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- Shiatsu Massage (60 Minutes) S$33.00

    Shiatsu is A Massage Technique from Japan. The Masseuse’s hand and

    feet massage your Body. This Massage will revitalize you and increase

    your energy level.

- Sports Massage (60 Minutes) S$33.00

    Sport Massage is great for active people and those who love sports.

    This massage relaxes your muscles and also stimulates them, easing

    stiff joints and muscles. This massage technique will also raise your

    spirits and you will feel it is effect almost instantly.

- Indonesian Massage (60 Minutes) S$33.00

    Indonesian Massage is a relaxation massage which combines the

    methods shiatsu, sport massage and Swedish massage. This massage

    stimulates blood circulation and relaxes of your body.

- Warm Stone Massage (60 Minutes) S$46.00

    Stone Massage is massaging which hot stone, use for blood circulation,

    muscle relaxation; solve your stress, depression, etc.

- Kinasih Treatment (75 Minutes) S$46.00

    Our Kinasih treatment is a special treatment to increase your vitality,

    virility, and refresh your body. This treatment is full body massage

    but more concentrate on stomach and inner tight.

    - Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 Minutes) S$23.00

    Head, Neck & Shoulder Therapy is used to stimulate your muscles on

    your head, shoulder and neck. After this treatment you will feel

    refreshed and light, as if burden has literally been taken off your



    - Insomnia Aromatherapy Massage (60 Minutes) S$53.00

    Insomnia Aromatherapy consists of the aromatic oils of Marjoram,

    Canaga, and Bergamot which is specially blended to help you sleep well.

    In our 60 minutes therapy, you will be able to overcome your sleep


    - De-stressing Aromatherapy Massage (60 Minutes) S$53.00

    De-stressing Aromatherapy consist of the aromatic oil of Brasil,

    Bergamot and Sandalwood which help you to overcome your stress.

    - Jet-Lag Aromatherapy Massage (60 Minutes) S$53.00

    Jet-Lag Aromatherapy massage consists of the aromatic oil of

    Rosewood and Sandalwood. This treatment will help you to overcome

    the jet-lag problem.

    - Romance & Sensual Aromatherapy Massage (60 Minutes) S$53.00

    Romance & Sensual Aromatherapy Massage uses Roses and Ylang Ylang

    aromatic oils to tingle your senses and arouse your nerve.

    - Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage (60 Minutes) S$53.00

    Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage uses Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang

    aromatic oils that will relax your body and make you feel refresh at

    the end of the session.

    - Releasing Tension Aromatherapy Massage (60 Minutes) S$53.00

    This Aromatherapy massage uses Rosemary, Sandalwood and Pine

    aromatic oils and warms your body and releases your physical tension.


- Javanese Body Scrubs (60 Minutes) S$65.00

    Javanese Body Scrub uses the famous Indonesian traditional herb and

    Indonesian plant extract (jamu). This treatment will smoothen and

    renew your skin, lift up and remove the dead skin cell, and leave your

    skin clean, shiny and fresh.

- Bust Treatment & Massage (60 Minutes) S$46.00

    Our Bust Treatment & Massage uses Indonesian spices and herb that

    will rejuvenate and firm up your bust. For ladies only.

- Anti Aging Treatment (90 Minutes) S$90.00

    This cream massage is an American product, which uses Dioscorea

    extract, grape seed extract, and some other precious herbs have been

    carefully selected from more than 700 types of herbs around the

    world which can be absorbed through the veins to revitalize your

    youth we are able to regain your youth once again


    - Face Treatment & Face Massage (60 Minutes) S$53.00


- Gehwol Foot Treatment (60 Minutes) S$53.00

    Remember: your feet take you everywhere. To spoil your feet is also

    to spoil yourself. Gehwol is a reliable product to treat your feet and

    the problems of your feet, such as: feet cracks, skin fungus, warts,

    dried feet, and sweaty feet, painful nail growth and also crumbly nail.

    Gehwol is the symbol of “Modern Pathology”. This German Product will

    revitalize your feet and make your next walk a pleasure.

- Foot Reflexology (30 Minutes) S$23.00

    Foot Reflexology is a popular Chinese massage, which focuses on the

    pressure points in the feet that are connected to other parts of your

    body to leave your feet feeling fresh and revitalized.


    - Touch Of Keraton Java (180 Minutes) Single: S$ 130.00

    Couple: S$247.00

    ? Galih Treatment * Ratna Treatment

    > Javanese Body Scrub > Javanese Body Scrub

    > Javanese Body Massage > Javanese Body Massage

    > Head, Neck & Shoulder > Javanese Body Mask

    > Foot Reflexology > Rotus (Intimate Steam)

    > Milk Bath > Milk Bath

    - Couple In Love (180 Minutes)

    Single: S$135.00

    Couple: S$256.50

* Romeo Treatment * Juliet Treatment

     > Sensual Body Scrub > Sensual Body Scrub

     > Kinasih Treatment > Body Massage

     > Foot Reflexology > Bust Treatment

     > Sensual Body Mask > Sensual Body Mask

     > Face Mask > Face Mask

     > Herbal Bath > Herbal Bath

    - Muttyasa Male/Female Treatment (150 Minutes)

    Single: S$108.00

    Couple: S$205.50

? Body Scrub

    ? Kinasih Treatment

    ? Aromatherapy Massage

    ? Herbal Bath

     - Krisbudi Treatment

    Single: S$119.00

    Couple: S$216.00

? Stone Massage

    ? Aromatherapy Massage

    ? Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

    ? Foot Reflexology ? Herbal/ Salt Bath

    - Prince & Princess Treatment (180 Minutes)

    Single: S$165.00

    Couple: S$313.50

? Body Scrub

    ? Body Massage ? Face Treatment ? Foot Reflexology ? Herbal Bath

    - Anti Aging Spa Package (180 Minutes)

    Single: S$150.00

    Couple: S$285.00

? Body Scrub

    ? Body Mask

    ? Anti Aging Treatment

    - Kendedes Treatment (180 Minutes) S$127.00

    ? Body Scrub

    ? Body Massage

    ? Face Massage

    ? Bust Treatment

    ? Foot Reflexology ? Herbal Bath

    - Sensual/Whitening Full Body Treatment (180 Minutes) S$140.00

    ? Body Scrub ? Body Massage ? Body Mask ? Body Wash ? Body Lotion

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