview with WONG FU Productions

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Interview with WONG FU Productions

    Interview with WONG FU Productions:

    Date: November 28, 2006

Philip Wang (Wong Fu)

    Wesley Chang (Wong Fu)

    Austin Chong (Actor/ “Arthur”)

How did the name “Wong Fu” come about? thPhilip: It wasn‟t really anything in particular. It was a nickname back in 7 grade and it

    sort of just stuck.

    Where does Wong Fu‟s inspiration come from? Wesley: It‟s usually personal experience. We want to portray something that people can

    relate to and that when they see it they can be like, hey that happens to me too.

Who is your intended audience, if there is one?

    Wesley: No, we really don‟t set out for one specific audience. Wong Fu is intended for


    Philip: Yea, obviously we‟re Asian-American and we‟re glad for the support we are getting from the Asian community but I think again we set out to tell stories that everyone,

    despite ethnic differences can relate to.

What are your thoughts on the portrayal of Asian identity in North American media?

    Austin: Yea well I would hopefully like to see more Asian role models and see more

    people in media that I can look up to.

Philip: There are obviously a lot of stereotypical roles of Asians like the „dragon ladies‟

    or „sinister male‟, but I think through having more and more Asians behind the scenes

    and in the production roles, like for Wong Fu, people will then start to see that Asians can

    also have the same great talent as well.

Where do you see Wong Fu in 5-10 years?

    Wesley: Expanding. We‟ve already started a media company called “Sketchbook Media”

    that will be providing various services for clients such as graphic design, video

    production, programming, etc. Along side Wong Fu Productions, we hope to keep doing

    what we do and just keep getting better and better.

Any advice for the new and ambitious film-makers that are out there?

    Philip: Be creative and just have fun. You have to love what you do.

    By: Annie Chiang

    Connie Chiang

    Q&A after the screening- Audience questions:

    How much did the whole production of “A Moment With You” cost? Wesley: It was about $2000 and out of our own pockets. We were going to UC San

    Diego then as well so we were able to use a lot of their production and editing


How did you guys do your casting?

    Philip: It was actually through „Craigslist‟ and people just came in to audition and do a read.

    Austin: Yea I replied on Craigslist and it was cool because it‟s not like anything I‟ve

    done before.

Where does the music for the film come from?

    Wesley: We have a friend who does his own music on the side. We‟d ask him for a sad

    song for example and he‟d show us and we‟d be like, not sad enough, and he‟d change it

    and so on.

    Philip: Yea we‟ll also use music that we like, that we find here and there. All the music is

    available on the soundtrack for those that are interested.

How do you guys pay for your traveling expenses?

    Philip: We‟ve been very lucky because all the universities that we are going to have

    provided the accommodation and travel expenses for us.

    Wesley: Yea its been just great to get away, travel, and meet people like you guys. I don‟t think we‟d be able to keep on with the busy schedule of filming without taking a break.

    Was there any off-screen chemistry between Arthur (Austin) and Alice? Austin: Well, no, I actually have a pretty serious girlfriend. But Alice, she‟s a nice girl. Philip: Yea, and for the guys she actually has a pretty serious girlfriend as well.

How do we obtain a hard-copy of “AMY”?

    Philip: Well right now we are submitting to a lot of Film Festivals and because of

    distribution legalities that most festivals have, we can‟t really release it out to the public

    just yet. We do have DVDs that are in the works though but that won‟t be out until about

    late April. It‟ll be some time in the spring of next year.

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