By Alex Williams,2014-06-20 14:26
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     Almost everyone has his own favorite and respectable

    celebrity.And we adore and esteem them for our personal reasons. Out of adoration and curiosity,we may be eager to acquaint ourselves with more information about them. The conflict arises between celebrities’ right to privacy and the public’ right to know something meanwhile.My opinions about this are as follows.

     As celebrities,the distinction between private and public lives is blurry.Then it is inevitable that we may confuse them. Certainly when a person’s character is an essential part of performing their public role, the public has the right to know any facts which reveal special aspects of their character, especially faults.We have the following legitimate reasons.First private morality can tell us something about the person’s

    character, and how it could affect their professional performance. Second if any misdeeds in private could be used to blackmail that person into compromising their public trust, the public has the right to know about it.

     Besides,what’s comparably important,celebrities have their rights to keep secrets.They are normal people just like us and they deserve the same chance to live individual lives.It’’s reasonable for them to enjoy quality time with their friends and family,to go on holiday and to celebrate something worthwhile away from the eyes of the public .No doubt we should have respect for human life.As we all want to live normal lives,we are supposed to extend the same grace to public figures.

In conclusion,if we do idolize celebrities,we should give them

adequate respect for their privacy.

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